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some of what i've been writing lately

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Apr. 18th, 2005 | 10:53 pm
music: (aka the est!Mir masterlist)

I've been doing a lot of collaborative writing this last year or so.

Most of it is in the Establishment Role Playing Game which takes place in and around an underground, international organization devoted to bdsm culture. The characters are for the most part kinky celebrities, including LOTR actors Viggo, Sean, Dom, Elijah, my vanilla Billy, Orlando... and others like Jude Law, Ewan MacGregor, Keanu Reeves, Liam Neeson, etc. It's highly unlikely but also a lot of fun, and some of the writing is just incredible. So are many of the writers, who've become close friends.

I brought Miranda Otto in as a free agent, not attached to anyone else, to play through the process of learning about BDSM. It's one of my kinks, not so much first-times as OMG I like this? and so I wanted to take it slow and easy. Luckily, some of my favorite writers in the game were interested as well, and have been very patient with me as a writer, and with my character's slightly neurotic angst about the whole thing.

In est!Verse, Miranda was married to Peter O'Brien (NPCd), but he turned out to be a ratbastard who wanted her to give up her acting and take care of him. So in June of 2004, she left Australia and went to Los Angeles to concentrate on her career. The very first night, she met Leo DiCaprio in the hotel bar, but they did not get along.

Luckily, she got back in touch with Viggo, and spendt some time with him at his house and hiking at the beach. She escaped hotels when Orlando offered her use of his flat. They became a little closer than is usual with flatmates: for example, Orlando gave Miranda a helping hand one evening.

A tabloid report of their initial conflict brought an apology from Leo and then a rather confusing dinner.

Meanwhile, Miranda met Tom Hardy on a blind date set up by their respective mothers and they got along famously until they didn't. Miranda freaked out about Tom's being in an open relationship and called Viggo himself for reassurance, which worked pretty well. Talking to Orli the next morning helped too. She cooked dinner for Tom the next night and things went rather better.

Miranda's mum got sick, so she had to go back to Australia though she did ring Tom at least once. On her return to LA, he picked her up at the airport and they had a nice reunion. The next morning Miranda discoverd that she likes it when Tom held her down her during sex. Dinner with Viggo and Tom together clarified the form of the relationship a bit. Miranda and Tom also dabble in bondage with scarves, and Miranda received some helpful advice from Orli.

While dating Tom, Miranda was also seeing Leo, including some interesting experimentation with topping him (with his enthusiastic help). She rang him later, from London later on, and they had phonesex. What she didn't know is that while she was having fun with them separately, Tom and Leo were having a feud, angry sex, and then something more far more intense and intimate.

Also in the summer, Miranda met her future cast-mate, Carrie-Anne (CA) Moss for a lovely lunch. When she arrived London in early September, she had a very friendly and quite eye-opening dinner with Carrie-Anne, Liam and Jason. Later in the month, Miranda and CA had an evening of mild bondage and hot sex.

Side note, Miranda met Billy Boyd at a costume party in London and they got along beautifully, until Miranda panicked and left. She rang Orli to find out more about Billy, in particular, and learned that he was single and vanilla. Dom, having heard from Billy, rang her up encouraged her to ring Billy. Unwritten: Mir and Billy had a lovely couple of days (and nights) before she went off to Prague. But there was a key misunderstanding in which he reminded her of her ex-husband Peter, and she threw him out of her flat.

Having found out that Karl was in Prague from the wedding invitation, Miranda had an enlightening dinner with him and learned more about kink than she expected. She freaked out a little bit more and talked to CA about it (not posted). Then she had an awkward phonecall with Elijah about Karl and Stuart, but felt better knowing she was not the only one who has a hard time talking about it.

Miranda invited Leo to Karl and Stuart's wedding, to take his mind of his stressful love life, and they cuddled a bit (not written). She ended up a bit too near the public sex at the late reception and felt quite uncomfortable (in the reception log). The evening before the wedding, she rang Tom and tried to cheer him up, same with lunch the next week, not realising that he was angsting about Leo.

For her birthday (December 16), Miranda got flowers, bracelets and wrist/ankle cuffs from Carrie-Anne, pretty sheets and things from Tom and a book about kinky sex from Dom and Elijah. Also a pair of bondage gloves from Carrie-Anne for Christmas. A certain trend seemed to be emerging.

Miranda went back to Australia to see her parents during the holidays and take a break. While there, she finally found out about Leo and Tom, and felt a major pang: they were so into each other that they'd not really any space for her, and it didn't seem fair to lose both at once.

In the New Year, she went back to LA to shoot her scenes in War of the Worlds with Spielberg: her part was not huge but will be a nice showcase. While there, she met up with CA and they had fun with the bondage gloves.

After some location shooting for her film, she and CA went to Hawaii for a holiday and what they hoped would be a gentle introduction to the Est for Miranda at a girl's night out. CA was feeling her pregnancy, so Miranda went alone, and found that it involved quite heavy S&M, which freaked Miranda out. Over lunch the next week, she talked about it with Dom, which reassured her enormously, and they agreed to try an experiment (not yet posted) . Miranda went with Leo to the Oscars, where they talked about her growing interest in kink and joining the Establishment proper.

After a trip back to Australia to help her mum through surgery, Miranda stopped in LA to do some more pickups for War of the Worlds. A somewhat distressing encounter with Joseph Fiennes convinced her to do the paperwork to join the Establishment, where she hopes to meet less annoying men (little does she know that he's an Est member).

And that's where she is now. I have some things going on but who knows how they'll come out?

One of the best things about this kind of RPG writing is the surprises, how one character reacts to another and where they go. I couldn't write both sides (Billy and Miranda) but am very much enjoying playing off other people: caroming in strange directions and trying to express what this pup should do when confronted with unexpected events. It's addictive!

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