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fic: Walking Backwards (3/3, DM/CA, NC-17)

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Jun. 10th, 2006 | 05:22 pm
mood: refreshed

Title: Walking Backwards (part 3 of 3)
Author: msilverstar and nienor__niniel
Pairing: Dom Monaghan / Christine Astin
Rating: NC-17, mild bondage
Summary: Dom loves challenges, Christine is intrigued
Disclaimer: Not true: we made it up
Feedback: Yes, please
Previous: part 1, part 2

Back in the room, Christine finds Sean dead to the world, sprawled out across the pillow with his cell phone on the table. She slips into the bathroom without a sound and ducks under the shower, rinsing off the worst of the sand and just generally getting cleaned up. Her suitcase lies open on the vanity, and after she pats herself dry, she rummages in it, picking up just a few little things here and there-- she had braved the security scans far enough to toss in leather cuffs and a set of nipple clamps, at least, plus some nice slinky lingerie-- a red babydoll silk nightie that suits her shape without clinging too closely. She puts it on and bundles a blouse and a pair of shorts under her arm, just in case Sean gets up before she can get back in here. Finishing, she runs a brush through her hair and sets off to Dom's room, closing the door so softly it barely whispers behind her.

Dom has showered, (thinking of Chris's tits), tidied his bedroom (thinking of her mouth, like a bloody hoover), and wrote a note or two in his journal (about her mum-to-nympho personality change). He changes clothes twice, ending up stripping bare and sitting in his bed, wondering if she'll show up. If she doesn't, he'll have to have a wank.

She hesitates at his door, which is slightly ajar, and sees him sitting in his bed, his chest bare. She takes a moment to look, fluffing her hair. He looks thoughtful, more so than expected, and she finds herself smiling a little; she's taken him by surprise. Whichever way this next scene goes, she figures it's going to be good. She tucks a condom into the top of her babydoll and pushes the door open, slinking in with her best rolling walk, and stops with her head tilted, smiling at him.

Whistling, Dom grins back. She's sending out waves of sex, from the way she's dressed to the way she walks. Whatever game she wants to play, he suspects it will be a lot of fun. "Welcome, gorgeous," he purrs. "I'm at your service."

Christine smiles, letting her clothes drop on a convenient chair; the cuffs dangle from her hand. "Who wants to try these on?" she purrs. "Your headboard looks perfect, and these are leather-- they won't scratch." She smiles, letting the the mischief show. "Wouldn't you like to lie back and watch me ride?"

Dom didn't expect her to take him up on his invitation quite like that. Though given that she's brought the cuffs, it seems more like her invitation. God, the sight of her in red silk and lace makes his cock twitch -- he's just a bit disappointed it's not leather. He stretches out, giving her a good look at him, puts his arms up, and says "As my lady wishes."

Christine chuckles, loving the sight of his lean body stretched out, sheet riding low on his hips. She strolls over and catches his wrist, expertly cuffing it, then catching its mate, making sure he gets a good look at her as she bends over him. When he's fastened there, she stands back, smiling a little, and then twitches the sheet away, leaving him exposed, pleased by the sight of his cock-- already waking up after their last round.

Swallowing hard, Dom watches her move. He's regretting letting her cuff him already, as he'd love to touch her, trace her curves, and slide her outfit off. He stretches again, showing off for her. "C'mon over here, get close."

She lets her smile sink deeper, and steps back instead, reading his desire in his eyes. Slowly she runs her palms over herself-- breasts and hips and waist, making the red silk rustle. "You make me wish I'd brought something in latex-- or leather. I have a corset at home, and thigh boots with high heels." She smiles, and pinches her nipples, sighing with luxuriant pleasure. She lets her hand stray between her thighs, resting there, a deliberate tease. After a moment she steps near him, near enough that he could wrap his arm around her and pull her onto him-- if he weren't bound. She reaches out and runs her fingernails lightly down from his collarbone to his navel, watching his reaction.

"Corset, yeah..." Dom hums with pleasure at the the image. He likes watching her, likes the way she touches herself. Such a lush, womanly body. Makes his mouth water a bit. If he wanted... but not yet, no. "Gonna play with me?" he asks, half-glib and half-yearning, "what do you plan to do with me?"

She looks at him through her lashes, letting power touch a smile to the corners of her mouth. "Oh, I'm not sure yet." She walks next to him and trails her fingertips from the place where his pulse pounds in the hollow of his throat, around his nipple and down his belly, where she doesn't quite touch his cock, which is filling for her. "If you had more experience, I might try a little candle wax." She touches his nipple again, and lets her fingers close, pinching lightly. "But for you?" She leans in and kisses him lightly, teasing at his lips for just a moment with her tongue before she pulls back. "Ice, I think. And maybe these." She holds up the nipple clamps she brought. "I'll wear them, if you don't like them."

Her hands are amazing, strong and soft at the same time. He pushes into them, kisses her back, asking for more with his body. "I'm not a kid, I've had experience," Dom answers, stung that she thinks he can't take whatever she dishes out. He has played with nipple clips before, mostly on girls, but he's tried them. "I like them fine," he challenges her with his tone and his gaze.

She smiles down at him, pleased with how easy he is, and considers. She rakes her nails back up along his belly, slow and a little harder now. "That's good," she says, letting her amusement sparkle in her voice, and then she leans down to test him at his word, letting her hair spill over his belly. She laps at his nipple, then suckles, bringing it to attention so that she can nip at it. She looks up to his face when she catches it firmly between her teeth, tugging a little. Her hand finds his cock and gives it a slow stroke, enough to mix pleasure with the pain and confuse the sensations in his mind.

Dom moans, feeling his abs ripple between her fingernails and her hair. This is fucking great. She's playing with him, and all he can do (almost) is take it. Her teeth on his nipple catch him by surprise, and he has to suppress an 'ow' but her hand distracts him nicely. He tucks his chin in and bends his neck, an awkward angle yeah, but he can kiss her head, nuzzle her hair a little.

Christine runs her free hand along his ribs, not letting up the pressure, testing him. She squeezes his cock a little tighter and speeds her stroke; his lean skin tastes different from Sean's, sharper somehow, and he hasn't got nearly as much hair. She releases his nipple for just a moment to kiss it, then turns her head a little takes it between her teeth again, running her thumb over the tip of his cock, playing with the loose skin there-- that's different from Sean, too. She decides it's time to get the clips on him, so she pulls her mouth away and puts the first one on, setting it tight enough to hold, but not tight enough to hurt like her mouth did, and then settles her lips over the other nipple, bringing it erect and clipping it quickly, smiling up through the ragged curtain of her hair at Dom, watching his face for his reaction.

At her mercy goes through Dom's mind as she plays with him, touches his cock. It's sexy and frightening at the same time. He moans a little more, pushes into her hand, rocks his hips. The nipple clips are weird, like having someone pinch him for longer than he's ever felt before. He can't stop feeling it, can't quite concentrate on anything else. "I like the way you play," he says, "bring your tits over here so I can get at them." It's half a plea and half an order, but his mouth is watering for her tits, half-hidden under the silk.

Christine smiles and gets both knees on the bed, and then lifts one over him, so she's sitting over his belly. "But I want to suck your cock," she says reasonably. "And your balls. And anything else I can get my mouth on." She smiles at him, tossing her hair back. "Don't you want that?" She wriggles down till she's seated over his cock, the gown between it and her, and then she settles, rocking a little.

"No hurry," Dom says, trying to keep his voice from squeaking. His nipples feel strange -- he gets used to the pressure from the clips when he's still, but every time he moves, he gets a jolt to the chest that goes way down into his cock. "Plenty of time," he offers, cos he fucked her once this evening already and he can afford to take his time now.

"I'll do it," she murmurs breathily, toying with the clips, tweaking the pressure up very slightly. "But you have to agree to do something for me, if I'm going to do that for you." She leans down and licks at the hollow of his throat. "Will you?"

Dom tries to keep still, but she's doing things to him that make that bloody near impossible. "What do I do?" he asks, a bit suspiciously. He's not desperate, so remembers to ask. Then a thought occurs to him: "Bring your c... pussy up here and I'll eat you out."

She smiles; he is quick. "Exactly what I had in mind," she purrs. "Eventually. But I suppose we can rearrange the order of things. I wouldn't want to wear you out-- at least, not before I'm ready to sleep." She wriggles back and leans forward, arranging herself so that her breasts are over his face, and slowly leans down so that the stubble on his cheeks scratches the inner curves.

She's so close Dom can't see anything but skin. Gorgeous titty skin, yeah. He closes his eyes and opens his mouth, mouthing the silk in front of him. "All right to mess up your naughty nightie?" he asks, figuring she's the one with the hands free.

"Show me how determined you are," she purrs in return, bracing on either side of his face and gently swaying, rubbing against his cock. "Then maybe, if you want it enough, I'll help you."

Turns out Dom can shrug his shoulders while tied up. All right then. He turns his head to one side and uses his mouth and teeth to work his way through silk to skin, along towards her nipple. He likes this, feeling her body above his. He pushes his hips up, rubbing against her, enjoying it all.

She smiles and purrs, pushing down against his hips and grinding leisurely; she sneaks her hands between them and tweaks the clips a little while he's occupied, rolling the rubber rings up just a little closer to his nipples to tighten them. His teeth feel good through the silk, a velvet-skinned roughness, and she's definitely looking forward to getting better acquainted with his tongue. She wishes she could tell him to bite harder, but she doesn't want to leave bruises to explain to Sean-- and she has to wear a bathing suit tomorrow, so she lets him take it easy, purring encouragement and writhing against him till one strap falls off her shoulder, and the gown works its way off her breast.

Dom uses his nose and mouth to push the fabric down, and then takes her nipple full in his mouth. He tongues it, plays with it, feeling her reactions in her body, learning how she likes it. Every moan moves through her, so he can feel it where she's touching him on his belly, his cock, his legs. "Taste so good, wanna eat you up."

Christine runs her nails lightly along his chest, mindful of the need to keep from marking him. Irresistible force, immovable object, she thinks, and laughs, realizing she isn't sure which of them is which. She wriggles luxuriantly down so that she can catch his mouth and kiss him, her dark hair falling around his face. She teases his tongue with hers, thinking in the back of her mind about how things have gone this evening-- he isn't into the cerebral part of sex, that much is for certain. He wants her to lose herself the way he seems to. She lifts her head and looks at him, thoughtful. Well, she wanted a break from Sean, didn't she?

"That's very nice," she breathes, and licks his tongue, slow and hot. Then she raises herself and moves up his body, dragging her heat against his skin and watching his face as she goes.

She's thinking too hard, he can tell, and he wants to make her stop that and just enjoy. If he had his arms free, he'd swing her around and lick her till she screamed. "Nice," he scoffs. "Nice is bubblegum. In that outfit, you're far too sexy to be nice." He pushes his body against her, taking the sensations he can get. "You're hot and spicy."

"And you're impatient," she breathes. But it's clear being strapped down isn't turning him on, so she smiles wickedly down at him. Hell, she's this far into it-- what would it hurt to let him take over? It's not like Sean, where she has to keep her bluff in to keep him interested. She fumbles on the bedtable, then reaches to unclip each of the cuffs. "OK, hotshot." She dares him with her smile, curling her fingers into the leather cuffs and bringing his hands to her, then clipping them together and sliding inside the circle. "Show me how you want it."

He lets her move him around, amused and ready for whatever she wants next. And with arms full of hot woman, it's fucking bliss for Dom. He dives for her neck, mouth reaching for the sensitive spots he's found there before, and rubs his body against hers at the same time. "Sexy, you...." He trails down towards a tit, mouth aching to be filled with her nipple and flesh, to drag moans from her.

Christine purrs, rubbing herself against him like a cat in heat. The rough stubble of his beard is different from Sean's; longer and less abrasive. She likes the coarse feel of it against her nipples, and she drags them against his face as she squirms, whimpering a little. Sometime when Sean is gone and Dom's in California, she's got to get him to come over and give it to her nice and rough. Maybe she'll let him tie her up. Maybe she'll let him bring a friend or two. She moans as he moves down her body, her thighs opening to cradle him.

"Fuck, yeah," Dom leans into her and breathes deep, aroused by her smell. He sucks one of her nipples, feels her respond, and sucks harder. God, who knew Christine was this kind of woman? His cock twitches happily, and he slides his hands, still cuffed, down her back to squeeze her arse. No sand to worry about now, bed has its advantages.

Christine arches her back, pressing against his mouth, and cradles his head in her hands. She can feel his cock, full and urgent, jutting into her, and she likes that-- likes the sense of power, even if it's only power to give pleasure. "Do it, yes..." she hisses, sliding her fingers through his tousled hair.

He'd answer with something cheeky but his mouth is full of tit so he just sucks harder, and teases her nipple with his tongue. Bad idea to leave a bruise, so he nibbles his way across to the other side and teases round her nipple until she gets quite impatient. His hands are ranging across her arse, pinching the sexy curves and sliding into her crack. He'd love to have her for a week, fuck her up one side and down the other, and the thought makes him harder and hotter than ever.

Impatient with her nightgown, which has fallen and half-tangled her arms in the straps, Christine struggles with it, impatient and wanting it out of her way. Her toes are tingling the way they do when things are *really* good; by the time she gets the gown off and throws it, not caring where it goes, she's gasping for breath. She makes little urgent cries, throttled deep in her throat, that welcome his hands and beg for his mouth to close over her nipple. She's getting good friction rubbing against him, but it isn't enough; she wants to know what he can do with his wicked tongue.

Dom uses his teeth and tongue on her breast, reveling in each twitch and moan, backing off only when she pushes him away. He heaves a breath, starved for oxygen, and blows onto the wet place on her chest, giggling a little at her shriek. "Bloody sexy," he says, and dives back in, just for a bit, before he moves down towards her cunt.

Christine guides his head, just to remind him he's not entirely in charge, moaning and getting up on her knees so he can slide his body between her thighs. She likes the cold feel of the metal on the cuffs and chain against her back and her ass; she likes looking down between her breasts and over her belly and seeing Dom's stormy, smoky eyes staring up at her, challenging her. She likes knowing that he's going to have to open her up with his tongue. She reaches for her breasts, rubbing them, pinching her nipples, and letting him watch. They're still slick and wet from his mouth, and she shudders at the sensation of his breath on her belly.

When Christine plays with her tits, it's the hottest thing Dom's seen since his first porno, and he thinks he might bloody explode. If his hands were free, she'd be on her back with her legs wide open before she knew it, but he can't, not all tied up like this. It's like being her boytoy. He growls at her, nips at her stomach, and slides down into her cunt with no finesse, just pure hunger.

She cries out as he works his way in, his tongue leading; she fumbles to help him, all her plans forgotten in her haste-- it's a lot more urgent to have his tongue in the right place than it is to play headgames. She has to force herself not to grind down against him before he's ready, but the feel of his tongue is sending lightning up and down her spine. She cries out again, unable to bite it back. "Fuck," she gasps, shuddering against him. His tongue lashes against her, swift and knowing. "Oh, fuck, yes." She digs her nails into the bedding and hangs on for dear life,

Dom's triumphant, hugely pleased that he's made her lose control. He angles back for a breath and leans in again. She drives him mad, he wants to make her come so hard she screams. He uses uses everything he knows: tongue and lips and teeth on her swollen clit.

It's too soon after the last time to come fast, but she's ultra-sensitive, and he really knows what he's doing. He's not as slow and solicitous as Sean; there's a tease of teeth just barely sheathed behind his lips and tongue. Her toes curl, and she can feel herself starting to sweat; if she didn't know Sean was passed out, she'd be terrified he could hear. She can't hold the cries in, short and sharp, urgent, torn out of her with each deft stab of Dom's tongue.

She's close, Dom can tell, and it's fucking frustrating that he can't seem to make her come. He changes tactics, pulls back and licks along her lips, tongue-fucks her for a while. When he gets back to her clit, she'll appreciate it so much more.

Christine gasps and moans as his tongue dips deep; it's not bringing her any closer to getting off, but she loves it when a guy really likes what he's doing and isn't afraid to go for it and get good and messy. "Please," she moans, writhing and feeling her nails scratch along the smooth cotton sheets. "Oh, please." She bites her lip hard, whimpering, but the words are already out.

Yes, Dom exults in hearing her beg, after she'd reduced him to a puddle before. He pulls back a little and attacks her clit again, teasing at first and then more seriously.

Christine clutches the pillow, then loses her balance and slowly topples forward onto it; he seemed to be waiting for that, because he's working her for real, now. The change in position doesn't hurt things, either. Christine buries her face deep in the pillow and shrieks; the fluffy pillow half-suffocates her, and that drives the pleasure deeper, sending it radiating out through her whole body. She shudders, lifts her head for a gulp of air, and then buries her face, shrieking again as he finds just the spot and molten fire explodes, surging through her again and again, interminable and glorious, leaving her throat raw and ragged.

Dom laps at her gently, bringing her down slowly. He's quite pleased with himself, even smug. But the air's teasing his cock, and he wonders what he'll have to do to get off, if she'll just sit on him and ride him, or make him do something more.

Christine struggles to get her breath back, shuddering through the aftershocks, gentled by the softness of his tongue. That was fucking good, but she knows now that she's got to top it-- as soon as she can scrape her brains off the walls and pour them back into her head, then shake some order into them again.

"Holy fuck," she murmurs, and tugs at him, bringing him up to cuddle. His cock is hard, drilling at her thigh. "You're something else, aren't you?" She leans in and delicately laps at his face, liking the taste and the scent of herself mingled with the masculine tang of his sweat.

She's gorgeous like this, all damp and unselfconsciously satisfied. Her comment makes him snort, cos he's certainly not Sean. Before he gets too distracted though, he gives her a big smacking kiss and says, "Get moving, woman, don't tease me any longer." If something doesn't happen soon, his balls will explode, or he'll rub against her like a lad.

Christine raises an eyebrow; an order like that is more like a challenge. She reaches for his arms, running her hands along them sensually, and smiles. "Put your arms over your head," she says softly. "Then I'll see what I can do." She lets her smile sink deep, loving how wicked it feels. She's spotted the decorative knob at the center of his headboard, and if she can finesse him for just a moment longer, she'll have him right where she wants him.

Dom grins and puts his hands up, showing off his biceps and his toned chest. "Yeah, babe, ride me," he purrs, still smug at bringing her off like that. He can picture it, her on top of him, arching and bowing. Though not as much fun if he can't touch her, can't hold her tits or play with her nipples.

Christine deftly hooks the chain between Dom's cuffs over the headboard and smiles down at him. "I haven't even had a good look at you yet," she purrs, and leans in for a slow kiss with lots of tongue. "I think it's about time I got one." She leaves his mouth and slides down along his chest, kissing and nipping as she goes, liking the feel of his skin between her teeth. He's tightly muscled and lean; his hipbones are sharp. She mouths softly at his navel and nuzzles her nose through the coarse hair there, heading straight for his cock-- but she has a surprise or two in mind for him yet. She lifts it in her hand for a slow, sensual stroke, examining the tight-straining skin; he's not cut, and she hasn't seen many of these up close.

Enjoying the attention, Dom leans back and closes his eyes. He feels thoroughly exposed, more naked than naked, as she explores his body. "Like what you see?" he asks, trying for a casual voice.

Christine quirks a smile at him, and feels it touching her eyes. She curls her hand around his cock, sliding the loose skin about the tip. "Sean's cut," she says simply, but her eyes caress his flat, taut-muscled belly. "And he's built a lot different than you." She doesn't mean to insult Sean-- she loves him-- but he is different. He's a big cuddly teddy bear, but Dom? Dom's more like a race-horse, built for speed and endurance in the homestretch. "He's sturdy, and Elijah's fragile, and you? You're wiry." She strokes his cock slowly, and wets her lips with her tongue.

Dom did not need to think about the others right now. Truly, it takes a bit out of the moment. Even though Chris seems fine with it, and Sean was pontificating about open marriage and sex and everything. But that doesn't mean he wants it in bed with them. Especially Lij, quite unexpected. He covers with, "All that time in the gym and the best I get is 'wiry'?" but he can't keep from deflating a little.

She can sense that she's said the wrong thing-- and she knows this is why she's Sean's wife, not married to someone like Dom. She decides to revert to the kind of communication she and Dom seem to manage best; actions speak better than words, it would seem. "And sexy as hell," she finishes briefly, then puts her mouth to better use, licking softly around the head of his cock and teasing at the slit with her tongue.

"That's better," Dom says, trying to concentrate on her mouth. And it's a bloody fantastic mouth, not the least bit shy. She plays him like a flute, far more boldly than the girls he's been shagging. Her tongue is like a snake, far longer than it seems it should be, and teases him in all the best ways.

Christine has to remember not to lose herself doing this; Dom's easy for her, compared to Sean, who's more than a mouthful, and she gets to really show off the artistry she's developed. But she wants to shake him up a little, so after a couple of minutes, she pulls off and gives him a wicked grin, then gets her hands behind his knees. "Lift up for me," she coaxes softly, dropping a kiss on the tip of his cock.

The fuck? Dom misses her mouth immediately, pushes up into her kiss. He's not entirely sure what she plans, and if he'll like it, but she has him by the balls, literally. He lifts his hips and arse, and asks, "Like that?"

Christine purrs approval, nuzzling down to his balls, and props his legs up so she can get at them properly. "Perfect," she murmurs huskily, and mouths very gently at his balls, getting a feel for how sensitive he is and being sure not to hurt him. "You look hot like this," she purrs, turning aside to kiss and nip at his inner thigh, shielding her teeth behind her lips. "I could eat you up."

Dom moans, "Oh yeah." She's amazing, fantastic, fucking brilliant. He rocks helplessly, his cock thrusting into nothing but air. He's sweating hard now, hands grabbing at the chains, nipples sore in a good way.

Christine smiles, and turns back to his balls, softly sucking at the loose skin, letting her tongue slip out to cradle the weight of the sac. She purrs, humming deep in her throat, and then gently takes one inside her mouth, then the other. She strokes her hands up the backs of his thighs, enjoying the quiver of his muscles as she lets him go, then kisses and nuzzles some more, enjoying his musky scent. "Lift higher," she murmurs.

Not quite sure where she's going with this, Dom obeys with a little a shiver. She's kinkier than he ever expected and now he really wonders about Sean. Do they fuck like this every night? Is she on top or him, or do they switch off? His mind flickers through a porno of various possibilities and they're all very hot. His cock is lonely though, and he tries to decide what's the best approach. "Fucking hot," he murmurs, "want you to touch my cock."

"Be patient," she chuckles, and presses a kiss to the flat spot behind his balls, tickling them with her nose. She needs both hands right now to open him up, and she does, then darts in fast before he can panic, swirling her tongue around the opening without warning, just as hot and wet and nasty as she can make it.

Dom yelps, "Fuck!" as his brain wraps round the idea. She is licking his arse and it's... weird but hot. Or hot but weird. Or something. He's not sure and he finds himself jerking like a caught fish. Not that he hasn't had it up the arse, 'cos he has, twice, both times with a bit more warning, a lot more alcohol, and a fuckload of lube. But her mouth... He can feel his brain fizzing like bacon in a pan. "God, please, touch me, my cock," he begs, cos really, he can't handle this without a little help.

Christine is settled, so she takes mercy on him and wraps his cock up in her hand, stroking him deftly, with just a little twist at the top. She focuses on that, swirling her tongue slowly, giving him some time to settle and get used to things.

That's better, Dom can relax and let himself feel it, really feel it. Still weird -- and he's glad he's not had beans tonight -- but kinky-good. Not like he can do anything about it, being tied up and all. He wonders if she'll want him to do it to her, later. Though he'd have better things to do, if she's helpless.

Christine takes her time, keeping track of how tense he is, watching out for the tell-tale signs that he's getting close. She waits for him to relax and enjoy what she's doing, wondering if he'll ease up enough to take a finger while she sucks him off. She teases at the opening a little harder, watching to see how he reacts, keeping up a firm steady stroking on his cock.

Dom sinks into the sensation, rocking gently forward into her hand and backward into her mouth. The motion nudges the nipple clips and he gasps, "Oh yeah, bloody amazing." She's like an orgy all by herself.

Christine smiles, and adds a little bit of fingertip to the tease of her tongue; she can feel him tensing, and she figures it won't take too much longer now. "That's it," she murmurs, with a final lick. "Relax."

Dom thinks she's bonkers, he can't possibly relax when she's doing all that to him. It's fantastic, but not relaxing. He wants her mouth on his cock, but he can't figure out how to convince her. Still, he's not in a huge hurry at the moment.

Christine rearranges herself, her finger taking the place of her mouth, and draws a long slow line down his cock with her tongue. Just as slowly, she traces the vein back up, and then fits her mouth over the tip. She sinks down inch by inch, all the way, until his coarse hair brushes the tip of her nose, and rises up as slowly, pressing and petting with her finger. He isn't any more tense for it than he was for her tongue. "You taste good," she purrs as she pulls off, and gently blows a stream of air over the gleaming tip.

She's the devil incarnate, she's a succubus who knows how to drive him mad. Her mouth and hand this way are beyond pleasure, blowing his mind. "Please," he whispers when she pulls off and teases with her breath, "Don't stop!"

She smiles and settles in for the long haul, working her finger in with patient, subtle skill, and sets the slowest rhythm she can manage, sucking hard and sinking down, then holding him in her throat for three long, undulating swallows, then back up ever so slightly faster, to swirl her tongue around the tip and push back down, fucking her mouth and her throat with him. She can feel herself getting wet again just listening to the rasp of his breath and feeling the restless shifting of his body under her.

So she didn't quite stop, but she's still bloody teasing. Her mouth is slow pleasure and her finger's filling his arse, making him shiver and shake in the most peculiar way. Dom tries to speed it up, rock into her mouth faster, to get more of what he needs so much.

Christine is patient, speeding up a little, if not quite as much as he wants. She's looking for something, her finger gently pressing inside him. She swirls her tongue and sinks again, swallowing and rising up, patient and steady, until she feels a warm, hard spot under her finger, and he shivers. Success. Christine presses lightly, and moves faster, tightening the suction and leaving out the leisurely tongue-work.

Dom loses it then, the sensations fore and aft overwhelming him, like a wave he hadn't seen. "Fuck, oh bloody fuck!" he yells, pumping into her mouth as he comes uncontrollably. It's amazing, great, almost painfully good, the hardest he's come in ages. He can see why people might get addicted to this.

Christine can feel it starting, maybe even before he does, and she rides it out, pulling off just in time to let him send a last spurt across her face. She milks him gently as he comes down, sliding her finger out, then licks the bitter, salty fluid off the tip of his cock, so that he can watch.

"So good," Dom pants, watching her, wishing he could touch her. He wonders if she wants him to get her off again -- he probably could, though he's a bit tired. He tries to unhook his arms off the bedstead, then asks, "Get me off of here, will ya?"

Christine quickly finds the key on the bedtable and uncuffs him, then snuggles down to nuzzle at his neck, her head on his shoulder. "Sleepy?" she breathes. "I can go now, or I can go when the sun comes up. Your call."

Dom considers it, and says, "Better get back to Sean, don't want him to notice you're gone." He grins and tweaks a nipple, "Now I know why he holds on to you, he's a lucky bastard." If Dom had met someone like Chris, he might have settled down ages ago.

Christine gives him a sweet smile and lifts herself out of bed, luxuriant, stretching a bit and gathering her things. "I'm glad you think so." She lets her voice dip low, and looks through her lashes at him. "Maybe you'll continue being a lucky bastard, too, if you play your cards right." She gives him a wink and lets him watch her hips sway as she walks out. She's pleased with the results of her experiment, and as she steps into her own room, she finds Sean there, snoring peacefully. She steps into the bathroom and turns the shower on hot for a bath before she joins him. She's looking forward to the future rather more than she has in some time.

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Comments {7}

Not a Ninja

(no subject)

from: unstealthy
date: Jun. 11th, 2006 11:51 am (UTC)

Just read all three parts of this - it's not a pairing I'd normally read, but cos it's you...

Really enjoyed it! Sexy and fun and very hot. Nice work!

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(no subject)

from: msilverstar
date: Jun. 16th, 2006 03:45 am (UTC)

thanks so much! It's not a pairing I (or anyone else normally writes ;-)

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kinda into that Colin Morgan guy

(no subject)

from: rodneyscat
date: Jun. 12th, 2006 07:47 am (UTC)

I liked this a lot! I especially like things like when Christine says 'If you had more experience...', that annoyed me, and then you let Dom be stung by that too, which makes him a bit more bold to let her try those clamps on him, and having a bit of an 'uhoh...' feeling about what she does to him (the 'at her mercy' thought). I love the experimenting mood, the way they try out how to work this, saying the wrong thing and then recovering.

Thank you!

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(no subject)

from: msilverstar
date: Jun. 16th, 2006 03:46 am (UTC)

thank you! it was fun to write, to get into that snarky horndog mindset :-)

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(no subject)

from: beizy
date: Jun. 18th, 2006 07:53 pm (UTC)

omg. I remember back when Cara was telling me you guys were writing this and I was so excited. It's hot as hell and I adore this pairing. I don't know what it is.

I'd love some on-the-set-of-LotR Christine/Dom, someday.

Fantastic stuff!

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(no subject)

from: msilverstar
date: Jun. 21st, 2006 04:56 am (UTC)

Thank you! I will think about on-the-set and see what comes out.

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(no subject)

from: unbrokenmuse
date: Jun. 24th, 2006 07:01 am (UTC)

Very,very hot. Well done. I really appreciated the representation of Christine in these. Voluptuous, sexy, open-minded, experienced. Dom is indeed a lucky bastard and seemingly appreciative too! Thanks and I found this via rodneyscat so thanks goes out to her as well.

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