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You'd think by now I could keep track

Why did I think my birthday was tomorrow instead of today? So confused. I blame the calendar people who failed to come out with a 2010 LOTR wall calendar (they obfuscate, but it's a desk one and I have no desk space).

And I'm freaking out less about the half-century mark, having thought about it for a while, and realizing that Viggo and Sean Bean will always be older than me :-)

So I'm going to spend the day with my family, because my mom is throwing me a little party for this particular round number birthday. We'll eat messy Dungeness Crab (I like it better than lobster) and ceremonially watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Girlchild has never seen it, so that part will be great fun.

Thank you to everyone who wishes me well. It makes me feel lovely! What I'd like in fandom, (besides a bunch of handsome naked actors, more lotrips, my writing mojo back, and a pony), is for people to read my recs! They're at diigo.com/user/msilverstar (an experiment, some truncated descriptions) and delicious.com/msilverstar, msil_fanfic_rec feed on LJ, [syndicated profile] msil_fanfic_recs_feed on Dreamwidth.

<3 fandom and you wonderful dear people, thank you for being so fabulous!
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