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um, guess I did write some this year


A slashababy backup ficlet: Triangle (Miranda/Cate/Karl, mild BDSM)

Two Billy/Viggo drabbles: Half Fling and Cockaleekie Soup

A Viggo and not Elijah drabble: Hands Off

A long Dom/Christine Astin fic written with nienor_niniel: Walking Backwards (mild bondage).

Sable Knot RPG (set in AU Edwardian England)

Orlando and Sir John wherein Orlando has a Bath and discovers more of the Pleasure of Giving Pleasure
Sir John takes Orlando to the Opera where they have an Unpleasant Encounter but find Ways to Console Themselves
Orlando chats with J. Hartnett, a Most Awkward Conversation

HKVerse Shared Universe

Miranda returns to HK with a surprise for Mark

Establishment RPG

Billy Boyd

Pretty much all in the Rachel/Billy Masterlist (they got married and are living happily and smuttily ever after)

Kinky AU - in which Billy is kinky and dominant and is having a lovely time with sub!Rachel

Miranda Otto

Playing in Public with Miranda Vega
Meeting friends at the bar
Falling into bed with Scott Speedman
More bondage and mild kink with Scott
This time, in a bed (with Scott)
Kinky day with Scott, part 1
Kinky day with Scott, part 2
Kinky day with Scott, part 3
Contemplating Scott
Phone sex and a little light topping with Scott
Reunion with Scott
Interesting chat with Vin Diesel
Phone sex with Scott
Touch by proxy, with Scott
Scott's flying visit
Scott's visit - the last night
Playing with control, with Scott
Scott tells Miranda about Eric
Odd ducks: Miranda has sex with Ralph Fiennes
Trying to work things out with Scott
Miranda cries on Sean Bean's shoulder
Miranda sleeps with Sean
A very public breakup (Miranda and Scott argue in public)

Alan Cumming
(as in RL, Alan did two stage plays this year: Threepenny Opera in New York in the spring and Bent in London in the fall. Both got mixed reviews :-/)

Flattrey and Fucking: scene with Christina
Alex's Birthday Flogging
Scene with Brian Molko
Subverting solemnity with Alex
Subbing to Carlos
After the Concert, with Alex
A little friendly bondage, with Neil Patrick Harris
Fun with Natalie Portman in Las Vegas
Chat with Natalie in London

Happy New Year, everyone! See you on the flip side

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