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Fic: "Push/Pull/Push" (Dom/Billy/Rachel Weisz, NC-17)

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Apr. 26th, 2007 | 10:36 pm
mood: naughty
music: Protegé Moi - Placebo

Title: Push/Pull/Push
Author(s): msilverstar and unstealthy
Pairing: Dom/Billy/Rachel Weisz
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Billy brings his girlfriend to meet Dom in Hawaii. Only now does Rachel understand what Billy meant when he said 'share'.
Disclaimer: Not true, we made it up.
Warnings: BDSM (mentioned), threesome sex

Notes: The Push/Pull/Push universe began as a kinky AU to our Establishment RPG Billy/Rachel Weisz vanilla romance.. ETA: also in this universe: Early Rachel/Billy scene, and Dom/Billy backstory.

Dom's wandering restlessly round the house as he waits. It's been too long since he's seen Billy, and now he's not only coming, he's bringing an utterly gorgeous woman with him. Jammy bastard, Dom thinks in an uncharacteristically Anglicised burst of thought. Billy had phoned to say they were on their way from the airport: they should be here by now. He rearranges the cushions on the couch and puts a stray CD case back in the rack. He should probably just put the kettle one, Billy will likely want a cup of tea. Or he's just as likely to want to shag Dom senseless the moment he sees him. Who knows?

Billy shifts in the cab, willing the driver to speed up. The Hawaiian way had seemed nice before, laid-back and relaxed. But now, waiting to introduce Rachel to Dom, he'd rather get it over with. Not that he's any real doubt, unless Dom is in one of his most outrageous moods. Rachel's a lovely person, great fun to be with even out of bed, holds her own with the lads, and he's seen her stand up to some of the big directors. But what Billy really wants is for his best mate and his new girlfriend to click, and to like each other as people. And he can't help worrying it won't happen.

At last the cab pulls up. The driver goes to get the bags out of the boot and Rachel gets out, flinching as the humid air hits her skin after the air-conditioned interior of the car. Billy's paying the driver, and just then the front door opens and Dom appears. At least, he looks like the photos of Dom that Billy's shown her.

"About bloody time!" Dom calls, and then walks down the path to where they're standing, as the cab drives away leaving them with their bags.

"Not my fault!" Billy protests, as he claps Dom on the shoulder and then reaches down to the ticklish place on Dom's side. With him giggling and gasping, Billy slings an arm round him, turns to Rachel and says, "When he's not being a naff git, this is Dom. Actually, he's usually a naff git, and he's still Dom."

"Oi!" Dom grabs Billy in a neck lock, and Rachel laughs, enjoying the two of them together already.

"Nice to meet you, Dom," she says. Dom immediately lets go of Billy and takes her hand, kissing it. "A gentleman," she grins.

"And don't let Bill tell you anything different," Dom says. He bends down to pick up a bag and turns to head back into the house. "Now, Bill, you're going to have to explain to me in small words exactly how you managed to pull this vision of gorgeousness."

Billy laughs, "My classic male good looks and sterling personality, of course!" Rachel grabs her carry-on and handbag while Billy gets the last two bags -- she'd laugh in his face if he tried to come round all gallant and shift them all. Not that she doesn't like a little cosseting sometimes, the occasional chivalrous gesture, especially if he's been very strict in private. But she's made it quite clear she's a modern woman and won't be stuck on a pedestal.

As they walk into the house, Billy looks round in pleasure at the comfortable furniture and lovely views, but then remembers the frequent visitors. "What pets, exactly, do you have this time? Any spiders or lizards?" he asks.

"No spiders, but I do have a gecko that's taken up residence in the living room," Dom says happily. He drops the bag he's carrying and ushers them into the living room. "What can I get you to drink?" He grins. "Don't tell anyone at home, but there's iced tea in my fridge. I'm so ashamed. It's the last straw in my complete assimilation."

"Iced tea sounds great, actually," Rachel says, falling on to the sofa. It feels much later than it is, mostly due to the flight and partly to the time difference between LA and Hawaii. All her body wants to do is curl up and nap, but she's determined to stay awake and acclimatise.

"Beer," Billy says firmly, "cold lager, if you have it." Tropical damp heat calls for it, as does the memory of far too many hours inairplanes and airports. He follows Dom to the kitchen, bumping up against him, saying "Bloody fantastic to see you again," as he pushes Dom against the fridge door with his whole torso. No matter how many other people Billy shags, the feeling of Dom's body against his is always amazingly sexy.

"Well, hello there," Dom says, sliding his hands around to cup Billy's arse. "Missed you, mate. Give us a snog and I'll give you a beer."

With an invitation like that... Billy leans in just that last inch and reaches Dom's lips, kissing him thoroughly before relaxing and letting Dom's tongue into his own mouth. "Missed you too," he admits, when they break off for a breath.

"That," Dom says, "Was a snog worthy of a beer." He doesn't move, though. Instead, he slides his hands into Billy's back pockets and licks his neck. "Didn't you say that lovely girl of yours is an exhibitionist? I want to know when I'm going to see her naked."

"In due time," Billy pushes his chest against Dom's. "After I get my beer."

"Pushy bastard," Dom growls, nipping the join between Billy's neck and shoulder. "You bring totty into the house and then tease me with your 'all in good time'. I should withhold beer privileges." His cock is becoming attentive to the situation, and he grinds his hips against Billy's in a highly satisfactory way.

"Always were a greedy bastard," Billy grins and grinds back. "Beer first, she must think we've fallen into something in here."

"Oh, all right then." Dom reluctantly pushes away from the fridge and releases his hold on Billy. He grabs beers and hands them over, pours a glass of iced tea for Rachel, then shoos Billy out of the room. He puts ice in the glass, a slice of lemon quickly cut and hooked on the edge, and then he digs out a small round tray on which he sets the glass. A folded tea towel over his arm and the look is complete; arranging his face into a Jeeves-like neutral expression he walks slowly back into the living room, coming to a halt in front of Rachel.

"Tea, madam?" he asks, bending to offer her the tray.

Rachel laughs. "Why thank you," she says, taking the glass and sitting back. "Billy, you didn't tell me the service would be so good here."

"He's just softening you up," Billy explains, taking a long pull at his beer, and sitting next to her. "Once he gets to know you, it's 'the fridge is over there, bring us a bottle while you're up'." He nudges Dom with his foot, "He's generally a lazy bugger."

"Oi, drink my beer and slander me in my own home, would you?" Dom says, all mock indignation. "I'll have to spank you for that."

"I agree," Rachel grins, winking at Dom and hoping that he wasn't joking.

"It's not slander if it's true," Billy says mildly, and then, with a lift of an eyebrow, "Just you try and put your hands on me." He's let Dom top a few times, but it's not their usual thing, and certainly not in front of Rachel.

Dom puts his beer down on the floor and then launches himself at Billy, tackling him so they sprawl on the sofa, Billy's head in Rachel's lap. Dom uses his slightly greater weight and the advantage of surprise to gain the upper hand, tickling Billy's ribs as Rachel shrieks, grabs Billy's beer bottle out of his hand and tries to hold her own glass out of the way of the wrestling pair.

Hooking a leg round Dom, Billy flips him right off the sofa and onto his back on the floor. He's a bit more serious about it than Dom is, and has morepractise , so manages to pin one arm above Dom's head and his own other arm across Dom's chest. "If anyone's getting spanked today, it's you, wanker," he says, still a bit breathless from the tickling.

"Mmm, yes please," Dom says, grinning and pushing his hips up into Billy.

Rachel watches all this with great interest, wondering where it's leading, how serious they are and loving seeing Billy like this, so easy and familiar with Dom. Dom's funny and sexy and the banter between them, the jockeying for power, is quite a turn-on to watch. She knows Billy will win in the end, but it's fun to see just how far Dom will push him, something she's never really dared to do.

"After beer," Billy says, and pushes Dom's other arm above his head to pin them both, and sitting on Dom's chest. He looks at Rachel, who's watching a bit glazed-eyed, as though they're performing for her, and maybe they are. Billy reaches to pull her down on the floor with them, murmuring "Doing all right?" as he snags the beer bottle.

Dom watches Rachel slide off the couch on to her knees beside them. Billy leans in to kiss her, and Dom gets a mesmerisingly wonderful view of the action right over his head and stares, not even trying to pull his wrists free from Billy's grip. The chemistry between Rachel and Billy is obvious, making Dom whimper slightly at the sight of wet lips and tongues and jaw muscles working.

"Bloody hell," he murmurs when they finally separate.

After taking a long draught of beer, Billy grins down at Dom. "You like that? Good thing she likes to show off." The two of them, so close, it's making his pulse race. The things he'd like to do to them... He drinks again, savouring the sharp tang of it, girding himself: while Rachel's cooperative, Dom's a handful and needs firm treatment.

"I love to show off," Rachel says, smiling at Dom. She drains the last of her iced tea and puts the glass down well out of the way. "I love being shown off as well." Billy catches her eye and grins at her, and she just has to touch him, reaching out and stroking her palm up the inside of his arm. Not wanting Dom to feel left out, she runs the fingers of her other hand through his hair, watching as his eyes flutter closed and he lets out a long sigh.

With Billy pinning him down and Rachel's hand in his hair, Dom allows himself to feel thoroughly blissed-out. He's mildly aroused but with no sense of immediate urgency, the taste of beer is in his mouth and Billy's weight straddling his ribs. Oh, and the small matter of an incredibly sexy woman touching his head. Life really doesn't get much better than this while still being fully-clothed.

Billy's beer is gone, and he puts the bottle aside, rather wishing he could get another without destroying the mood entirely. But he has two gorgeous people waiting for him to tell them what to do, and how can he regret that? Sliding back down to Dom's thighs, he says, "Be shown off? You need fewer clothes, then." As he reaches to pull her shirt up, he says, "You too, Dom. Shirt off."

Rachel helps Billy pull her t-shirt over her head and then she watches Dom struggle to get his off with Billy sitting on his legs. "Can you tell us what you've got in mind?" she asks, trailing her fingertips up Billy's arm.

"Yeah, Bill, give us a clue," Dom says. He squeezes Billy's thighs and grins. "Although anything that involves being naked with Rachel will suit me fine."

"If you're very very lucky," Billy looks levelly at Dom, and then turns to Rachel, who's wearing a wispy lacy silk bra that emphasises her tits nicely. He itches to leave some marks on her, ones that will last for days, but they'll be out on the beach, far too public for that. British winters are good for something -- all those clothes cover bruises quite nicely. With a hand pushing Dom's chest down, he leans to Rachel and nibbles gently down her neck and along her bra, enjoying the little sounds she makes.

"That's the stuff," Dom says, sliding a hand up Billy's back under his shirt. He doesn't dare touch Rachel, that would probably be pushing Billy further than even Dom is prepared to go. But Billy's right there, Dom can practically taste his skin, and watching his mouth on Rachel he hums his approval. "Fabulous tits your bird's got," he says.

Rachel sighs, her hand in Dom's hair stilling at the feel of Billy's mouth on her skin. She pushes her breasts together a little, knowing how much Billy likes her cleavage, practically glowing at Dom's admiration. With two men here to put on a show for, she's very, very happy, and feels like flinging off all her clothes and spreading herself wide open for them to look at and use for their pleasure.

Billy likes the way Rachel's responding, she's practically flaunting herself for Dom, who's hand is warm and teasing along Billy's skin. "You can feel his eyes on you, you love it," he growls into her skin, nipping at her tit where it won't show later. She starts a little and then nearly melts against him. Billy looks at Dom, who's watching with a hungry look, and says, "you're a lovely little slut and I should spank you in front of him."

"Yeah, you fucking should," Dom says as he scratches his nails over Billy's back. "Strip her, tie her up, spank her," he babbles.

"Oh, please," Rachel breathes, feeling herself sinking at Billy's tone and words. "Want to show Dom what a good girl I can be for you."

This is going faster than Billy meant, but it's mind-blowingly hot to have them both asking for it and he's not going to stop it. He says, "Oh yes, but first, give him a taste," and directs Rachel to bend down over Dom, offering him her tits.

"Not going to get much of a fucking taste with her bra on!" Dom says frustratedly, imagining a soft nipple hardening on his tongue, and groaning. Rachel bends low over his face, elbows on the floor, offering herself to him, and who is he to refuse what's offered? He puts his mouth to the lace and then because Billy hasn't said no, he cups the breast with his hand, squeezing it gently and rubbing with his thumb. Rachel moans softly and he finds her nipple, making her move so he can put his mouth over it, scraping it with his teeth through the lace.

Billy's hand on Rachel's back gently asserts his authority as Dom's mouth works on her breast, teeth through lace on her nipple making her catch her breath. She hopes Billy's going to undo her bra and let Dom see her, but it seems that's not in the plan just yet and so she enjoys what he's doing, enjoys letting Billy take charge, knowing they're all going to have a good time under his control.

The gentle curve of her back is delightful, not yet straining or arched with need. Billy runs his hand down it to her bra strap, and anticipates opening it, letting Dom taste her skin....

Billy's hand rests on Dom's chest, reminding Dom that he's in charge. Just as Dom starts to think about pushing Billy again, seeing how far he can go, Billy's hand removes itself from his chest and Dom lets out an involuntary "Oh god," as Billy undoes Rachel's bra and slides it off her arms. Rachel's gorgeous, fabulous breasts are now in Dom's face, and he cups them in his hands, bringing one to his mouth and sucking hard on her nipple. Rachel gasps and Dom moans, a sudden rush of blood to his cock making him try to roll his hips -- a futile gesture, as Billy is sitting on him.

Billy finds himself licking suddenly-dry lips: he always forgets how beautiful Dom is when he comes undone like this. He bends forward, unable to resist the two of them. Shifting a bit, he kisses Rachel's skin, savouring her quivers and moans as Dom sucks her tits. Dom's wriggling under his legs, Dom's cock is pressing against his thigh, the feel of Dom's chest against his body is heating him up as well. This is all going so fast, and Billy has a sudden desperate urge to fuck them both right now, despite all laws of physics and anatomy.

It's like a dream coming true, caught between Billy and Dom. Dom is sucking her breasts, Billy kissing her neck and shoulders and stroking his palms over her bare back. She shivers, wishing he'd pull her trousers off and fuck her blind, she's so aroused and a quick sideways glance to check out the bulges at both Dom and Billy's crotches confirm that they're both as excited as her.

If only there was nakedness and fucking imminent, Dom would be over the moon. As it is, he's got Rachel's tit in his mouth, Billy's cock pressing against his belly, and Billy's voice muttering not terribly coherent things about how fantastic Dom and Rachel look together. Dom knows that Billy could easily drag this out until both Dom and Rachel are begging for it on hands and knees, that this could all be just to tantalise them and lull them into a false sense of imminent fucking. So Dom's going to enjoy it while he can, and with one hand still cupping a breast he pulls Rachel's face to his for a snog.

There's a flash of temptation to pull them apart, to tease them separately until they're both desperate for his touch, but Billy pushes it away. Plenty of time for that later. Now he wants to see if it's even possible to kiss them both at once, because they're so fucking beautiful and he's a greedy bugger like that.

Dom's kissing her, and it's wonderful, and then suddenly Billy is lying beside him and his mouth is seeking hers -- or is it Dom's? -- or it could be both. Rachel finds herself stretching out over Dom's body and kissing Billy hungrily while Dom's hands wander all over her.

"Amazing, fucking amazing," Dom mutters, kissing first one and then the other of them, managing to tangle his tongue with theirs for a second before eventually giving up. And why not? There's a half-naked woman lying on him, kissing Billy, his Billy, and pretty soon they'll all be naked and his cock will be inside a warm, wet orifice. At least, that's what's going to happen according to Dom's imagination.

Fumbling, eager for skin, Billy's unbuttoning his Hawaiian shirt and then pushing at Rachel's trousers, muttering, "Naked, want you naked right now: clothes off, my girl." He kneels up to strip off his own jeans and and turns to Dom, who's grinning like a mad thing. Mock threatening, Billy says, "Jammy bastard, have your fun now, I'll do for you later." And he will, he'll bend Dom over the table and thrash him till he's begging, or tie him up and make him watch while Billy eats out Rachel. But for now, Billy just strips and watches while Dom and Rachel do the same.

For once, Dom's imagination hasn't let him down. He lifts his hips and kicks his shorts down and off and is pleased when Rachel's gaze lingers on his cock. Seems only fair, since he's staring at her tits, and had a good look at her arse when she bent over to take off her trousers and undies. "So what now, Bill?" he says, still lying on the floor, hands behind his head, displaying himself proudly. "Who does who?"

Only Dom would be that blunt. Billy quirks his mouth, and tries to concentrate, "Ah, well, my girl has a lovely mouth on her, would you like to taste him, Rachel?"

It's an order as much as a question, Rachel knows that. "I'd love to," she concurs. Dom (whose smug grin is about to split his face in half) spreads his legs, and she kneels obediently between them.

"Yeah, lovely mouth," Dom says as Rachel's lips close over the head of his cock. He pulls his knees up so his feet are flat on the floor, saying, "Feel free to use your hands, too," and can't resist stroking her hair. She looks up at him, and fuck, if that isn't the most beautiful sight he's seen in quite some time.

Watching them, Billy's cock grows to the point of aching: he pushes the heel of his hand against it, just for some relief. Rachel's mouth is distended, completely filled and more by Dom's cock, and the sight of it is so hot that Billy's starting to sweat. Moving beside her, Billy strokes his hands down her back and round the curve of her arse, strokes down her thighs and up again, inside, close to her cunt but not touching. Her head bobs up and down, and Billy can just see Dom's body rocking in the same rhythm, Dom's moans striking a chord in him. He crawls up along her and reaches for Dom, shaken with a sudden desire for Dom's lips and tongue and open willing mouth.

Dom groans into the kiss, grabbing the back of Billy's head and snogging him hungrily. "Gonna fucking die of pleasure," he moans against Billy's mouth when they finally come up for air. "Want you, Bill, fucking missed youohgod!" Rachel's just pushed a finger into him and Dom sees stars for one glorious moment.

With a response like that, Rachel can't help pushing a little bit to try and get more of the same. She gently wiggles her finger in Dom's arse as she licks and sucks his cock, making him writhe, clearly desperate to thrust into her mouth and so she backs off a bit to let him. What she really wants to do is watch Dom and Billy kiss, but there's no way to do that without letting her concentration slip... Plenty of time to watch them kiss later. For now, she focuses on what she's doing, and doing it well.

It's a bit weird, but sexy, feeling Dom arch and move with Billy barely touching him. "She's bloody amazing, yeah," he says, reaching down to pet Rachel, pleased she's so enthusiastic with his Dom, lovely girl.

"Wanna watch you fuck her, Bill," Dom manages to mutter between gasping with pleasure, and having Billy's tongue in his mouth.

"Yeah," Billy can't think of anything better, hotter, than having Dom watch him and Rachel, except if he could somehow do it without having to let go of either of them. He turns away reluctantly and finds his backpack, scrabbling inside for a condom.

"In my pocket, Bill," Dom says hoarsely, gesturing feebly at where his trousers are lying in a heap on the floor.

Rachel's acutely aware of what's going on and trying to remain submissive, but it's hard when she's so bloody excited. She lifts her head, continuing to massage Dom's cock with one hand. "Please, Billy, please fuck me," she says. "Want to feel you both at once."

Billy finds the packet and tears it, turning back and grinning at the both of them, naked and panting as they are. Fucking heaven. "Oh yeah, I'll fuck you," he tells Rachel, putting the condom on himself. "Back to work on Dom now," he says, giving her a friendly swat on the bum, rubbing his cock along her cunt, "but don't let him come yet."

"I'll try," Rachel says, determined to keep Dom right on the edge for as long as she can. "But you feel so good, it'll be hard to concentrate."

Dom can hardly believe this is happening to him. Rachel bending over him, her mouth around his cock would be enough. But there's Billy behind her, rubbing his cock over her pussy in the most leisurely fashion, as if he's not desperate to fuck her hard and fast. Oh yes, Dom knows Billy well, knows Billy won't let on to Rachel how much he desires her. But Dom can see it, and has to stamp hard on the tinge of jealousy he doesn't want to admit to feeling.

The pure pleasure of the feeling of Rachel on his cock runs like fire though Billy, make his eyes close and his hand tense around her hip. "God, 's good," he murmurs, his voice shaking with it. He can feel Dom's eyes on him, and reaches his other hand to Dom, feeling like he's completing a circuit.

Dom's hand automatically takes Billy's, gripping it tight and using it as a lifeline, as Rachel's mouth does unforgivable things to him. Billy's eyes open and their gaze locks, and holy fucking hell Dom realises this is where he belongs, right here, in Billy's eyes and under his control.

The two of them, Rachel and Dom, right there for him: it's so hot Billy feels like he's melting with it. "Be still," he whispers harshly as he pulls back to the right angle and pushes slowly into Rachel, feeling her shift and open for him, unbelievably hot and slick, so different from fucking Dom, not better or worse, just different. "God, Dom, she's so sweet, you're gonna love fucking her," he groans, knowing how sexy the show will be when Dom fucks her.

Rachel stills as Billy enters her, suddenly aware of the connection between Dom and Billy that goes back a long time, the depth of the feeling between them. She's never been with two men who are so into each other that they're practically using her as a conduit to fuck each other. She moans softly around Dom's cock as Billy thrusts slowly and gently into her. It's intense and unbelievably good.

Rachel's moan makes Dom gasp and grip tightly on to Billy's hand, he's so close to coming. But Billy's got Dom submitting with just his gaze, and there's no way Dom's going to come without Billy's say-so. He watches Billy move above the perfect curves of Rachel's arse and tangles his free hand in her hair, soft and warm. Everything in him is now focused on staving off the inevitable orgasm; thankfully, Rachel's eased off with her mouth and is licking around his balls, her tongue dancing over his skin.

The logistics of this are a bit weird, and no matter how good, it's complicated. So Billy won't drag it out, there's plenty of time to tease later. He says to Rachel, "Go on, wanna watch you make him come," and gives a squeeze to Dom's hand, permission to let go.

On Billy's command, Rachel's mouth closes around Dom's cock and Dom sees stars, coming with a strangled groan and a jerk of his hips. His back arches and his head thuds against the carpet as he feels himself ejaculate over and over into Rachel's mouth. "Oh fuck," he mutters, "Fuck, Billy, fuck!"

Rachel swallows and swallows as Dom comes, thankful that Billy's stilled himself so she can focus on pleasing Dom. He groans and writhes beneath her, finally settling after what seems like a long time, and Rachel lets his cock slide out of her mouth.

Dom's orgasm is so intense that Billy's nearly coming just watching, holding himself back only because it would be too rough on Rachel. "Good girl," he murmurs to her, sliding his hand round to tease her clit, "such a good job, so sexy."

Now she can relax and let Billy take care of her as he always does. Dom's legs slide down flat on the floor, and she rests her cheek on his belly, elbows on the floor either side of him. She moans softly as Billy's fingertips find her clit, rocking her hips in time with his thrusts and sinking a little as Dom strokes her hair.

Rachel's breasts brush against his thighs as Dom quietly watches the two of them, blissful in the afterglow of his orgasm. "So beautiful," he murmurs, his eyes roaming over Billy and Rachel.

The force of Billy's thrusts is moving Rachel's head along Dom's stomach, almost as good as fucking her into him. He pulls back and rubs her clit, watching her body move at every tiny touch,revelling in his ability to make her suck and fuck and like it. When she's panting and grinding back against him, body slick with sweat, Billy meets Dom's eyes and pushes hard into her. Mine, he's saying, you can play, but she's mine. More than you're mine.

Billy's gaze is fierce, and he won't release Dom from it, much as Dom wants relief from its intensity and would really like to fix his eyes to where Billy's fucking. His fingers are buried in Rachel's hair and she's moaning and panting into his skin, fingertips digging into the carpet. There's something in Billy's face that Dom hasn't seen before, and it scares and excites him in equal measure.

All Rachel can do is submit to what Billy's doing to her, with his mind almost as much as his body. Her orgasm is close, but not quite there; she wants so badly to come for him, please him, and hopes his self-control can last out as long as it takes.

Billy can tell Rachel's close, and he knows she loves dirty sex-talk, so he murmurs to her, "You look so good, two men at once, such a good hot slut, I want to keep you naked and ready for us." Just the thought of that makes him look away from Dom, run his fingernails over her clit, and thrust hard, setting up a rhythm that should drive her out of her mind.

It's fucking perfect, Billy knows exactly what she needs. Rachel arches her back, tensing up her abdominal muscles and resting her forehead on Dom's stomach before letting out a long, low groan as she comes. Her body shudders involuntarily and Billy's fingers press hard on her clit, prolonging and drawing out the exquisite pleasure.

"Holy fuck," Dom mutters. "Fuck."

It's Dom's voice as much as Rachel's cunt that tips Billy over, as he comes with a moan, hips still moving, greedy for every last drop of pleasure. He holds Rachel gently as they slowly slide down on their sides to rest on the rug. His other arm, still trembling, he moves up to reach for Dom.

Dom wriggles around until he's facing Rachel, Billy's arm around both of them. "You've broken my brain," he murmurs, a stupid grin on his face.

Rachel lays her palm on Dom's cheek, feeling Billy behind her. She's sated and intensely happy, wondering why they've waited all this time to meet up with Dom -- Billy must have known it was going to be good. But then he'd said he wasn't ready to share her like this until now, and despite the fact that they've both fucked other people since they've been together, there's been nothing like this. Only now does Rachel understand what Billy meant when he said 'share'.

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Comments {8}

Capra Maritimus

(no subject)

from: capra_maritimus
date: Apr. 27th, 2007 06:02 am (UTC)

Oh. Fuck. Yeah. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Then there was this:

But Dom can see it, and has to stamp hard on the tinge of jealousy he doesn't want to admit to feeling.

and this:

Billy meets Dom's eyes and pushes hard into her. Mine, he's saying, you can play, but she's mine. More than you're mine.

There's an interesting dynamic going on there, like the feel of being balanced on a razor blade. Can't wait to read hte other instalments of this. :D

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(no subject)

from: msilverstar
date: Apr. 27th, 2007 06:14 am (UTC)

Thank you! It was... interesting to write. Lotsa stuff going on in those relationships. I'm so glad you picked up on that.

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Not a Ninja

(no subject)

from: unstealthy
date: Apr. 27th, 2007 08:06 pm (UTC)

Thank you for the thoughtful feedback. They're a sexy threesome, aren't they?!

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Capra Maritimus

(no subject)

from: capra_maritimus
date: Apr. 28th, 2007 03:01 am (UTC)

Ooooh, yeah. :D Almost makes me wish vanilla!Billy wasn't quite so vanilla or that Dom and Elijah spy on them LOL!.

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(no subject)

from: msilverstar
date: Apr. 28th, 2007 04:47 am (UTC)

This Billy is the polar opposite of vanilla!Billy, so I think you get your wish ;-)

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(no subject)

from: chaosmanor
date: Apr. 27th, 2007 08:45 am (UTC)

lovely to read an m/m/f, especially one you've contributed to

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(no subject)

from: msilverstar
date: Apr. 27th, 2007 07:46 pm (UTC)

Thanks, I quite like them though there's always the who does what question ;-)

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Capra Maritimus

(no subject)

from: capra_maritimus
date: Apr. 28th, 2007 06:57 am (UTC)

Your icon always makes me laugh. :D

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