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FIC: "Every Little Thing She Does..." (Billy/Rachel, May 2005)

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Oct. 7th, 2008 | 12:18 am
mood: curious

Title: Every Little Thing She Does...
Authors: unstealthy and msilverstar
Pairing: Billy/Rachel Weisz
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Roleplay, tables turned
Feedback and concrit: yes, please! Email if you're shy.
Disclaimer: This is entirely untrue, fiction, we made it all up.
Summary: May 2005. Rachel and Billy don't know each other that well, and try something new.
Notes: This is part of the cheerfully-kinky (mostly) push_pull_push universe, but can be read as a standalone. For all fics in this universe in chronological order, please see the Master List.

Billy hasn't known Rachel that long, just enough to stay over. When she comes out of her bathroom one morning dressed to the nines like that Anna Wintour or someone equally formidable, it takes him a moment to understand what he's seeing, and another to appreciate it. Rachel's hair is done in some sleek style, shining as neatly a a raven's wing. Her face is somehow more remote than usual, though it's her lovely smile, and Billy can never resist smiling back.

"Do you like this look?" Rachel enjoys dressing up, loves wearing high heels that make her feel more like the ideal height she wishes she was. She twirls and poses for Billy. "What do you think?"

"Oh, Ms. Weisz, you look fantastic!" She's so very tall. Billy doesn't particularly like her body encased in a suit, no matter how fashionable or tasteful. But the whole outfit, with the shoes that make her so tall, is stunning -- and he is stunned. It makes him want to play. "When will you be home, Ms. Weisz?" he goes on as the secretary or butler or whatever he's pretending to be now.

This has potential...

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