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I'm not doing NaNoWrimo, but am doing WriSoMiFu (Write Something You Miserable Fuck). I've written 1663 1403 words of what's going to be some very kinky character development for Billy in our Push-Pull-Push universe. Also going to be posting a new fic there tomorrow, finally

Viggo,fug Charlize Theron went to the AFI tribute to Viggo this week. Shame her dress is so fugly. I thought the GoFug girls would hate it, and I was right. It's all pretty awful, but that hemline is all kinds of fail. via just_jared, I think.

There's a really good interview with Viggo on the CBC site for the show The Hour. He shows up about 28 minutes in, saying he drove from New York state and got stuck at the border: he's clearly a bit punchy and silly, makes Leafs jokes (Toronto hockey team) in the middle of describing The Road (very spoilery), and generally seems a bit sillier than normal. Link from viggo-works.

Dom with a snake on his head (cut for squicks)
Dominic Monaghan, snake
From Maxim magazine via carlost.

Short documentary on Sean Bean's movie Cash, has Sean in an amusing pompadour hairstyle

link via bean_daily

And finally, Sir Christopher Lee!
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