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my take on LJ Genderfail

For quite a while LiveJournal has had three profile options for gender: male / female / unspecified. Someone decided to "fix" that, for whatever commercial or gender-normative reason, and limit choices to male and female.

But LJ is full of people who do not fit into either of those two options, and get righteously pissed off. rm posts about how wrong this change is, and [dreamwidth.org profile] synecdochic explains more and suggests polite but firm feedback.

This works: LJ backs down and promises to remove the offending code.

Crisis averted, but people may want to take a look at Dreamwidth, http://dreamwidth.org They have split off the code into something better than an LJ clone, and are building a sustainable business based on subscriptions rather than ads. They keep adding cool new features, the most important of which is separating a subscription (see someone's journal posts on your reading pages) from access (let someone see locked posts of your own). I have a bunch of invitation codes, please just let me know if you want one.
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