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Signal Boost: Cheap Big Media Hosting - A Guide

Note: this is specifically about Big Media with big traffic, mainly popular fanvids. I think there are easier ways to get simple image hosting

[personal profile] absolutedestiny posted: Cheap Big Media Hosting - A Guide

helpful to people who:
  • Create fan art that needs hosting before being able to post on ao3 or other places (images, videos, audio files etc)

  • Need a place they can upload those media files that isn't youtube etc where take-downs are automated

  • Is the cheapest trustworthy place I can find (like, for a lot of you this might be effectively free)

  • Doesn't require training as a sysadmin to set it up

  • Allows porn (backblaze just say nothing illegal, bunnyCDN specifically say they allow it as long as it's legal)

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