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MSilverstar - Lotripper

now with Hobbity goodness

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I am a LOTRiPS pairing slut -- really, I love everyone and anyone. Slash, femme, het, gen. It's the stories that get to me. I was sucked into slash via a rec to Imagin'd Glories and found myself entirely obsessed. I've become a huge fan of Hobbit movie/book fic and actors as well. Once upon a time, I wrote: most of my fic is on www.msilverstar.com and recent stuff is tagged on this journal as fic.

I've found dear intimate friends and dear distant friends and my fandom community has been great (with minor exceptions)

sumbitch said it best (quoted with permission):

The bright side of this fandom is the fun of watching endless productions by the Lotrips Repertory Theatre, of encountering all of the incredibly bright and talented fans out there, and of exploring universal themes (like sodomy and Viagra) within this very particular framework.

the dark side is: I wish it were me. immersion. escapism. lack of living in the here-and-now.

But here I am, still, and I love my friends here dearly.

Emergency Contact Info. (friendslocked)

99% of my fandom posts are public so no one will miss anything fun if I don't friend back. My friending policy is more of a guideline: I tend to add people who write fic I like, who comment on my journal or elsewhere. I already can barely keep up with my friends page, but I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings by de-friending them. I admit to being a wuss about it.
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