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New Billy interview, including DVD stuff

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Apr. 7th, 2004 | 07:30 pm
mood: cheered

I don't know where this came from, I got it off the LOTRInfo yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LOTRinfo/

Rings Star's DVD Scoop!
by Ethan Alter

Billy Boyd
Lord of the Rings star Billy Boyd exchanged his hobbit feet for sea
legs when he climbed aboard Peter Weir's high-seas epic, Master and
Commander: The Far Side of the World, which arrives on DVD April 20.
While the Scottish actor wasn't initially enamored of the ocean, by
the time filming ended, he discovered that a sailor's life might
just be for him.

TV Guide Online: Did you realize that between Master and Commander
and The Lord of the Rings, you were up for 21 Oscars this year?
Billy Boyd: Yeah, I like to say that I won 13 Oscars that night —
I'm sure that breaks some record. (Laughs) It was a very special
night, although the more awards that Return of the King won, the
more I got kind of jumpy about it. I didn't want everyone else to
win and then find out that Peter Jackson had been passed over. Any
other year but this one and Master and Commander would have done
amazingly well. I actually saw Peter Weir right after the ceremony
and he said, "It was a massacre in there!"

TVGO: Why did you decide to do another historical epic so soon after
Boyd: I couldn't pass up the chance to work with Weir. I'm a huge
fan of Gallipoli, Dead Poets Society and The Truman Show, and when I
heard he wanted me to be in one of his movies, I decided that it was
something I didn't mind giving up a year for. He's a very
intelligent man and a lovely director.

TVGO: What kind of training did you have to go through for the part?
Boyd: We trained every day for a couple of weeks. We'd do a half day
of sailing school and then maybe a quarter day of fencing or tying
knots. Before I did this film, I had no interest in sailing. I
didn't even know how a sailing ship could go anywhere the wind
wasn't going. If the wind is blowing north to south, how can you go
west? It made no sense to me. The great thing about being an actor
is that you get to learn this stuff from the best people in the
world. It was like going to the best university in the world for

TVGO: On the DVD, some of the actors reveal that there was a class
system instituted on the set. How did that work exactly?
Boyd: Every person wore a different shirt. Blue signified officers
and red stood for marines. And light blue meant midshipmen that
weren't quite officers yet. I wore white because I was a sailor,
although since my character was a coxswain, he was held in high
regard. So I was arguing my case that I should have a different
color shirt, or at least an off-white one. (Laughs) I think it
really did help though. It seems strange to us now, but class was
very important on those ships. They were almost like a mini-England.
The officers were kind of the royal family and it just worked down
from there.

TVGO: What was your favorite seafaring task?
Boyd: I really enjoyed being on the helm. Sometimes, I would stay on
the helm all day. If we had finished filming a scene and wanted to
go a couple of miles down the coast, the captain would come up and
give me orders. By the end, I could take the ship in and out of port!

TVGO: So have you grown addicted to epics or are you desperately
hoping to do a smaller film next?
Boyd: It depends on the script and the character, unless someone
like Peter Weir or Peter Jackson comes along. Right now I'm just
reading scripts and there are a couple I've put my name to and I'll
hopefully be doing them this year. And because of Pippin's song in
Return of the King, I've been offered lots of singing stuff. I love
to sing; it used to be my career before I started acting. There are
a lot of good musicals out there that I'd love to do.

TVGO: Is it true that you'll be the voice of Chucky's son in the
upcoming Seed of Chucky?
Boyd: That is true. I just finished recording my dialogue for that.
It was a lot of fun. The director, Don Mancini, was a great guy and
showed me some drawings of what my character is going to look like.
I think people will be in for a few shocks...

TVGO: Finally, an obligatory Lord of the Rings question. Can you
spill any details about what's going to be on the extended-edition
DVD that's due out in November?
Boyd: Dominic [Monaghan, who played Merry] and I just finished
recording our commentary for the extended edition and there's lots
of extra stuff. A lot of my footage actually made it into the
theatrical version, but there were a couple of scenes I'm glad are
included in this cut. There's a scene with Pippin and Faramir that I
feel helps explain their relationship. Fans will be very happy with
the DVD. Some of the extra scenes they put on there are just

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Comments {5}

Oh my gosh, HIS VOICE!

from: anonymous
date: Apr. 13th, 2004 07:16 pm (UTC)

I loved his song in ROTK. It was actually, in the books, in I think the 3rd chapter of FOTR. There are 2 more verses to it that he didn't sing! I wanted him to sing them...I didn't want the song to ever end, he has the voice of an angel! AND OH MY GOSH, HIS ACCENT! *drools*

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