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Elijah and Sean made me a fangirl

The Dom show was fabulous, but it was the Elijah-and-Sean show that turned me into a fangirl. It was so incredibly fun! They are sweet, sincere guys, I can't believe anyone could fake that much pleasure in talking with the fans. A mutual admiration society to be sure.

This is less of a report and more of notes because I was having too much fun to be coherent. Lots of help from marysiak -- go look at her art at marysia.com and buy her pictures! Also info from samena and rodneyscat, who were great company --thanks loves!.

A little late coming in, Elijah and Sean run in and around the front block of seats at least three times!

First question from Sean, hands up if you gave Dom a lollypop. He was pleased!

Lots of food offered, Sean says "your parents told you not to take food from strangers." Back and forth about chocolate and mushrooms. Elijah sat and ate jelly rings all the way through, says he love them. Offered to share chocolates with the audience.

Glittery cowboy hats, they play around, Sean sings and makes cowboy noises.

Elijah - You guys are so kind, there have been so many gifts today it's almost overwhelming.

Sean - asked about collecting, says he didn't. Now he collects LOTR "fan art" which is he calls it. He gets it from all over the world and loves it.

Q: what where your favorite scenes from the first two films?
S - The Cave Troll
E - the Mines of Moria, with that scene-stealing Pippin with the skull
[other stuff]
[someone liked the fights with Gollum]
S - someone funny about watching small people fight

S - Helms Deep, when the Elves came, when they all turn together. And Haldir.
S - And when Orlando, Legolas said to Gimli do you want a box.
? - when Gimli said "toss me"
E - I can't believe they let that through. Americans might have missed it but you guys would know.

Question about the backpacks
S - Backpacks? My back pack!
E - he was the one who carried it most
S - It wasn't a nice modern neoprene back pack with padded straps. It was not comfortable.
E - the straps come over the shoulders and tie under the back, there are slits in the cloaks.

S - we cut our necks on the Eleven brooches
Elijah - Elven brooch stabbings

Q about continuity
A - some shots were meant to be flipped, but they never were. They put our costumes on backwards, but it never happened.

Q - question about why cave troll didn't turn to stone when the light hit him at Balin's tomb?
E - would that be all trolls?

Q - about commercialization, merchandising
E - we have approval
S - we can say no
S - when i saw Burger King, I thought "is this selling out?" and yes, it is. ... it's OK because it brings people to the books, which is always a good thing. If the filmmakers were mostly interested in money, it would be bad. But they have passion and integrity. No Lord of the Rings toilet paper [much laughter].
E - also the people making the merchandise, the video games and the action figures.
S - and Tolkien was trying to make a mythology for England, and mythologies have to go on, be in many forms [or something]

Q - question about theatre
E- I'd love to, scared, haven't stretched that muscle yet.
S - I want to. I studied with Stella Adler, acted in and directed a couple of plays, not Broadway of course. And I played Snoopy in school. [sings the song]
S - something about the economics of theatre vs. film, have not been willing to give up the lifestyle, like some people do for their art. They have to, have it in their DNA. Talked about his father and mother who do theatre. Father is a teacher at Johns Hopkins, does a lot of shows, but Sean doesn't have the need.

Q about directing
S - would like to, Elijah said so yesterday. Doesn't think you can grow up around it, all the [the movie industry] without wanting to.

Q - favorite movie, or least favorite?
S - Elijah's is Flipper.
E - [sarcastic] yeah, Flipper. I did that for the dolphins. ... Really, the Ice Storm.
S - Now I can't walk into a restroom without thinking about it.
E - It's all molecules, man, you're eating your own shit.
S - [cringes]

Q - what would you have studied if you went to uni?
E - English. Definitely English Literature.

Q - from TORN, do you ever lurk on the boards?
E - no, I go straight to the news

Q - about being surrounded by packs of fans. Is it scary? Does it happen in real life?
E - not scary, not in real life

Q - who is the hero of Lord of the Rings?
E - Sam. Really. Sam.
Sean demurs.
E - accept your heroism
Sean seems to agree, then plays it up for laughs
E - they did it together
S - It's like Frodo's holding up a 10,000 pound weight all by himself. Sam can encourage him, say keep going, but it's still Frodo carrying the weight.
E - [quiet voice] that's really beautiful.

Q - about injuries
S - told the foot story again. Elijah remembers which foot, goes over and checks, it's left. Still excited about the blood clot.

S - in Rivendell, something fell on his head. Viggo said he must have had unclean thoughts.
[long riff about MRIs and CAT scans and bruises messing up his wig and how big his brain is]

[today I'm going TO SEE ELIJAH AND DOM BOTH!
have become a FANGIRL!]

More soon, I promise!
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