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I am so far behind!

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Sep. 23rd, 2005 | 11:14 pm
mood: okay
music: viggo on letterman

I am way behind on commenting and reccing and life. Still love you all but yikes! Don't be surprised to get late late comments from me cos there are things I need to say, but also don't be surprised if I'm not commenting where you think I might.

ETA: Viggo on Charlie Rose and Letterman: both fabulous interviews in different ways! Viggo was my intro to Lotrips and fandom, and I still adore him!

LOST writer funny description of the Emmys

"She's a Christian but a pottymouth" according to Dom. Evangeline in Rolling Stone, cover article and photoshoot notes

Neil Gaiman is on tour (scroll down) and will be in my area two days when I'm busy -- high school Back To School Night and we really have to talk to the teachers, and then it's the opening night of the Serenity movie. Argh!

Everyone go to see Serenity! Rent the Firefly DVDs if you want to because this is really good stuff and worth supporting.

When will I get to see Everything Is Illuminated and Constant Gardener and Green Street Hooligans and History of Violence? I'm so not a movie person, but I want to see most of those. Who wants to go with me?

Fascinating post Are We Storytellers or Cathartic Writers? [...waits while you go read it] Like most people, I'm some of both: I don't just write for myself, everything is inspired by a desire to share the story. But my stories tend to be full of things that are important to me to say. . And I love that other people are interested. So. Some of both.

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from: stewardess
date: Sep. 24th, 2005 03:51 pm (UTC)

Cathartic vs. storytelling was an interesting read. I don't agree with the categories, though, because I don't agree that cathartic writing has no audience. I consider myself an audience. *g*

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