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"Watch and enjoy" (Rachel/Billy, R, set June 2007)

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Nov. 15th, 2009 | 10:16 am
mood: grateful

Title: Watch and Enjoy
Authors: [info]msilverstar and [info]unstealthy
Pairing: Billy Boyd/Rachel Weisz
Rating: R
Warnings: light bondage
Disclaimer: Fiction, not true, we made it up
Summary/Excerpt: Billy'd never say no to Rachel if she wanted it for herself, but he's knackered and angry: that's a bad combination for their usual kind of sex. "Something easy?" he suggests, "so I don't have to shift myself?"
Series Note: This is set in an alternate universe where Dom, Billy and Rachel Weisz have a happy kinky ménage à trois. This one is set in June 2007: to read the fic in chronological order, please see the PPP Verse Master List

Watch and Enjoy

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