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recs on the run

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Apr. 19th, 2005 | 11:25 pm

I should be doing my remix, but noooo, i'm reading smut. And fandom is making me happy tonight. So I'll share.

The Right Fit part 1, part 2, part 3 complete (by salixbabylon; Orlando/Viggo; set spring 2005; NC-17). Very strong Orlando POV, set after Orlando and Kate broke up, a very satisfying take on what is generally a terribly clichéd situation.

Debauched (by freedomfry; Sean Bean/Orlando; set in spring 2005, R). Oddly enough, another take on the Orlando / Kate breakup. I like the guys very much, they way they take the piss but also take care of each other. Nice crisp banter, and the pause where they decide if they want to sleep together is poignant and sweet. Matter-of-fact tone avoids annoying melodrama and tells a good story.

Constellations (by pinn2480; Dom/Viggo; set in LA after principal photography; R). A snapshot of a relationship that's realistic and right.

To Catch a Thief AU, 20 part series (by apple_pi and sparkythehamstr; Billy/Dom; PG-13 to NC-17). A mystery series, set in England, with Billy as a former police officer and private investigator, Dom as an art thief. It's nicely done, full of banter and classic caper elements, and using LOTR cast in various supporting roles. Fun!

Drouble of Wrongness crackfic (by mordelhin, Elijah/Hagrid; AU?; Rish) The pairing says it all. Blame trianne.

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