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Fic: "All Together Now" (Dom/Billy/Rachel Weisz) NC-17

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Sep. 2nd, 2008 | 10:57 pm
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Title: All Together Now
Authors: msilverstar and unstealthy
Pairing: Billy/Rachel Weisz/Dom
Rating: R
Warning: threesome
Feedback and concrit: yes, please! Email if you're shy.
Disclaimer: This is entirely untrue, fiction, we made it all up.
Summary: The three of them are fitting together better every day.
Note: This is part of the cheerfully-kinky (mostly) push_pull_push AU in which there is no Ali at all, but lots of Dom/Billy, starting in New Zealand and going on until now. We've added Rachel Weisz to the mix as Billy's girlfriend, and Rachel/Dom and threesomes. But the timeline sticks quite closely to their public lives. There's lots of smut and bondage, submission, and light S&M; all driven, we hope, by the characters themselves. For all fics in this universe in chronological order, please see the Master List.
All Together Now (set in LA, Spring 2007)

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