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LOTRIPS recs part 1

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Apr. 18th, 2008 | 09:33 pm
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I have no idea why I didn't post them before. Anyway here they are, and you can always find more at del.icio.us/msilverstar

a whole lot of good fic, which I discovered last year

"Monkey's Paw Love Song" (AU, series), by ven_brandybuck (Dom/Billy)
Dom has a "super" power that makes his life quite complicated and him quite grumpy. The more Billy is cheerful and supportive, the more grumpy Dom gets, Really tense for a bit, quite a lot of UST and angst, very well done and satisfying. rating-R, posted 2007 August

"Over the Years" by v_angelique (Viggo/Bean)
If Viggo and Sean had met twenty years before LOTR shooting. Not the style I usually like, I tend to be allergic to a really strong narration, but the images are so vivid that it works for me. And the sex is both hot and touching. rating-NC-17, posted 2006 October

"Discoveries" (series) by wbearsmom (Dom/Billy)
Smutty series with the rare toppy!Dom, which I like very much. Explicit sex, toys, bondage, spanking, dildos, a little D/s, also much extremely dirty talking. posted 2005, rating-NC-17

"The Luckiest Dog in the World" by pecos (Sidi, Orlando, etc.)
Dog's-eye-view of Orlando's life, charmingly told. Almost too damn cute, but not quite --- and Orlando seems to love his dog in RL as much as in this story. rating-R,

"I'll Have What He's Having" by dashery (Billy/Dom, Elijah)
First-person past-tense flying Billy! Fabulous ficlet about what happens when Billy, Dom and Elijah eat at a Mexican restaurant in LA and things go a bit odd. Lovely twist, wonderful voice, just a gem of a story. rating-PG, posted 2007 July

"Guilty Promise" AU (crossover) by arieltachna & namarie120 (Orlando/Nikolai Luzhin)
Nikolai is Viggo's character in Eastern Promises; Orlando is a police investigator. They meet again in an abandoned factory and have angry!sex and angst a lot (theirloveissodoomed), but it's got more bite than sentimentality and melodrama. It works. posted 2007 Sept, rating-NC-17

Somewhere Beyond the Sea (series) by puddle_took (Billy/Dom)
Quite loopy and semi-delirious Billy stream-of-consciousness as he takes a Caribbean cruise with Dom, Elijah, Orlando and Viggo. He's broken up with Ali and planning to kiss Dom, but things go weird and wrong, misunderstandings abound. Angst-bomb fic. rating-R, posted 2004

"Maybe This Is Why I've Lost My Mind" AU, by telesilla and hilary (Sean Bean/Viggo)
[warning for underage sex] Teenage Sean has come out as gay to his dad, who reacted badly. He turns to his boyfriend Viggo, and there is mutual love and hot sex, including one of the nicest first-time-penetration scenes ever. rating-NC-17, posted 2007 August

"Unequivocal" by foxrafer (Orlando/Viggo)
When Viggo comes to a party with mistletoe over his head, and Billy kisses him, Orlando decides to take action. Short but intense. rating-PG, posted 2006 Dec

LOTRPS: "The Orange Grove", semi AU series, complete by Cinzia & Gloria (Viggo/Bean)
Gorgeous long series alternating Viggo and Sean's POV, set in Crete as they work together on a film. A bit of angst and misunderstanding, great supporting characters, fabulous sense of place. Finishes with very satisfying love (plus good sex). rating-R, posted 2004

"untitled" by georgia_mason (Dom/Billy)
First person short ficlet, Dom's inner voice as he give Billy a blow-job in hobbit costumes. Vivid sensations, tastes and textures. rating-R, posted 2007 Sept

"Tell" by __theo (Orlando/Elijah)
Short ficlet, Orlando tells Elijah seven things about himself, over time, some more revealing than others. rating-PG, posted 2007 August

"Twenty Eight/Forty Five" (series) by arabia764 (Orlando/Elijah)
Exceedingly well-written melodrama, in which Orlando and Elijah are captured, raped, and left in prison. The main story is how they slowly come to romantic and erotic love, and the title is explained. Angst and schmoop abound. rating-NC-17, posted 2007

"And It Shall Be As It Was" by feelforfaith (Dom/Billy)
When Dom's done with Lost, he cuts his hair. That doesn't give Billy anything to hold onto when Dom's giving him a blowjob, so he he has to make do with another part of Dom's body... rating-R, posted 2007 August

"Every Nerve Like A Firefly" (series, WIP) by kiltsandlollies & almaviva (Dom/Ian, Dom/Billy)
Wonderful series set in New Zealand during filming, Dom yearns for Billy, and finds himself Ian's acolyte. Lush dense language, intimate and detailed, makes it all hit home. Some bondage and discipline but the emotions prevail. Highly recommended. rating-NC-17, posted 2007

"Scenes of Obsession" by idrillia (Orlando/Elijah)
A fan watches Orlando act on stage in London, then finds him in a pub afterwards and manages to seduce him. Written with a good feeling for the headlong rush of desire for a star. rating-NC-17, posted 2007 August

"Bronze Star Heart" by marginalia (Billy/Dom)
Billy's tired and he yearns, Dom yearns, neither of them says anything. Orlando finally calls Billy in Mexico, arranges for Dom to come down, and everything combusts. Very finely written angsty ficlet, made my chest twist. posted 2003, rating-PG

"Of Kneecaps, Laundry, and the Sum of Happiness", by glass_moment (Billy/Dom)
Billy's a bit morose after shooting an emotionally draining scene in LOTR. Dom knows how to talk him through it, and when Dom offers more, Billy finds that he can accept. rating-PG, posted 2007 August

"Dance" (AU) by deleerium (Orlando/Elijah)
Orlando's a Broadway dancer and Elijah is the show choreographer. Vivid details of dancing and musicals, as they dance through a little courtship. rating-PG, posted 2007 August

"Inhibitions" by bungee [fugitivehound] (Sean Astin/Billy)
Very fine Sean's-eye-view of a night out, a little white pill, and satisfying friendly wall-sex with a determined Billy. PWP, but with character. posted 2004, rating-NC-17

"Doctor's Orders" by hyacinth_sky747 (Dom/Billy)
Dirty talk and smutty role-playing doctor-and-patient, PWP ficlet with hot dialog. posted 2007 August, rating-X

"Home Movies" by nakannalee (Dom/Billy)
On New Zealand's South Island, when Dom wakes in the night, Billy is even closer than he has been during their day of fun with a video camera. Very nice ficlet, good atmosphere, eager mutual handjobs. posted 2007 August, rating-R

"The Blind Date" (AU) by tweedle_ (Orlando/Elijah)
Latest in the Roomates set of connected stories, Elijah and Orlando set up a date for Billy and Dom, and get inspired by their story to try some new things, like blindfolds and a bit of control. Sweet and hot at the same time. rating-R, posted 2007 May

LOTRIPS archives and fic lists
circe_tigana's fanfic
Gorgeous writing, wish she'd come back to the fandom. Mostly Dom/Billy, with some Elijah, Orlando and Viggo pairings as well. Also includes the amazing co-written Mood Rings, 132 Lotrips ficlets full of delight.

beizy's RPS
Lovely stories, some very short, with all the urgency and intensity of young lust. Her Sean/Elijah stories are particularly fine.

abundantlyqueer's LOTR RPS (primarily Orlando/Elijah)
Gorgeous intense erotic and wonderful stories, both in our world and alternate universes. The language ranges between stark and baroque. the images are vivid, the tension between characters is riveting, the sex is incredibly hot and sensual. Highly recommended

Stawberry's Fics (mostly Dom/Billy and/or Elijah)
Strawberryelfsp's gorgeous fic is full of vivid, almost physical and very sexy images.

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Comments {5}


(no subject)

from: arabia764
date: Apr. 20th, 2008 12:00 am (UTC)

Thank you so much for the comment about 28/45. I've had all sorts of feelings about that fic, partly because it stopped me writing for over a year after. You've gone a long way to making me like it again.

Thank you, kind lady.

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(no subject)

from: msilverstar
date: Apr. 21st, 2008 12:43 am (UTC)

I'm not a huge romance/adventure/melodrama fan, but I love your writing so much that I just don't care. *happy sigh*

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(no subject)

from: berreh
date: Apr. 21st, 2008 12:22 pm (UTC)

You are a superstar. :)

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(no subject)

from: msilverstar
date: Apr. 22nd, 2008 03:50 am (UTC)

Gosh, thank you!

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(no subject)

from: foxrafer
date: May. 11th, 2008 02:11 pm (UTC)

I am bookmarking this to come back and check out your recommendations later. Thanks for sharing some of your favorites.

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