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lotrips recs (mostly hobbits in various combinations)

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Jul. 26th, 2005 | 08:34 pm

Art Cannot Be Tamed (by mirabile_dictu; set in 2033; Billy and memory; PG-13). Beautiful meditation on the richness of memory and the power of love. Perfect images lighten the tone so it's more thoughtful than angsty.

Unspoken (by apple_pi; set during filming; Billy/Dom; PG-15). Lovely tangy dialog and sweet without excess schmoop.

In Which There Are Two Unwatched Movies... (by glass_moment and lavitanuova; set during filming; Dom/Billy; R). Nice flashback, sweet self-doubt and tentative hopes, and Dom's slow realization that there's something sexual between them, with a little added misunderstanding here and there. Also omg Billy's foot fetish and the way Dom gets into it, and the wanking and guh!

See-saw (by valerienne; set in Hawaii and LA, 2005; Dom/Billy, PG-13). It's put together perfectly, each element in place, necessary. Francine and all. The story builds subtly, and the tension ebbs and flows, but mostly builds until Dom and the reader can't stand it.

A Breath You Can Afford To Waste (by kiltsandlollies; set in 2004 just before Lost; Dom/Billy, PG). This is haunting. Full of regret and hope and fabulous dialog. Wonderfully elliptical, with just enough explanation to sympathise. Amazing strong characters drawn with such economical strokes.

Done It Before (by flipmontigirl; time and place unknown; Elijah/OFC, NC-17). Slashy het, good smut. And love. And trust. Lovely combination.

A short guide to benefits of organisation (by cupiscent; set during filming; Karl/Miranda, PG-13). Lovely elliptical story, punctuated by dialog and Karl's attempts to understand what's going on. A strong, interesting, self-possessed Miranda, so much fun to read.

Classics (aka good stories I missed recommending before)

Sugarcoated (by inbetweens, set during filming, Elijah/Orlando, NC-17). Older story but fabulous, a great meditation on cross-dressing, desire, and what happens when fantasies come true. Angsty but wonderful.

Brinkmanship (by anniesj, fitofpique, and circe_tigana; set during filming; Billy/Dom, NC-17). He can feel Dom's proximity like an itch on his skin, like a breathy hum along his nerve endings. Old but fabulous, gorgeous angst and hope and tension and blistering heat, not so much the sex (though that's fabulous), but the personalities and the bond between them.

Boy's Night In part 1, part 2, part 3. As complete as it's gonna be. (by mirith, set during filming, Elijah/Dom/Billy, NC-17). Scortching-hot threesome, bondage, foreskins, begging, shower!sex, bath!sex, omg, reading this again makes me very squirmy in the best of ways.

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Still learning to be me

(no subject)

from: canciona
date: Jul. 27th, 2005 04:14 am (UTC)

Brinksmanship is one of my all-time favorite monaboyds. There's a line in it that still gives me happy shivers every time.

Miri did promise more (2 more parts, in fact), but she's been away an awful long time. Still, stranger things have happened.

Great recs all around, as usual. I love to see the classics get new readers. :)

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(no subject)

from: msilverstar
date: Jul. 27th, 2005 05:44 am (UTC)


I rec whatever I like. I figure people will or won't follow my taste, but better to say than to be silent.

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