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Endgame discussion?

So we saw it, he loved it. I liked it, especially that it was not loud battles the whole time.

- I thought the world was not nearly post-apocalyptic enough. Our power and water would fail if half the people disappeared.

- The way they killed Thanos the first time was a great twist and kept the movie from being a straightforward battle.

- I'm fine with the trope of Natasha sacrificing herself so half the universe could live. But I'm deeply pissed off she didn't get a better memorial ceremony.

- Fattish pothead Thor was weird? Whatever point they were trying to make, I think it failed. Also yeah, fatshaming, our bizarre cultural kink for hard abdomens.

- The final battle was pretty good, not just one fight, quieter moments and character interactions. There should have been more of the Badass Women.

- Falcon Captain America!

- Sending Steve back to replace all the stones sounded clever, until...

- Most of fandom is going to hate Steve/Peggy so very much. I actually like them as a couple but there's no angst, so I can will continue reading AU ships forever. Fuck canon.

- For a movie which acknowledges time travel paradoxes, they sure left a lot of them.

what do you think?

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