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Viggo quote I haven't seen elsewhere

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Mar. 13th, 2003 | 06:16 pm
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From Japan Times Online, lovely Viggo quotes regarding both the dance and the brutal aspects of the fight scenes:

While he is a pacifist regarding wars for oil, Mortensen certainly engaged in a lot of simulated combat on set. Which, in the case of the 14-week shoot of the battle of Helm's Deep, was particularly grueling. Mortensen broke a few teeth doing some stunts, but notes that "everybody that was involved in the fighting, from the actors to the stunt men, at some point -- more than once, usually -- got hurt.

"In order to do those scenes, yes, there were some great special effects, but most of that work for us was very real, involving many hours. And to make it that real, you have to become very familiar with each other as a group, how we moved, like dance partners.

"So we took more and more chances, and we also became more tired as the shoot went on. Mistakes happen, and you slip and fall. You know, you pull some muscles, or break things, cuts, bruises. It was normal. That's the price you pay when you want it to look the way it does, which is what it needs to be, brutal and hard."

Also mentions Karl, but no really juicy quotes.
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