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Pros fans probably know about The Professionals movie

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Apr. 11th, 2011 | 09:15 pm
mood: curious

but just in case,
Lionsgate UK CEO Zygi Kamasa said: "We really felt there was an opportunity for a bigger British action film. The ambition is to make a powerful commercial movie with the best of British talent."

Production on the remake, which has yet to find a director, is set to begin this autumn.

The Professionals film, produced by Callum McDougall (Casino Royale and Quantum Of Solace) and Richard Whelan (Captain America), will show how British military-trained mercenary Bodie and former detective Doyle unite to work for covert security unit CI5.
Casting speculation fever is wild for this one, names mentioned include Liam Neeson, Gerard Butler, Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy, and Jason Statham.

Belfast Telegraph article (and casting speculation)

IrishCentral.com article (mostly casting speculation)
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