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Feb. 4th, 2007 | 04:30 pm
mood: mellow

I've been putting my recs in my del.icio.us/msilverstar account, and finally wrote a script to extract them. So here's about a hundred that I have liked, from last October to now. It's not all the good fic out there by any means -- some fic I just lose track of, some is in tabs and I keep meaning to get back to it, some fic is so good I have a hard time describing it delicious's limited space. Which is to say: more recs to come.

To get them as I post them, use del.icio.us (where you can click on pairing tags, date, rating, etc.) or subscribe to msil_fanfic_rec.

LOTRIPS "Fatalis", by the_drifter (Dom/Billy)
Set in New Zealand, Dom yearns for Billy but can never seem to quite connect. Finally, after almost drowning while surfing, he makes a decision. Sequel is "Sea Change". rating-PG, posted 2003 July

LOTRIPS "Sea Change", by the_drifter (Billy/Dom)
Set in New Zealand -- Billy has patience, everyone knows that. But after Dom almost drowns and pulls away from everyone else, he can't wait. Sequel to "Fatalis", which should be read first. rating-R, posted 2006 Jan

LOTRIPS: "Focus" (AU, series, WIP) by almostnever (Dom/Elijah)
In which Dom is a photographer of kinky fetish items, and Elijah a model. Many other LOTR cast members make fabulous cameos, such as Liv as makeup artist. The dialog is funny and Dom's point of view both clear and hopeful. Great stuff! rating-R, posted 2006 Dec

LOTRIPS: "Pas de Deux", by v-angelique (Dom/Emilie de Ravin)
Dom discovers he likes to watch Emilie en pointe, and she teaches him a bit about ballet -- and then there's smut :-) rating-nc-17, posted 2007 Feb

LOTRIPS: "Spontaneity", by viva_gloria (Viggo/Bean)
Set just after Viggo arrives in New Zealand, this little ficlet is full of lovely images. rating-PG-13, posted 2003 Feb

LOTRIPS: "All of Our Suns the Same", by kiltsandlollies (Dom/Viggo, Dom/Billy)
Set in New Zealand, with Dom flailing a bit because things are rough between him and Billy. Viggo provides both stability and perspective. Lovely sharp images and situations, lyrical writing, wonderful. rating-R, posted 2007 Jan

LOTRIPS: "Let's not go to Camelot, 'tis a silly place", by ripsgirl (Dom/Billy)
Set in New Zealand, full of fabulous banter and silly Python quotes and good hot smut. rating-nc-17, posted 2005 Feb

LOTRIPS: "Smeerkin", by gaiaa (Dom/Billy)
Set in New Zealand, this has a lovely angsty start in which each is horribly uncertain about the other, when a card game and Ian take action to change the dynamic. Very satisfying smut. (POV does change a bit) rating-nc-17, a class =

LOTRIPS: "Another Year Older", by v_angelique (Viggo/Sean, others)
Intriguing ficlet, a meditation on memory and age and love. rating-PG-13, posted 2007 Jan

LOTRIPS: "anyone who'll lie down", by girl_tarte (Dom/Elijah, Dom/Viggo)
Dom's stuck in Los Angeles in the year after filming, unmoored and lost. Viggo's a point of stability, in his own unique way. Lovely contemplative tone, undramatic but intense. rating-R, posted 2006 Dec

LOTRIPS: "Symposium" (AU) by often-adamanta (Ian/Orlando, Orlando/Elijah)
Set in classical Greece, Orlando wins a race and Ian offers him the partner of his choice. Orlando chooses the musician Elijah, who is won over by Orlando's sincerity. Cute smut (which is kindof an amazing concept) ensues. rating-R, posted 2007 Jan

LOTRIPS: "Neighborly" (AU, series, WIP), by almostnever (Dom/Elijah)
Dom's a struggling DJ and language teacher, Elijah's just who moved in next door, who happens to be a vampire (it's an AU, yeah!). Comedy and lust ensues, written so well it's impossible to resist. rating-PG, posted 2005 Nov

LOTRIPS: "Easily Enough", by chevauchee (Miranda/Dom)
Gorgeous unsentimental het. A lovely mosaic of tastes, in and out of bed. And one of my favorite Miranda scenes ever (part of my personal fanon), in which she sings the Fourex beer jingle and provides the flavour of Australia. rating-R, posted 2003 Feb

LOTRIPS: "Being There for Dominic", by trianne (Dom/Elijah)
Dom wants to wallow in the misery of England losing the 2002 World Cup, but Elijah finds a way to comfort him. rating-R, a class =

LOTRIPS: "Ball Control", by trianne (Elijah/Dom)
Elijah contemplates a whole month of Dom submerging himself in the World Cup competition and their discussion leads inevitably to happy smutty sex. rating-R, posted 2004

LOTRIPS: "Those That Can... sequel" (AU), by trianne (Dom/Elijah)
Follow-on to Those That Can, very nice. rating-PG, posted 2007 Jan

LOTRIPS: "Those That Can..." (AU), by trianne (Dom/Elijah)
AU set in a Manchester school, with Elijah as an American newcomer, who is very receptive to Dom's inexperienced but enthusiastic advances. Tri is always fun to read and this is wonderfully cheerfully smutty. rating-nc-17, posted 2003

LOTRIPS: [untitled], by talesinbloom (Elijah/Orlando)
Cute ficlet, with great sexy banter! rating-nc-17, posted 2007 Jan

LOTRIPS: "Troubled Waters", by angiepen (Andy/Orlando)
Andy notices how upset Orlando is about his non-relationship with Bean, and offers some calm philosophy, which leads to bed. Excellent juicy stuff, believable and satisfying. rating-R, posted 2005 Nov

LOTRIPS: "Leavings, Fragments, Balancing", by feelforfaith (Viggo/Dom)
I love the uncertainty of it, the way Viggo's like any one of us, wanting and yearning and not at all sure what's going to happen. And the sex is not zipless perfect smut, but complicated and very much a part of the relationship. rating-R, posted 2006 Dec

LOTRIPS: "Top 5 reasons why Dom can't walk away from Viggo", by girl-tarte (dom/viggo)
Lovely atmospheric snapshots, snarky and smutty, of a relationship that's got a lot going for it. rating-nc-17, posted 2006

LOTRIPS: "Unpredictable Weather" by wynterhawk (Elijah/Orlando)
Set in New Zealand, early in their relationship, this ficlet is as unpredictable as the title. Yay for breaking expectations. rating-R, posted 2006 Dec

LOTRIPS: "Crush", by absolutefiction (Dom/Orlando)
Angsty ficlet in which Dom yearns, Orlando comforts, Billy is oblivious, Elijah is mysterious, there is hard alley sex, and it just works. rating-nc-17, posted 2006 Dec

LOTRIPS: "Every Nerve Like a Firefly", by kiltsandlollies & almaviva (Ian/Dominic)
Smoking hot kinky fic set in New Zealand, wherein Ian and Dominic have a weekend to themselves at a secluded cottage. Dominic wants to learn what Ian has to teach, but it's not easy for him to give over. Between their actions and their thoughts, just fa rating-nc-17, posted 2007 Jan

LOTRIPS: "Mistletoe" (AU), by talesinbloom (Elijah/Orlando)
Set in a Celtic village, Elijah finds the sacred mistletoe at midwinter and chooses Orlando to help him perform the appropriate ritual. Nicely written, and the sex is beautiful and hot. rating-nc-17, posted 2007 Jan

LOTRIPS "Attitude Adjustment", by chaosmanor (Orlando/Elijah)
Orlando's longing for Elijah, and when Dom pushes them together, he takes full advantage of it. rating-NC-17, posted 2006 Dec

LOTRIPS: Hobbledehoy, by apple_pi (Dom/Billy)
Dom is flustered and flailing, about the splinter in his foot and other things, and uncertain of Billy's feelings. A bit angsty and wonderful. rating-PG-13, posted 2006 April

LOTRIPS: "Grounded" (very AU), by baby-razzle (Orlando/Viggo)
Long future AU series (finished) in which Orlando is an outcast in a dystopic society which excises mutations, and Viggo is a doctor plagued by guilt for his small part in the process. Awkward in spots, rough but intriuging. rating-NC-17, posted 2006

LOTRIPS: "The Finger", by dylan_dufresne (Dom/Billy)
12-part series (completed) - a mutual seduction of a very tactile Dom and a rather oral Billy. Very satisfying. posted 2006, rating-R

LOTRIPS: "Cold", by montmorency (Orlando/Elijah)
Orlando and Elijah in a cold mansion, after sex on the rug, tussling a bit for the warmth of the fireplace. Elijah rather has Orlando wrapped around his little finger. rating-R, posted 2006 Dec

LOTRIPS: "Kink", v_angelique (DM/BB, OB/MC, KU/MO, DM/OB, SB/KU, MO/EW, BB/VM)
Ficlet in which Viggo's camera catches various members of the cast having kinky fun. rating-NC-17, posted 2006 Dec

LOTRIPS: "Bigger, longer and uncut", by ripsgirl (Dom/Billy)
Ficlet, Dom & Billy dialog-only, set during the One Ring Celebration. Tangy and perfect! rating-PG-13, posted 2006 Jan

LOTRIPS: "First Kiss #1", by herm42 (Dom/Elijah)
Nice little ficlet, sweet and sparkly. rating-PG, posted 2006 Dec

LOTRIPS: "Breaking With Tradition", by tehpr0n (Dom/Billy)
This is a special little ficlet, Dom waiting outside just *gets* to me here. And I am fond of him topping. rating-R, posted 2006 Dec

LOTRIPS: "The Missing Ingredient", by chaosmanor (Viggo/Orlando)
Gorgeous smutty fluff! Viggo asks Orlando for help making a meal for his upcoming date. The banter as they cook is sweet, and the sex after Orlando figures it out is fabulous. rating-R, posted 2006 Dec

LOTRIPS: "In the Dark", by sophrosyne31 (Elijah/Billy)
Elijah tries, with everything he has, but it's over. Angsty, a little smut but mostly twisty-chest sadness. rating-R, posted 2006 Feb

LOTRIPS: When Next I Ask the Time, by kiltsandlollies (Dom/Billy)
Set in New Zealand, during principal filming, tense and wonderful. It pulled me in hard and fast, I didn't want to let it go, which fits with the story.... rating-PG-13, posted 2006 Dec

LOTRIPS: Playing It Safe (Craig/Marton)
I do like this, Craig nervous and then the dominos tumbling one after another... Marton is gorgeous here. rating-R, posted 2006 Dec

LOTRIPS: "Rhetorical Question", by kyuuketsukirui (Dom, Orlando, Dom/Elijah)
Oh poor Dom, his dreams betray him! All that mooning over Orlando. I like the dialog a lot, it's got a snarky edge that works so well, and I like Elijah finally taking matters (as it were) into his own hands. rating-R, posted 2006 Dec

LOTRIPS: Stainless Steel Christmas (Sean/Viggo)
The dialog in this is fantastic, from teasing to tender and everything in between. I only wish I could write dialog like that! And Richard Taylor, what fun! Warnings for cheerful bondage and a little discipline. rating-NC-17, posted 2006 Dec

LOTRIPS: The Morning After The Night Before, (sean/viggo)
omg omg omg. I don't usually flail like this, but omg wow um, this is GORGEOUS. Sean's inner voice is fabulous, starting off a bit annoyed and ending up enthralled. Their dialog is wonderful and the sex makes me remember why I like first times, makes m rating-R, posted 2006 Dec

LOTRIPS: "Switch (drabble)", by v_angelique (Elijah/Dom)
Perfect cusp, in which Dom's eyes get steely and Elijah switches whole-heartedly. rating-NC-17, posted 2006 Dec

LOTRIPS: "Table Dance", by abandt (Sean Bean/Orlando)
A shared nap under the table, sweet cuddle fic. rating-G, posted 2006 Dec

LOTRIPS: "Hookerverse (AU series)", by talesinbloom (Elijah-Orlando)
Elijah's a slightly compulsive accountant who finds himself obsessed with hooker!Orlando, thrilled by their every encounter, unable to stop hiring him. rating-NC-17, posted 2006

LOTRIPS: "A Leaf From Machiavelli" AU, by suede_scripture (Billy, Orlando, Elijah, Dom)
A prequel to the "Beond the Sea' AU series, Billy is a cruise ship lounge singer who almost falls for the new photographer, Orlando, but is put off by his cynicism. Elijah does fall for him and is hurt, while Billy waits for someone to love. rating-R, posted 2006 Nov

LOTRIPS: "untitled", by algernon-mouse (Dom/Billy)
Dom goes surfing in the morning and remembers New Zealand, feeling raw and bruised, finding peace with Billy, and trying to sort things out for his future with Evi. Beautiful lyrical and thoughtful tone, surfing through memory and love. rating-R, posted 2006 Nov

LOTRIPS : "Seraglio (AU series)" by tarnished raven (Sean Bean/Orlando, Karl/Marton)
Sean as a captive prince, who escapes the castle with help from Orlando and Karl. Despite the title, most of the 15 (so far) chapters are outside the castle, escaping and then plotting to retake his land. Gay boys adventure! rating-G, rating-R, posted 2006 Nov

LOTRIPS: "Betty the Blow-up Doll" by escapist_art (Dom/Billy)
Set in New Zealand, in the trailer, after Billy and Dom's girls go home drunk, which leaves them horny. The tone is rough, almost stumbling, as they keep edging closer. They agree to share the blow-up sex toy, and then no longer need it. rating-R, posted 2006 Nov

LOTRIPS: "Beg Me", by silentdescant (Dom/Billy)
PWP ficlet, a bit of bondage and dombination by Billy. The end really makes it for me, that little click. rating-NC-17, posted 2006 Nov

LOTRIPS: "Lonely", by girloftheq (Miranda/Orlando)
Miranda is lonely, and Orlando is too, going through a bad break-up. There's comfort and then "comfort quota was fulfilled and suddenly spilled over, quite naturally, into sex." Lovely fic, very satisfying on many levels. rating-NC-17, posted 2005 Jan

LOTRIPS: "He Said, She Said", by gabbyhope & cupiscent (Miranda/Elijah)
Elijah doesn't realize how much older Miranda is, and by the time he does, he's aready hooked. And she lets him top. But then word gets out on the set and then the relationship doesn't work any more and they allow it to end. rating-NC-17, posted 2003 April

LOTRIPS: "Teardrop", by azhriaz (Cate/Elijah)
Very much from Cate's point of view, when everyone sees her as Galadriel except Elijah. She invites him to read lines over dinner, and "it’s cobwebs and madness and she does kiss him then." But morality intervenes. rating-PG-13, posted 2003 March

LOTRIPS: "Easily Enough", by chevauchee (Miranda/Dom)
I adore this fic! It's set during filming, Miranda's point of view, about filming and Dom and needing comfort away from home. It's all good, subtle, real and sweet-hot. Includes a great bit where Miranda sings the Fourex (XXXX) beer jingle. rating-R, posted 2003 Feb

LOTRIPS: "Clouds Off the Atlantic", by v_angelique (Viggo/Billy)
What might have happened if Viggo and Billy had taken a week or two of touring western Ireland in 2001 and found their friendship deepening to something more. Delightful. rating-PG-13, posted 2006 Nov

LOTRIPS: "Throw-Away (series)", by muck_a_luck aka brainofck
One of the classic fandom clichés, in which the whole LOTR cast is gay, but this treats it just right, as fun rather than serious. Starting from Sean Bean accidentally sleeping up in the same bed as Elijah and leading to hot mansex everywhere! rating-NC-17, posted 2005 2006

LOTRIPS: "Dark Muse (series)", by muck_a_luck aka brainofck
Very cliché setup: Sean is kidnapped and Viggo is forced to have sex with him to keep him from harm. After the beginning, it becomes more of a mutual thing (including POV changes), and quite readable characters and smut. rating-NC-17, posted 2005

LOTRIPS: "Kinetic-Halcyon-Coalesce", by silentdescant
What Dom and Billy might have been up to while they were doing joint interviews for the LOTR movies, teasing each other, and then, offstage, not teasing any more. Shortish, almost PWP. rating-R, posted 2006 Nov

LOTRIPS: [crackfic], by morebliss
A conscious effort to use all the worst clichés in slash fanfic, so awful it's funny!

LOTRIPS: "Anal Sex", by v_angelique
In a club, Orlando lets Billy, Dom and Elijah talk him into luridly-named drinks. This removes his inhibitions, so he notices how sexy Billy is, and takes action. PWP ficlet with a nifty rare pair. posted 2006 April, rating-R

LOTRIPS: "Desirous", by v_angelique
Drunken PWP, really nicely done. Links to her previous Drunk Series as well. rating-R, posted 2006 Nov

LOTRIPS: "Shutter", by wynterhawk
AU, in which Orlando works in an office, during a heatwave, and all the aircon is down. Elijah's flat provides a cooler refuge, which inspires Orlando bed-wards. Ficlet is a little choppy, POV changes, but it's sweet and nice. posted 2006 October, rating-PG-13

LOTRIPS: "The Way It Is", by dizzydame / lavitanuova
Starts very descriptive and the feelings creep in slowly, and Dom has to open up or the chance will be lost. Set during filming, a little angsty. posted 2006 October, rating-R

LOTRIPS AU: "Trees" by Fishgoat, with Pip of acroamatica, pippinmctaggart, ingve9
Alternate reality, in which Dom and Billy are actors in LOTR, but Dom is also a half-supernatural creature, dealing with a truly complicated family and faerie relations. The essential Dom-and-Billy relationships remains, along with some nice hot smut! posted 2004 2006, rating-NC-17

LOTRIPS: U knows I love U! (by kissing-athelas)
Partly AU, wherein Chav!Dom meets non-AU Elijah and there are some language difficulties, but these are resolved with non-verbal communication. Short and funny. Dialect warning. rating-PG-13, posted 2006 Nov

LOTRIPS: "Somatic", by sophrosyne31
Dom's asleep, but Elijah's awake: UST ensues. Really nicely done interior voice. rating-R, posted 2004 April

LOTRIPS: "Drinking in LA", by sheldrake
Dom and Elijah in LA, both feeling angsty and lost, unable to make the connection they're both wishing for. It's in poetry form, but fear not! no rhyming couplets or overly sincere song lyrics. Just a peek into the heads of lonely boys. rating-PG, posted 2006 October

LOTRIPS: "Billy Boyd and the Risks of Trusting a Monaghan", by suede_scripture
Billy's reactions as he encounters Dom's jokester side, set in New Zealand. Contains memorable cameos by Peter Jackson and Ian McKellan. rating-G, posted 2006 October

LOTRIPS: West (AU, series, WIP) by shaenie, azrhiaz, blythely, chevauchee, lazlet, sparcck, the_drifter, and abundantlyqueer
The best LOTRIPS AU ever. Set in the American West, it's an amazing complicated sad story centering on Billy the cardsharp and Lando (Orlando) as his apprentice, but things go very wrong. It's fantastic writing, detailed and wonderful, makes me cry. rating-nc-17, posted 2004 2006

LOTRIPS: "Crumpet", by Eliyah
Ficlet in which Dom and Ian are secret lovers, though Dom gets jealous. Great style, laconic and blunt: "Ian was a ponce and Dom was a pervert." Fabulous twist at the end. rating-R, posted 2004 Jan

LOTRIPS: "Tithes", by sophrosyne31
Ficlet, Dom runs into Ian McKellan, years after first meeting, and finds he's outgrown his adulation, though the attraction remains. posted 2004 August, rating-PG

LOTRIPS: "Slammed Against the Shower Wall (Damageed-verse AU)", by arabia764 NC17
Multilayered argument fic, neither Elijah nor Orlando can admit they're wrong, but they end up having sizzling-hot shower sex anyway. The twist at the end is great. rating-NC-17, posted 2006 October

LOTRIPS: "Duckling", valerienne
Delightful ficlet in which Ian McKellan notices Don feeling lost when he first comes to New Zealand, and finds his very own way to address that.A truly wonderful Ian. rating-G, posted 2006 Jan

LOTRIPS: "The Guest", by kissing_athelas
Dom POV, in which he hears Elijah come home late and angsts a bit about what he wants. Shortish. rating-PG-13, posted 2006 October

LOTRIPS: "There Are No Women In Softball" AU (very) by telesilla
This is the answer to the timeless question: What if some of our favorite guys were lesbians who all played on the same softball team in Berkeley? Crackity crack crack!fic, and very funny.

LOTRIPS: "A Rogue in Love", by lavitanuova
Set during filming, a wonderful Dom's-eye-view of his friendship with Billy, what goes wrong when they sleep together, and how he makes it right. rating-R, posted 2006 October

LOTRIPS: "Brinksmanship" by anniesj, fitofpique, and circe_tigana
A Billy/Dom classic in which Dom gets into a bar fight and scares the hell out of Billy, which brings them together when they've never quite managed it before. Gorgeously sexy and intense, great dialog and characters and GUHHHH. rating-R, posted 2004 Feb

LOTRIPS: "In Which Billy Boyd Says Stuff", by inbetweens
A classic in the fandom! Everyone loves Billy's accent, to the point where a drunken Elijah offers a blowjob if Billy reads the whole phone book. Elijah's internal and external contortions once he Billy actually starts reading it are screamingly funny a rating-PG-13, posted 2003 May

LOTRIPS: "Something Keeps Turning Us On," by telesilla and padawanhilary
In the Spanish Techno series, toppy Orlando gets an idea at a club and comes home to try it out on Viggo. Excellent smut, as all the stories in this series . rating-NC-17, posted 2006 October

LOTRIPS: "Out of Practice", by ripsgirl
Nice dialog-only ficlet, slightly AU for being set after Billy breaks up with his girlfriend and comes back to Dom. Includes fabulous lines like "It's sex, Billy. Dignity doesn't come into it. I left mine on the floor, over there, with my pants." And Do rating-R, posted 2004 June

LOTRIPS: "Cut!", by trianne
Ficlet in which Peter Jackson and Liev Schreiber discuss a certain actor they've both directed, that being Elijah Wood. A certain one-upsmanship ensues. Slashy if you squint. posted 2006 October, rating-PG-13

LOTRIPS: "The Long Night, part 4", by hyachinth_sky747
Last part of a hurt/comfort series in which Dom gets appendicitis and has to have it removed. The first parts were fine but not great; this part has something more special, a real intensity that grabs me. Also: sex. rating-R, posted 2006 July

LOTRIPS: "Braced for Disaster" (series, WIP), by montmorency
Set during filming, Orlando and Elijah really like each other but are shy about showing it. Nice dialog, characters, and situations, charmingly awkward and imperfect sex. Links at the bottom go to the next chapter. posted 2006, rating-R

LOTRIPS: "Delicate", by hyacinth (locked)
Set during filming, a bit of PWP but with great characterizations and dialog. Full of touseling and tusseling and taking the piss, but underneath, lots of love. rating-R, posted 2006 July

LOTRIPS: "Billy Liar", by minervacat
It's not quite strip poker, and Dom wrote the rules so they're not exactly consistent. Billy finds some memories and makes some choices. Lovely oblique style, great dialog, lovely and satisfying. posted 2005 July, rating-R

LOTRIPS: "Do You Remember The First Time?", by princess_cushla (aka kissing_athelas)
Elijah/Dom awkward first-time fic played as farce, with a perfect Hannah Wood trying to ignore the whole thing. posted 2006 Sept, rating-R

LOTRIPS: "[untitled threesome]", by v_angelique
Gorgeous fragment of Dom/Billy/Emilie di Ravin threesome in bed. posted 2006 Sept,

LOTRIPS: "For a Price (series)", by telesilla
Semi-AU in which Sean Bean is a cynical guy who fixes things during filming, for a price. The price is not money, it's general sexual services. posted 2005 2006,

LOTRIPS: "Reunion, With Ponies", by princessofg
Viggo rides back to his house to see that Karl and Orlando have come for a visit. A wonderful dreamy ficlet, full of quietly upwelling happiness. rating-G, posted 2006 Sept

LOTRIPS: "Careful", by magickalmolly
Short but sweet ficlet, Dom, battered from one last wave while surfing, kisses Billy. rating-PG-13, posted 2006 Sept

LOTRIPS: "Tattoo" by Mametsuki
Semi-AU ficlet, in which Elijah gets a tattoo of a dragon all down his back, and shows it off to friends. Dom 's POV: he surprises himself with the intensity of his reaction and interest. Fresh and nicely tense, a few rough edges but still satisfying. rating-PG, posted 2006 Sept

LOTRIPS: "A Good Morning" - Chapter 1 of ?, by Escapist_Art
First-kiss ficlet, Dom wakes to find that he can't resist Billy's ear and Billy doesn't want him to resist. (Note: the point of view switches between them) rating-PG-13, posted 2006 Sept

LOTRIPS: "These Things and Many More", by feelforfaith
Set during filming in New Zealand, Viggo watches, writes, draws both Dom and Orlando. Great details of what Viggo sees and how he reacts, very evocative. Ending is promising, and there may be more in this arc (I hope!). rating-PG-13, posted 2006 Sept

LOTRIPS: "The Score", by montmorency
Set on the airplane from Wellington, New Zealnd after the ROTK premiere. This one grew on me, I felt so bad for Orlando at first, but the author pulls it all together at the end and it's very satisfying. Lovely dialog and a little closeted-angst. rating-PG, posted 2006 Sept

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Comments {11}


(no subject)

from: almostnever
date: Feb. 5th, 2007 07:50 am (UTC)

Cool, there are lots of things on here that don't look familiar! I'm opening a few in tabs now. :-)

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(no subject)

from: msilverstar
date: Feb. 6th, 2007 04:24 am (UTC)

Glad you like! But tabs! it's all my fault :-(

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(no subject)

from: almostnever
date: Feb. 6th, 2007 04:27 am (UTC)

I bookmarked them and closed the tabs! Hee.

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(no subject)

from: darklocket
date: Feb. 5th, 2007 10:02 pm (UTC)

Wow. V. impressed! Lots I haven't read here and some stories I remember reading years ago *is nostalgic* Thanks for all these.

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(no subject)

from: msilverstar
date: Feb. 6th, 2007 04:26 am (UTC)

Thanks! I thought you were HP-only, nice to know you read Lotrips too. Us reccrers have to stick together :-)

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(no subject)

from: darklocket
date: Feb. 7th, 2007 05:53 pm (UTC)

I used to lurk around the Lotrips/LotR fandom in 2002-03, when there was so much amazing stuff happening, but then I got sort of...distracted...by HP :) It's still nice to catch up on what's been going on.

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(no subject)

from: msilverstar
date: Feb. 10th, 2007 06:11 pm (UTC)

I just got started in 2003, but for some reason, I'm apparently a one-fandom person. C'est la vie.

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Doro A

(no subject)

from: too_shy
date: Feb. 5th, 2007 10:10 pm (UTC)

Oh, lovely, thank you!

Reading your descriptions has been a lovely experience in itself :)



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(no subject)

from: msilverstar
date: Feb. 6th, 2007 04:30 am (UTC)

I do love to share :-) There's more at http://del.icio.us/msilverstar!

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(no subject)

from: peachy_penumbra
date: Feb. 7th, 2007 10:26 pm (UTC)


Did I ever add you to my network or tell you that I'm on there? Well, if not, polyglotte85. *nods* Tis me. There be recs. Though not nearly as many as there need to be, and will be once I'm back to reliable internet on my own computer.

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(no subject)

from: msilverstar
date: Feb. 10th, 2007 06:14 pm (UTC)

cool! *adds to network*

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