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Anti-fanfic Bingo Card!

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Dec. 15th, 2007 | 11:14 am
mood: amused

I think having a fandom/fanwork advocacy organization is a good idea. Especially the universal fanworks archive, and legal defense if someone's actually sued. While I agree that the name "Organization for Transformative Works" is a bit complicated for a fanworks advocacy organization, that transformativeworks.org is a non-intuitive URL, that the acafan language and the journal focus is annoying,and the archive not really started yet... I still support it, and the fact that my dear mirabile_dictu is involved makes me want to give it lots of slack.

So what is OTW getting? The usual anti-fanfic arguments. So much that ithiliana has created an Anti Fanfic Bingo Card! Including such classics as: It's totally different if the author is dead! and Fanwriters are just like stalkers! Now we can compete to post BINGO on each anti-fanfic post :-)

ETA: fixed bad link to the bingo card, it's unofficial

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from: msilverstar
date: Dec. 16th, 2007 06:07 am (UTC)

OMG, I cleared out my LOTR trunk today (really, one of those trunks like kids take to college) and was overwhelmed with the nostalgia. (And my kidlet is such a fan! She snagged one of my many "making-of" books and was reading it intently. She's halfway through TTT, mostly on her own. She asks interesting questions and I know most of the answers -- fandom generations FTW!)

Anyway, I was thinking of how I got the ROTK extended early on eBay and put it in and saw Viggo kissing Billy and squeed for the next week or so!

Plus: your icon! Hidalgo premiere! Fabulous pictures from that!

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