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recs for us left behind...

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Jul. 17th, 2003 | 10:02 pm
mood: content

Nimbus, Comic-Con, most everyone's gone. But there are some great things around, stories, reports, icons...

A nice hot clubfic with Orlando on the prowl: Man on a Mission (R) by duckie7582

hjartad has a funny sweet DomBilly done in a casually perfect way, Brass Monkeys.

dorkorific wrote a charming, tantalizing, drunken-Will/Jack Sparrow Pirate-fic, First Warning (PG-13), I think gabbyhope recced it and now I'm doing it too.

jubilancy started a new community for, um, good Dom/Elijah stories. concept. Also constructive criticism and advice. Go for it! elijahslashdom, If I had any of those stories, I'd be posting them right now.

angstslashhope has geeky Ellijah icons

A Dutch woman has a lovely sweet account of seeing Viggo in Denmark, he and his people were great to her though she's in a wheelchair. And they posted pictures (see new icon) and videos! Viggo reminds me of Gerard Depardieu, who can turn the sexeh on and off as he chooses.

hathien posted a week ago giant Billeh pictures. Pretty pictures. Kilt! Snow in hair!

And that's all for tonight, off to bed for me.

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