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slashababy favorites!!!

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Jan. 8th, 2005 | 05:14 pm
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My personal favorites from slashababy, posted at the slashababy web site. These and other great fic made all the work worthwhile. Thanks to all the participants, especially the ones who were on time and the backups!

Good with Words (by epicanthus, Viggo/Karl, Billy/Dom, set during principal photography, R). Oh my, it's wonderful, and reading it again makes it even better. It is so careful with the first person, it has Viggo's voice but doesn't overuse it. The phone sex thing with Billy and with Dom is incredible and then to slide into the seduction of Karl is fabulous. The language and the images and the sounds just drag me in and I love it.

SC 383 765 [LJ versions part 1 and part 2] (by kraken_wakes, Bean / Billy, set in summer 2004, NC-17 in the best possible way). Fabulous hawt slow build-up, alternating points of view with great voices for both of them, so much UST at first that the reader almost explodes and then, yesssssss, lovely smut interspersed with charming dialog.

Billy snickered. “Finished having a crisis?” he asked.

Sean shrugged. “I’ll probably have another one in the morning,” he said. “How about you?”

Billy moved a bit closer. “It’s a sort of ongoing thing which I’m ignoring,” he said and brushed his lips across Sean’s collarbone.

“Jesus,” Sean hissed as Billy kissed and licked his way up Sean’s neck to his mouth.

So satisfying, wowza.

btw, according to the author, "The title is the (more or less) exact Ordinance Survey (which is the British standard) grid reference for the Sefton Hotel in Douglas on the Isle of Man. "

Consequence Free, and on LJ (by ipso__facto, Billy/Dom, Dom/Elijah, set in Hawaii & Glasgow, December 2004, R). Billy-POV very thoughtful angst, totally twisty-chest but deeply satisfying in its way.

A Bit of Rough (by telesilla, Karl/Orlando/Dom, set during filming, NC-17). Very sexy story in which Dom and Orlando invite Karl to join them in bed for "a bit of rough". Enough characterization to matter, enough smut to be very very hawt.

Beneficial (by kiltsandlollies, Billy / Viggo, set during filming, R/NC-17). Elliptical and sexy, makes my almost-OTP work so very well.

Fever Pitch (or, five things that never happened to Sheffield United) (by sparcck, Sean Bean / Dom, set during filming and Sept. 2004, R). Great Sean voice, great Dom smartassitude, so much emotion and sex implied. *adores*

Siva (by anatsuno, Elijah / Viggo, set around 2004, NC-17). Rimming is so entirely, not the least bit, at all one of my kinks. anatsuno finds a way to make it work for me, to incorporate the squickiness as part of the story, to draw me in along with Elijah. It's wonderful.

Calling His Bluff (by tripping_sin, Billy / Dom, NC-17, set after filming, NC-17). The dynamic is intense and yearning, and there's more than it seems at first glance, with some unspoken history that gives the characters, especially Billy, a vital depth. There are some awkward bits (I'm always skeptical of formerly-straight men wanting buttsex right away) but the sex is hawt and the personalities make the story satisfying.

The Story So Far (by almaviva, Billy/Dom, during filming, NC-17). Any story in which a previously straight guy tries gay sex has to be extraordinarily good for me to like it. And this one is. Billy's interior voice is excellent and all the dialog is wonderful -- imperfectly human and funny and very domandbilly. Also the sex is nicely done, feels loving rather than rote. Made a little glow in me.

Since We've No Place To Go (by frisbyg, Dom, Billy, Elijah, Viggo; set in Hawaii, PG) Frothy little thing that satisfies my need for them to be dear friends at the very least.

Subject To Change (by inbetweens, Sean Bean / Viggo, set during filming, NC-17). Funny, hot, intimate Sean POV makes the Viggo exception to the "Rules of Manly Touching and Bonding" quite believable.

The Inward Morning (by azrhiaz, Dom / Viggo, set around 2004, R). Just a satisfying little vignette with handjob.

Cartes Postales (by crazybutsound, AU, Dom Elijah Orli, PG). The mix of pictures and text is very effective at telling the story, even though the photos aren't specific illustrations. It's a good story, Dom's interior voice is true and touching.

A Series of Social Occasions (by 2am_optimism, Viggo/Dom, PG-13, during filming). Intimate peek into a Viggo who misunderstands both himself and Dom. I love unmelodramatic angst, and this does it wonderfully: no grand gestures, just moments missed and words not said. Twisty-chest, with a satisfyingly hopeful ending.

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sunny muffin of delight

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from: frisbyg
date: Jan. 9th, 2005 06:05 pm (UTC)

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Do I have monkeys in my face?

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from: ipso__facto
date: Jan. 11th, 2005 09:37 pm (UTC)

Ooer! Thank you for the rec! *blushes*

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