July 5th, 2009

medieval bunny

webcomic recs for kidlet?

I'm looking for webcomic recommendations for my kidlet (she's now 9, she was 3 when I got sucked into fandom, wow). She has read and liked Get Medieval, Gunnerkrigg Court, and the Order of the Stick so far. She likes silliness, puns and adventures. Also, minimal angst and violence; and young sympathetic characters are always good. Thanks in advance from both of us!

PS I've been reccing a bit lately, Lotrips and otherwise, are at delicious.com/msilverstar
they say

Berkeley Moot, July 12

After various calamities, I want to see people! So: local (or visiting) fans are invited to come and be social at my house on Sunday, July 12, 1-6 p.m.

My house is in Berkeley (send email to ms at msilverstar.com if you need directions). There's plenty of parking, and it's one flat mile from BART, or we can pick you up.

Please come, bring your lovely selves and if possible, a little something snackish to share. RSVPs are good, including "maybe", but are not necessary.