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Jun. 24th, 2007 | 02:43 pm
mood: amused

For what it's worth, I was going to buy a permanent account, but not any more. That's the best way I can send a message to LJ about the need to clarify their policies. Money talks.

Back up your LJ! On Windows you can use ljArchive and migrate to GJ, JF or IJ (instructions here and here). Mac people can download all posts using Xjournal and put them into a reasonable format using a python script. ETA: LJArchive and LJBook both download comments.

How to opt-out of LJFind

Users whose journals are searchable on the independently run Ljfind.com website can now request their journals to be permanently removed from search results.

It should be noted that your journal should not be searchable on Ljfind.com if the "Minimize your journal's inclusion in search engine results" option on the Viewing Options page has always been checked. Additionally, since this is a topic that comes up very often at Support, you should know that Ljfind indexes your last public 25 posts but that posts which have been public at some point but later on set to a higher security level may also be indexed. This and more information can be found in FAQ #50.

New Miranda fansite, in French: Australian Jewel.

That *has* to be Eugene Hutz, there behind Madonna

Eugene and Madonna
(gacked from ohnotheydidnt)
Also: Gogol Bordello is doing a San Francisco show, I'm so going!

The TSA Hates Your Vibrator (how to safely fly with your sex toys). Timely, as it's the GLBT Pride parade this week. I love that it's posted on the city paper web site. <3 SF

July 1 - International Day of Slash - a good idea? I'm just not sure.

Utterly amazing self-propelling sculpture video

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(no subject)

from: perseph2hades
date: Jun. 25th, 2007 03:09 am (UTC)

LJBook also downloads comments. And it's fast (archives with a click on the website) and is pre-downloaded as a lovely PDF book.

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(no subject)

from: msilverstar
date: Jun. 25th, 2007 05:44 pm (UTC)

Well I feel like a dork now. Will eta.

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