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Bandwidth solution: zip the files

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Feb. 12th, 2004 | 09:32 am

Problem: If you post a big audio file, or video, or even a large picture, you may have problems with bandwidth. A zillion people loading the file may cause your host to cut you off.

Solution: use zip it or some other application to compress the file. First off, it will make the whole thing smaller, taking less bandwidth to send. Second, unless you have a very unusual system, it will automatically download (right-click) instead of streaming (playing the file). Everyone can decompress (unzip) the file and play it locally, instead of repeatedly reloading the file from your server.

For large graphics files, you can make a smaller version, even a thumbnail, and link it to the larger zip file. When people click on the small one, they download the big one instead of displaying it in their browser.

(Brought to you by my alternate identity as a Web Geek)

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