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rec: mirabile_dictu's "Sea Change"

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Aug. 7th, 2005 | 06:20 pm
music: Buena Vista Social Club

REC: Sea Change by mirabile_dictu. Set during principal photography, Billy/Dom, NC-17 (I missed it when it was posted because I was on a trip, happy that beizy reminded me about it).

Nothing they said or did was meaningless, even the most absurd banter and ridiculous antics.

This story is fabulous and deft, as the point of view gets juggled around the central event of the story: Dom in a dress. Sean Astin, Ian, Viggo, Elijah, John Rhys Davies, Orlando, Dom and Billy: everyone has their own voice, and they're all fascinating, and the end is enormously satisfying. Full of love, as all Mirable_Dictu's stories are.

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