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FIC: "All For You" (Billy/Rachel, NC-17)

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Dec. 29th, 2008 | 10:42 pm
mood: thoughtful

Title: "All For You"
Authors: msilverstar and unstealthy
Pairing: Billy Boyd/Rachel Weisz
Rating: NC-17
Warning: D/s, spanking
Disclaimer: It's not true, it's a fiction, we made it up.
Summary: October 2007. Billy's shooting 'Empty' in Glasgow, and Rachel's about to go shoot 'Lovely Bones' in the States, but they have time for a hedonistic weekend.
Context: In the push_pull_push universe. For all fics in chronological order, please see the Master List.

Billy is easing Rachel up, kissing her neck while he still can, then puts the collar on her. The titanium and leather look serious against her pale skin, the loop luring him to attach it to something, the bed or a leash.

~~  All For You ~~

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