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Dec. 11th, 2003 | 10:33 pm
mood: relieved
music: TTT EE DVD

My father-in-law is doing surprisingly well, thank you all for your kind thoughts and sympathy.

To cheer me up, the following report came over a mailing list and I have permission to post it.

(And there is some question as to whether Dom's German grammar was correct, did he say he was born in Berlin, or gave birth there? "Ich wurd geboren in Berlin." vs. "Ich habe geboren in Berlin." shirasade reports he got it the wrong way around. At least he's not a jelly doughnut, like President Kennedy.)

Since Halle, where I now live, is not too far from Berlin, I just
COULD NOT resist the temptation to go and stand at the red carpet
(stuck in a gaggle of of teenage girls waiting for Orlando Bloom).
Since people had been camping out since 9 in the morning I didn't
have my hopes too high up when I turned up about an hour before the
cast started to arrive but I actually managed to find a good spot
(feet firmly planted on the red carpet, banner of Gondor fluttering
in the wind above my head, alright, now where's Boromir?) and...

The whole Sony Center was decorated to celebrate LOTR. A giant copy
of the One Ring was suspended from the roof of the Sony Center (which
looked rather tacky). They kept showing trailers and teasers of TROTK
on a giant screen throughout the whole affair (nice, that!) and all
along the very very long red carpet they had put up hundreds of
lances and with flags and banners of Gondor, Rohan and the Sun of
Numenor tied to them (which looked spectacular). Since the architects
of the Sony Center have managed to turn the whole complex into a wind
tunnel it was also freezing cold and very windy (made for nice
fluttering banners though) which is alright when you're stuck in a
crowd but not so nice when you have to walk down that wind tunnel,
em...red carpet. So when everyone started arriving I was most
impressed that they didn't just hurry along to get out of the cold
but everyone of them took their time, talked to people (fans and
press alike) and literally signed hundreds of autographs. Ah yes..
now, who was there?

As for the no-shows:
Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom, John Rhys-Davies, Christopher Lee and
Miranda Otto did not attend but virtually everyone else did:

Barry Osbourne
Alan Lee
Howard Shore
Richard Taylor (his voice is not quite as grating in real life, I'm
relieved to say)

As for the wig report...

Peter Jackson, PETER JACKSON - ah! Nicely groomed (well, for his
standards) in suit and shirt (but no tie - we don't want to overdo
it). As a result people didn't recognize him at first, everyone was
expecting shorts. And freshly washed and blow dried hair?! What
happened to those Hobbit curls?

Haldir, HALDIR! Craig Parker, that is. Now here's someone who should
never wear a blonde wig. Stunningly good-looking without one, Not
pudgy at all. And tried to speak German to a few fans, the emphasis
being on 'tried' to

Hobbits, HOBBITS! Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan doing the double
act, goofing around, hilarious. I've always found Billy Boyd to be
the better looking one on camera (it's those wigs again, I guess) but
have to say in real life, I'd go for Dom Monaghan (there, outed
myself as a PHF now, sigh - but what's a girl to do if Boromir
doesn't show up..)

Lots of German celebrities and quite a few politicians turned up as
well, and one of the funniest moments occured when Wolfgang Thierse
arrived (distinguished MP and senior president of the German
Parliament, looks like Fozzy Bear). Naturally the press started
homing in on him, vying for interviews and of course Billy and Dom
would choose this very moment to pull faces and act generally hobbity
a little further along the red carpet, as a result everybody rushed
over to cover that and poor Fozzy Bear was left standing in the cold,

Gandalf, GANDALF! Sigh, only Sir Ian McKellen can pull off wearing a
burgundy velvet jacket and black leather trousers at his age...
much better sans wig.

Eomer, EOMER! Karl Urban, Ohh, another one to fall into the Haldir
category (no more blonde wigs, please!) Looked spectacular.

Theoden, THEODEN! Ah, Bernhard Hill, with and without wig, just

Arwen, ARWEN! Liv Tyler looked stunning, also very polite and soft
spoken, no whiny voice. Great hair, no wigs required - did she ever
wear one?

Sam, SAM! Sean Astin looked a bit lonely without Mr Frodo, am
undecided about wig status...

Gollum, GOLLUM! Andy Serkis definately looking better without Gollum
wig, although natural hairstyle very strange... Strange striped suit,
too...may be the Gollum influence. Scary jerky movements too, kept
eying giant ring...strange that...

Now, let's see, who's missing?

Faramir, FARAMIR!!!! Dong!! Sound of B---- hitting the floor...
Well, what can I say! Wasn't overly impressed with wig in film, but
but but...Now completely on Mara's side... what a man! Made up my
mind. If I can't have Boromir, I'll settle for little brother...can
see now why he was voted sexiest person on planet or some
such...swoon! nuff said...

but wasn't there one more?!

Ar..AR..ARAGORN! Ohhh... Everyone seriously drooling now, including
moi. But Viggo, what's this strange green suit (still mooning over
your ranger outfit, are you?) and greyish hair!?! gulp, get that
Aragorn wig back on please... but then again...nevermind...
swoon...s'alright...don't care about wigs any longer...

Ah, Viggo...
As soon as they had everone in the movie theater they ushered them
out on the balcony to speak to the crowds. Barry Osbourne did the
Oscar speech (thanking everyone and their mum for making this film
possible, etc.) and then got Peter Jackson who in his turn introduced
all the actors. With more or less success every single one of them
struggled through a few phrases in German which was rather sweet, the
high point being Dom Monaghan, now sporting a jacket with Berlin on
it in huge letters, telling everyone (in German) he was born in
Berlin. Didn't know that.

Ah, Viggo...
When Viggo got introduced I thought, well, he's not going to have any
problems speaking German...but of course he was the only one who
didn't, he cooly pulled the biggest stunt, he just walked out and
said 'Thank you for not attacking Irak, Peace!'.....
Unbelievable scenes in the crowds, everyone chanting Viggo, Viggo,

Ah, Viggo...

The whole cast was so overwelmed by the reception they got that they
started throwing the flowers each of them had been presented with
into the audience. In fact, Sir Ian McKellan got so carried away,
when everyone else had already left the balcony, he was still hopping
about in his leather trousers, picking bunches of flowers apart
(which he'd grabbed off one of the ushers) and throwing bits of
greenery to the masses...what is it with wizards and balconies?!?

What an experience!

still reeling...
in Berlin

Also posted in my _silver_star_ journal, so you can refer the slash-averse.

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