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LOTRIPS recs part 2 (of 2)

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Apr. 18th, 2008 | 10:55 pm
mood: accomplished

About a hundred more from my del.icio.us/msilverstar recs list.

"Hell on the Hide" AU by la_reveranda (Sean Bean/Viggo)
Cowboy AU ficlet, clean and spare, not many words but a lot of weight in each. It resonates. rating-PG, posted 2007 Nov.

"Cowboys" by la_reveranda (Sean Bean/Viggo)
American West AU, the words are as spare and stark as a desert landscape. Viggo wanders into Sean's life and they get along, two lonely men. Prequel to "Hell on the Hide". rating-PG, posted 2008 March.

"Draw Us Near, Bind Us Tight" by feelforfaith (Billy/Dom)
Devastatingly gorgeous. Though usually on top, Billy trusts Dom enough to let go, let Dom tie him up and control him. Switching is one of my personal favorites and this story makes it work wonderfully. rating-NC-17, posted 2007 Oct.

"Slightly Gay" by rimau (Dom/Billy)
Somewhat angsty but still snarky Dom stream-of-consciousness about falling in lust and love with Billy. Cameo by sex-talking Sean Bean. Written as 27 drabbles. rating-PG-13.

"Hearing Your Song" AU by sassywitch (Billy/Orlando)
Beecake AU: Billy's singing and playing, Orlando's a fan who comes to all the gigs. Billy takes him home and discovers Orlando's a virgin, makes his first time good for him, but it's more than a one night stand. rating-NC-17, posted 2007 Oct

"Babe in Boyland" by itstonedme (Elijah/various Fellowship)
Elijah, in New Zealand, wants to try kissing a man. He has more and less luck, but his attempts are highly amusing, and his castmates' reactions are funny and telling. Delightful ficlet. rating-PG, posted 2007 Sept

"Southern Cross" (Orlando/Elijah)
After a bit of experimental kissing in "Babe in Boyland", Elijah decides exactly who he wants to kiss the most. rating-PG, posted 2007 Oct

"And Quietly Get Swallowed by a Wave" by v_angelique (Billy, Dom)
Lovely gentle tone to the ficlet, just two guys together in New Zealand, surfing. Nothing explicit, with some ambiguity at the end. posted 2007 Sept, rating-PG-13

"The Short Side of Isosceles" by suede_scripture (Elijah, Dom/Billy)
Set in New Zealand, Elijah has a revelation and a disappointment on the same night. This is the good kind of angst, the kind that's real and wrenching and inevitable. Really works within the original series, but deepens it, beautifully done. (Lotrips Remix 2007) posted 2007 Sept, rating-R

"A Bird in the Hand" by azrhiaz (Dom/Viggo)
In New Zealand, Dom tries to get past his feelings for Orlando by shagging Viggo. Good oblique angst and a bit of hope at the end. (Written for Lotrips Remix 2007) posted 2007 Sept, rating-R

"Kismet, or the Geography of Us" by v_angelique (Dom/Billy)
Set during filming of the Fangorn Forest scenes, Dom names things and knows them so he can share them. There's hand-holding and a little implied handjob and it's wonderful. (Written for Lotrips Remix 2007) rating-R, posted 2007 Sept

"with not a little fierce glee" by liketheweather (Elijah/Astin/Dom/Billy)
Ellijah may be able to sleep anywhere, but that makes him open season for he other hobbits, crammed into the trailer like exotic birds in a cage. Fascinating characterizations, implications. rating-R, posted 2007 Feb

"Seven Wonders of the Ancient World" by feelforfaith
Billy's homesick and Billy's lonely and Dom is flirting with Orlando. This fic takes a story that's been told a bunch of times and makes it mean something new. Gorgeous writing, very involving and intense. rating-R, posted 2007 Dec

"Inside" AU by chaosmanor (Viggo/Orlando)
Mortensen, a prisoner, meets his new roomate, Bloom. An unflinching look at a harsh situation, with its own kind of heart-wrenching tenderness and love. Wonderful. rating-NC-17, posted 2008 Jan

"A Wrinkle in Time" AU by talesinbloom (Orlando/Elijah)
Written for the "naked yoga" prompt in orlijah_month, this starts hot and after a twist, gets very funny indeed. Unexpected additions to the naked yoga class had me cracking up. rating-R, posted 2008 Jan

"Re: Re: Re: Holiday Wishes" by clovely (Sean Astin/Elijah)
Delightful story, told in an exchange of emails, set when Elijah is 30 and finally coming to terms with himself. It has Sean's voice completely taped (and his oblivious nature), and Elijah's picked-up Briticisms, and is just fun. rating-PG, posted 2007 Dec

"A Friendly Blow-Job" by hyacinth_sky747 (Billy/Dom)
Dom coaxes Billy into accepting a blowjob, a spectacular blowjob, but Billy has issues. Imperfect sex and a bit twisty-chesty and memorable. posted 2008 Feb, rating-R [may be frendslocked]

"Slightly Gay" by rimau (Dom/Billy)
Somewhat angsty but still snarky Dom stream-of-consciousness about falling in lust and love with Billy. Cameo by sex-talking Sean Bean, and the line "It was not a joke, .... It was a proposal." Written as 27 drabbles. rating-PG-13

Not So Complicated by apple_pi (Billy/Sean Bean)
In New Zealand, Billy's tired of keeping up with the younger guys, wanders over to Sean Bean's for a break The grown-up-ness of this, both of them, no melodrama, just real emotion. And it shows how friendly fucking can be incredibly hot. rating-NC-17, posted 2005

"Mating Call" AU by abundantlyqueer (Orlando/Dom)
Orlando's an actor getting background for a role, Dom's a biologist, and they meet in a humid jungle habitat. PWP with delightful details, wonderful language, like "a syrupy little slide of pleasure" rating-NC-17, posted 2005

"Bare Essentials" AU by laeglass (Orlando/Viggo)
It's a stripper AU, so not exactly high art, but very nicely done for what it is. Orlando's voice is earnest and naive and delightfully ardent. Feelgood fun fic. rating-NC-17, posted 2007 Sept

"soonest mended" by almostnever/cesare (JRD/Dom)
In New Zealand, John Rhys Davies tries to channel Dom's quicksilver approach to BDSM. Amazing ficlet, backstory for the RPG Establishment Dom but stands alone and is completely wonderful, sympathetic and believable. posted 2004, rating-NC-17

"Porn and Chocolate" by violettefemme (Elijah/Dom, OFC/OFC)
Immediate and intense ficlet of Dom and Elijah getting off on f/f porn while they shag, just as the cliché says they should, turning the tables on the slashfic readers. Also: good smut! rating-NC-17, posted 2005

"Let's Go To Bed," by tmihily (Orlando/Sean Bean)
Set in New Zealand, this starts as a dare by Viggo on whether Orlando will kiss Sean for at least a minute. Sean kisses like he means it, and Viggo is watching, so Orlando has to figure out what it means, and what he wants. rating-NC-17, posted 2007 Oct

"Keepsake" by vensre (Dom, Billy)
Tiny gem of a ficlet, warm and hopeful. "Smile," Billy said softly, and Dom couldn't help it. rating-G, posted 2008 April.

"collide" by kiltsandlollies (Billy/Dom)
"Billy's suddenly become the One Who Sings. Billy supposes there are worse fates‚ -- he could be the One Who Never Shuts Up, or the One Who Smokes Too Much. Or the One Who Does All Three." Angsty but wonderful rating-R, posted-2004

"Collared" by talesinbloom (Elijah/Orlando)
Delightfully and cheerfully kinky double-drabble, reveals a new bit of fun with every sentence. posted 2008 Jan, rating-R

"positivity" by rave (Elijah/Dom)
From the summary: "elijah's not gay, dom licks people, billy's a love pixie and ian leaves unexpected gifts". This is fabulous, a classic. rating-PG, posted 2002

"Incubus" AU by venenatus.venustas (Dom/Billy)
Billy is a supernatural creatures who comes once to torment Dom (semi-consensual) and then returns because Dom tastes nice. And it's good, excitingly addictive for Dom too, though his friends worry at his injuries. Character death. rating-NC-17

"Myriad" by kaydeefalls (Elijah/Dom)
Elijah sees people in terms of what kind of wings they should have, including his cast-mates in New Zealand. Except that he can never quite decide about Dom's wings, and that bothers him enough to talk to Dom about it. rating-PG-13

"Listed" by airgiodslv & zarah5 (Orlando/Dom)
Takes a cliché, adds another, twists, turns it into UST and then satisfies. Also: lists! This Orlando is a sweetie, and a good match for a sympathetic Dom, with an appearance by Elijah.The end is toe-curlingly hot. posted 2005, rating-R

"Lament" by slashfairy (Sean Bean/Dom/Billy)
Short ficlet in Elijah's voice, realizing in retrospect what he'd witnessed when Sean Bean left New Zealand, and how much Billy and Dom had missed him. rating-PG-13, posted 2004

"The Beguilement" AU by itstonedme (Orlando/Elijah)
AU, Orlando is a business man, Elijah is a expensive prostitute, they meet in a bar, and share a night of very fine sex. But there's something else hovering at the edges, keeping the emotional tension high and making this fic grip the reader. rating-NC-17, posted 2007 Nov

"Talk Is Cheap" by azewewish (Orlando/Sean Bean)
Orlando and the hobbits want to hear more of Sean's Voice of Sex. Sean thinks he has no chance with Orlando, but maybe.... Hot sexual tension, funny dialog (interior and exterior), and generally a very fine NZ story. rating-PG, posted 2007 Nov

"Unexpected" by canciona (Billy/Dom)
Set in New Zealand, Billy's been fantasizing about Dom, and he finally decides to get him a little drunk and see what happens. Full of uncertain tension wrapped with hope, this ficlet is wonderful and intense. (Written for the Lotrips Remix 2007) rating-R, posted 2007 Sept

"The Way We Shake and Sway" by kiltsandlollies (Billy/Dom/Elijah/Ali)
Set on Oscar night 2004, Billy finds himself dancing to other people's tunes. Angsty and complicated and layered in the very best way. (Written for Lotrips Remix 20087) posted 2007 Sept, rating-R

"Appaloosa" by itstonedme (Viggo/Orlando)
Lovely snippet, Orlando and Viggo reunite, snort, and discuss facial hair, among other things. rating-PG, posted 2007 Sept

"warm and snuggly" by jasmineskie (Viggo/Orlando)
Set in New Zealand during Helm's Deep, nice snippet with actors too tired to do anything but snuggle. (locked fic journal, ask to be friended) rating-PG-13, posted 2007 Sept

"Dependence Day" by Hazel2Blue (Sean Astin/Elijah)
Second-person ficlet, Sean Astin's meditation on his relationship with Elijah. Lyrical and thoughtful without being schmoopy. rating-PG, posted 2007 Oct

"half-world" by circe (Viggo, Billy)
New Zealand snippet, in which Viggo contemplates the half-world between off- and on- camera, Billy's neck, and Billy's eyes in Pippin's face. rating-G

"displacment" by circe (Dom, Billy)
Dom misses his best mate and wonders what's gone wrong, why he was in a strip club in New York with Elijah. Billy can't say, can't actually tell Dom, and Elijah won't either. Angsty but wonderful. posted 2005, rating-R.

"The Road to Las Vegas" by Tricia (Viggo/Orlando)
Orlando convinces Viggo to go on a road trip to Las Vegas, during which they both slowly, tentatively open up about their feelings for each other. And then there's hot sex. rating-NC-17.

"Vincent Black Lightning" AU, by sheffiesharpe (Sean/Viggo)
Set in 1950s Sheffield, Sean is a bare-knuckles boxer and Viggo's a photographer who knows a few fighting tricks himself. Intense Sean inner voice, wresting for dominance, and grinding sex. posted 2004

"Realign" by feelforfaith (Dom/Bean)
Dom's thinking of Orlando, not really on purpose. Sean has something to say about Orlando. This is short but twisty and complicated and full of layers and personalities and depth. Wonderful and memorable. rating-NC-17, posted 2006 Jan

[Orlijah Christmas Ficlet] by arabia764 (Orlando/Elijah)
Cheerfully lusty and sexy characters, very wonderfully written with snark and affection. rating-NC-17, posted 2007 Dec.

"Dragon Slayer" AU by abundantlyqueer (Elijah/Orlando)
Elijah wants to learn to slay a dragon: Orlando will teach him, for the price of Elijah's body. But because it's AQ, there's nothing crass about the sex, it's hotter and hotter as things go on, explicit and beautiful, full of sensation and intensity. rating-NC-17, posted 2008 Jan

"Having, Eaten" by caras_galadhon (Viggo/Sean Bean)
The hollow birthday cake fic. Impossible to forget, once read. rating-R, posted 2008 Jan

"Reunion II" by itstonedme (Orlando/Elijah)
In Morocco, Orlando and Elijah re-unite, in a sumptuous setting of heat and luxury. And easy-access gauzy trousers. Sensual, sexual, full of love and desire. (Link to first part is in the story header) rating-NC-17, posted 2008 Jan

[untitled] by hermit9 (Viggo/Bernard)
This Bernard and Viggo have lovely depth, interesting quirks. Set in New Zealand, with a small aspect of Orlando triangle, satisfying ficlet. posted 2006 Dec, rating-R

"Intoxicate" and "Anal Sex" by v_angelique (Elijah/Dom, Orlando/Billy)
Two ficlets involving the uninibiting effects of alcohol, short but hot, with doubt and anticipation followed by lovely satisfaction. posted 2006, rating-NC-17

"How the Sky Became Blue" AU by tweedle_ (Orlando/Elijah, Viggo/Sean Bean, Dom/Billy, Liv)
Crack!myth in which Viggo is the Creator, Liv discovered rabbit breeding, there are deep-fried Mars Bars. But things go wrong when Viggo takes Eijah from Orlando and Elijah cries tears of rain that swamp the world. But Sean changes Viggo's mind, whew!. rating-R, posted 2007 Dec

"I Could Fall in Love With You" by Julie222 (Orlando/Viggo)
Viggo and Orlando can be friends, thy can take care of each other, but it's not until Orlando sees the naked fight in Eastern Promises that Orlando needs to go to Viggo, take care of him and love him. Unsentimental but intense. posted 2007 Dec, rating-R

"Triangle" by j_ryder448 (Sean Astin/Elijah, Dom/Elijah)
Dom watches Sean watch Elijah, and wishes he could do for Elijah some of the the things Sean does, because Elijah's so beautiful. And maybe he can. More calm than angsty. rating-G, posted 2008 Jan

"Schoolhouse" AU by deelerium (Orlando/Elijah)
Her summary: "Small town, 1800‚ Missouri. Think Little House on the Prairie meets My Fair Lady -- only dirty." I say: the heartfelt kind of sex, love, and need. rating-NC-17, posted 2008 Jan

"as girls go" by gonnafeelgood (Hannah Wood, gen)
This starts with Hannah who is "Elijah's sister," and takes it from there, across the continent on trains and planes and automobiles, and to a home and self she makes independently. Sharp edges in the beginning, very satisfying ending. rating-PG, posted 2008 Feb

"Halloween" by hermit9 (Dom/Billy)
Dom dresses as a vampire and Billy as a werewolf for Halloween, but they don't seem very realistic or scary. Until the walk home. Fun story! rating-PG-13

"Pictures, Postcards, and Scribbled Words" by gonnafeelgood (Viggo/Billy)
Lyrical short piece, Viggo's view of several young men and one who is not so young, who has learned a lot from life. rating-PG

"Lesson Number 13" by geniusartist (Elijah/Karl)
Intense PWP in which Elijah must stay still even when Karl surprises him with rimming. Atmospheric and vivid, Elijah's responses are absorbing. rating-NC-17, posted 2008 Jan

"Mesmerism 101" by se_seerslair (Elijah/Sean Astin)
Elijah uses his new knowledge of hypnosis to deal with his own inhibitions about wanting Sean. It's a fandom cliché but very nicely done, with a lot of tension and interesting dynamics. rating-NC-17, posted 2008 Feb

"Of Pipes, Lotions, and Beer", by laeglass (Orlando/Viggo)
During filming, Orlando mopes about his longstanding crush on Viggo, when a secret Santa (sorry) gives everyone perfect little gifts. Nicely written yearning with some satisfying sex at the end. rating-R, posted 2007 Dec

"Symbiosis", by mijnfictie aka Kia (Billy/Dom)
In New Zealand, Elijah keeps watching Billy, and then Dom, and then Dom and Billy, trying to figure out what's going on. He finally gets a little enlightenment very late one night. posted 2005, rating-PG-13.

"Five Times Orlando Propositioned Sean and the One Time Sean Said Yes" by idrillia (Orlando/Sean Bean)
After being turned down in New Zealand, Orlando propositions Sean again while filming Troy, desperate for even one night. Sean's willing, given the pretext that Orlando's as pretty as a woman. Imperfect sex, twisty-chest, but satisfying. rating-NC-17, posted 2008 April

"Ravenous" by hyacinth_sky747 (Dom/Billy)
Short, choppy, but very effective, full of mutual desire and irresistible need. rating-R, posted 2008 April

"Umbra, Penumbra" by philomel (Ian McKellan/Dom)
Dom is tied to a piano bench by Ian, but turns out to hold the power in this vignette. Very sexy and intense. rating-NC-17

"disturbance at the hobbit house" by philomel (Ali/Hannah/Hobbits)
Gorgeously smutty orgyfic with extra-nice f/f sex. rating-R,

"once over twice" by liketheweather (Dom/Exene Cervenka)
Lovely imagery, Dom in New Zealand, watching Exene watching him. Short but intense. rating-PG-13

"phases" by _nimh (Dom/Viggo)
Lovely little word-portrait of a twitchy Dom and empathetic Viggo. rating-PG.

"Hello" by raise_the_knife (Sean Bean/Orlando)
Angsty series of ficlets set after Sean has left Orlando, but keeps phoning him. Eventually Sean manages to say hello. rating-PG, posted 2007

"Karma" by hermit9 (OFC/Orlando)
Not a Mary-Sue, more a friend-insert in a charming wish-fulfillment fantasy. Jess, on crutches, gets stuck in an elevator with Orlando Bloom and they become a little more than friends. rating-PG-13.

"It's Only Forever" by gonnafeelgood (Elijah/Orlando)
Orlando surprises Elijah while he's watching Labyrinth, but it turns out that Orlando is a fan too. rating-PG

"End" by rimau (Elijah/Sean Astin)
Angsty end-of-filming fic in which Elijah regrets what he never could and never can do. rating-PG

"Red" by raise_the_knife/koulagirl (Orlando/Viggo)
AU, Orlando is a prostitute, Viggo a client who sees past the mask. Very atmospheric, almost claustrophobic; mysterious. Locked journal, will friend on reasonable request. posted 2007 Nov, rating-NC-17

"Saying Yes", by archet (Viggo/Sean)
Viggo stream-of-consciousness about Sean Bean, short and lyrical, but not sentimental. Lovely. rating-R, posted 2008 March

AU "Idaho Mortensen and the Obelisk of Osiris" by pferdekarl (Viggo/Orlando)
Parody of Indiana Jones with Viggo as "Idaho" and Orlando as his comely assistant, in 1938 Cairo, looking for Egyptian treasures. Very very silly with intimations of hot sex. rating-PG-13

"Realistic" AU by theartoffic (Elijah/Orlando)
Elijah is an android who's sold as a companion over many years, and has learned how to retain his memories. Orlando's a movie star who meets him when Elijah tries to jump off a bridge. There's angst, UST, and suspense, and it's a good AU. posted 2008, rating-R

"Snowed In" by zee113 (Orlando/Viggo)
A nice (and hot) version of one of those classic clichés: two people stuck in a cabin together. Orlando is a bit innocent, Viggo is slow and thoughtful, and it just works. rating-R, posted 2008 March

"Spare Change - 4/50" AU by tularia (Eijah/Orlando)
AU Orlando is slowly discovering his interest in kinky sex, and asks Elijah for help while he wanks, though they've never had sex. This chapter stands alone as a good hot PWP, with scope and intriguing characters. rating-R, posted 2008 March

"White Chocolate" by philomel (Liv/Miranda, Karl)
Liv's attention to Miranda is sensual at first, and then unabashedly but subtly sexual, while Karl watches. rating-R, posted 2007 Sept

"parley" by circe (Dom/Norrington)
O most excellent crack! James Norrington meets with yet another man in eyeliner, who's leather wristbands are most alluring. rating-PG-13

"Taxonomy" AU by cesare (Ian, Elijah, Bernard, Dom)
Beyond AU and into crack!fic, Ian and Bernard are eagles. Elijah is a snow martin who makes a deal to keep Ian's nest tidy instead of being eaten, while Dom's a marmot who makes the same deal with Bernard. Best kind of crack! rating-G, posted 2008 March

LOTRIPS series I recommend

"Acting on a Crush (Incline of Trees AU)", by kiltsandlollies and almaviva (Billy/Dom)
This is a fantastic AU series, set in a British university, and I highly recommend starting from the beginning. But this particular chapter, when the two of them finally can't resist each other, just blows me away. rating-NC-17, posted 2008 Feb

"Sometimes" by slashfairy (Karl/Viggo/Orlando)
This is part of a lovely lyrical series, "The Little AU", in which there is a mostly-happily-ever-after for the threesome of Viggo, Karl and Orlando. This particular piece is gorgeous, indirect, sensual and sexy, fabulous indirect phone sex. rating-R, posted 2008 April

"Blush" by abundantlyqueer (Elijah/Dom/Orlando)
Elijah is fascinated when he finds out that Dom and Orlando are shagging, and they are equally fascinated by him and his reactions when they shag him. Baroquely intense and detailed, wonderful smut. rating-NC-17, posted 2006 April

"Heart of Ciara" AU series WIP, by se-seerslair (Sean Astin/Elijah)
Sean is an Earl in Regency Britain who meets a mysterious woman, falls madly in love with her, and insists that she accept his family's heirloom gem. There's also a thief named "Le Petit Papillon" and more, written in period style, wonderful fun. posted 2007-8, rating-R

"House Party" AU series, by Cassie (Elijah/Viggo)
AU set in the 1920s in England, France and the US: Elijah the student and Viggo the artist meet at a country house and fall madly, deeply and permanently in love. It's beautiful, lyrical, sensual, angsty at times, but mainly wonderful.

"Sounds Like Safety" series by idrillia (Orlando/Viggo)
Long (27 parts and still a WIP) in which Orlando and Viggo fall in love and into a Dominant/submissive relationship. It's tender without being schmaltzy and intense without going over the top. [may be locked, ask for friending] rating-NC-17, posted 2006-2008

"Atheling" AU series WIP, by ismenin (Elijah/Dom)
Alternate Middle Ages, Elijah's the son of an Anglo-Saxon lord; Dom's a French prince, hostage for peace between their fathers, he brings his friend, Lando of Orleans. There are palace intrigues, lust, jealousy, and kidnapping, with more to come!

"Pet" AU by anatsuno & shaenie (Elijah/Viggo)
AU, Elijah's a brilliant scientist who doesn't get out much, Viggo has a pet with tentacles, wary interactions ensue. More character study than anything, I think it's the best tentacle porn evah, even forever WIP. rating-NC-17

"Summer Camp II: The Weekend" (AU) by often_adamanta (Elijah/Orlando)
Extremely silly but fun AU in which the cast of LOTR are counselors at a US summer camp in the (unspecified) mountains. The hot smut is Orlando/Elijah but Dom/Billy, Viggo/Sean Bean, Miranda, Liv and Pete also appear. rating-NC-17, posted 2008 Feb

"Death Does Not Become Him" (AU series), by slave_o_spike (Orlando/Sean Bean)
Odd but interesting AU series in which Orlando can see how people die, which makes living a bit tricky. When he falls for Fireman!Sean Bean, he wants to find a way to change Sean's fate. rating-R, posted 2008 Jan-present

"Indie Radio 103.2" AU by saura_ (Elijah/Dom)
AU in which Dom's a DJ in London, and Elijah's a waiter who loves Dom's voice. Orlando's another waiter who helps them meet and so on from there. Nice Elijah UST and then satisfied. rating-R

"1994" AU by afra_schatz (Orlando/Sean Bean)
AU in which Sean is a painter and Orlando a traveling student/waiter. In this one, Sean's taken off for Prague to paint by himself, and Orlando shows up. Good dialog, sympathetic characters, satisfying ficlet in a good series. rating-PG, posted 2007 Dec

"No Promises" AU by Ariel and namarie120 (Orlando/Nikolai Luzhin)
AU FPS/RPS crossover, Orlando is a police officer in the Eastern Promises universe who falls in love with Nikolai (Viggo's character). it's melodramatic but well-written, with lots of hot sex under pressure. rating-NC-17, posted 2007 Nov


Shaenie's RPS (utterly fabulous fic)
Lots of Billy/Dom, some Elijah/Viggo, Dom/Sean Bean, Orlando/Dom (including wingfic) and two Miranda fics. Also includes her Elijah/Billy epic "The Only Way Out is Through" and the amazing and ravishing Convergence series (Billy/Dom/Elijah).

LOTRIPS archive: Tricia's RPS
Tricia (juxtaposefantsy.livejournal.com)'s LOTR RPS, mostly Orlando-centric archive

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amusing musing

(no subject)

from: sandelwood
date: Apr. 19th, 2008 05:56 am (UTC)

Psst, your coding is borked halfway through. :)

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(no subject)

from: msilverstar
date: Apr. 19th, 2008 06:01 am (UTC)

Got it, thank you!

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(no subject)

from: tweedle_
date: Apr. 19th, 2008 08:42 am (UTC)

I love reading through your rec lists for those warm cosy moment of being reminded of favourite fics and the little frission of excitement I get when I see something I haven't read yet.

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(no subject)

from: msilverstar
date: Apr. 21st, 2008 12:39 am (UTC)

I like writing them for the very same reason!

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(no subject)

from: koulagirl666
date: Apr. 19th, 2008 11:21 am (UTC)

!! thanks for the rec!

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(no subject)

from: msilverstar
date: Apr. 21st, 2008 12:40 am (UTC)

Thanks for the story!

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obsessive-compulsive squirrel

(no subject)

from: acari
date: Apr. 19th, 2008 11:18 pm (UTC)

This is perfect timing. I meant to ask you for what's good in Lotrips nowadays; I'm so out of the loop.

Last week someone asked for a Harry/Orli story at lotrips_finders and before I knew what had happened I had hunted down all my old favourites and devoured them. The power of the OTP. And now I yearn for Lotrips fic. (I guess I will need Lotrips icons once more.) *sigh*

This list brings back memories. Tricia! Pet omg!

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(no subject)

from: msilverstar
date: Apr. 21st, 2008 12:41 am (UTC)

I am determined to post recs more often. So many lovely stories, old and new. I just wish I could convince people to archive more permanently.

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(no subject)

from: foxrafer
date: May. 11th, 2008 02:18 pm (UTC)

Another great list to save. Thank you.

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