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recs: AUs and series, some WIPs

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Jul. 13th, 2005 | 12:16 am


Fun and Games - complete. (by azewewish; set during filming; Dom/Karl/Orlando; NC-17). One of the original very-dommy-Karl series, recently revised and significantly tightened. Dom and Orlando have a friendly rivalry going when Dom falls, hard, for Karl, who reciprocates his feelings in a deeply intense relationship. But Orlando keeps objecting...

AUs Series (mostly WIPs)

peter_and_fran (start with Peter and Fran, part 1a and keep going). AU with the actors in a strange rock-folk-art band. Viggo, Dom, Elijah, Billy, Orlando (+ Eric Bana), Liv, Sean Bean, Sean Astin, Ian, Sala, and mooooooore. WIP. It's weird and amazing and very very funny. I can't explain, just, read it!

st_catherines (start with St. Catherine's, part 1 and keep going.) By jubilancy and oneangrykate, AU; set in Montreal; Dom, Elijah, Orlando, Peter, Fran, Billy, Ian, Viggo, Miranda, and others, NC-17, WIP). Gritty, unpretty, fairly desperate hustlers rather than 'rent-boys', fascinating, sweet, and scary.

Material World (by telesilla and darkrosetiger; AU, set in LA; Orlando/Sean Bean; NC-17 with some BDSM elements, WIP). Orlando as a high-class whore, with cameos by many actors as clients and friends. Nice strong situations, hot sex, interesting characters, yum.

_unsound (start with Unsound I and keep going). By shaenie and traveller; set in LA now; Billy, Johnny Depp, NC-17 for violence so far. Bill is a dirty cop / security expert for various mobsters, Johnny is a weird bad guy, so far they're just fencing with words, but wow. So much fun to read!

Guerdon. (By chaosmanor; AU set now in Los Angeles; Viggo/Orlando; NC-17, some het (yay!) WIP). Viggo is an English teacher and lives like a modern-day hippie. Orlando is an earth-spirit who lives in Griffith Park -- it's better than it sounds :-) They meet, like each other, and decide to walk to the mountains. I'm enjoying the ride so very much!

AU PotC series
Mayflower (by viva_gloria; modern day setting; Orlando/Jack, Elizabeth/James; R - complete) A lovely story, full of place and personality and hope and happiness.

AU HP series
Corridors of Power (by blythely; set in 2005 London; Draco/Harry, PG to NC-17; complete). Lovely snarky series, a fabulous mix of HP slashfic and The West Wing, with Draco as a libertarian Tory, Harry as a LibDem (I think), and both young men with hidden depths. Current events and sex, what a delightful combination!

(note: recs tags are now working. have fun!)

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(no subject)

from: kaige68
date: Jul. 13th, 2005 09:01 am (UTC)

You are so good to us. Thanks.

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the night is a very dark time for me

(no subject)

from: olivia_ramirez
date: Jul. 13th, 2005 09:02 am (UTC)

Thanks for the recs. The st_catherines AU looks particularly interesting.

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(no subject)

from: oneangrykate
date: Jul. 13th, 2005 05:34 pm (UTC)

Thank you! *warm and fuzzy*

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