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Mid november Lotrips fic recs

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Nov. 20th, 2004 | 03:28 pm
music: The Proclaimers - Born Innocent

Plantar Fasciitis (My feet are killing me…) (by heartofslash Orlando/Viggo, hard R) This rec especially for mcee! Oldie but goodie (and nicely spicy) -- set during filming, it reminds me that VigOrli fic can be lovely.

Kissing God (Billy/Dom/Viggo, set during 2000, NC-17 by bybartle_by) and its remix (continuation) Proof Positive (Billy/Dom, sometime in 2000, NC-17, by tehpr0n). The first is a moody atmospheric drug-sex-photography piece that effectively switches point-of-view (which usually annoys the hell out of me). The second is more technically conventional, Billy's hope and fear mixed together until they it seems they can't possibly be separated -- and then a very satisfying resolution.

Voices by apple_pi (And all her other stories as well! They're great :-) )
Part 1 (Billy POV, set in 2001, NC-17) In which Dom rings Billy and shows his prowess at phonesex; Part 2 - (Dom POV, later 2001, R) In which Dom, Billy and Elijah go clubbing, get drunk, eat and disclose a little more.; Part 3 (wandering POV [but it works], next morning, R) In which there is lovely hot sex: "All right then, Dommeh. I am not a woman, I am a man, and as such, I am horny all the fucking time, and when I am horny, I want to fucking come, and right now I am horny with you, and if you do not--" push-- "hurry--" hiproll-- "the fuck up--" thrust-- "I am going to have to kill you."; Part 4 (Billy's POV, same day, R) A little Billy-confusion-angst, some hawt talk and an unexpected visitor; Part 5 (Dom's POV, same day, NC-17) They go to a party and then go home. Gorgeously mindblowingly hot smut. Fabulous. And the tenderness makes it special, not just fucking but loving. Oh yeah.

Resolution (Billy POV, G, set mid 2004 by teawith). Billy visits Dom in Hawaii. Lovely, quiet, melancholy but hopeful, full of unspoken feelings and ambiguity and friendship and love. With a cameo by a lizard.

Ginger Hair (Dom/Billy (POV wanders), NC-17, no particular time period, by sideshowkat) the good kind of smut -- yes indeed. Friendship and lust can go together so well :-)

There's A Man in A Smiling Bag (Elijah (POV)/Dom, Dom/Billy, set approx. early 2004, nc-17 by the_larch). Fabulous angst, longing Elijah, not usually my favorite genre but it works so well here. It makes me all teary.

The List (Miranda POV / Dom, 2000, R/NC-17, by perianella. The antagonism at first is classic but still fresh and realistic. And his hands... omg I want his hands. Shows how good het can be, it's not inherently bad: just usually written that way.

Soonest Mended (John Rhys Davies (POV) / Dom, in the the Establishment RPG verse, set during 2000, NC-17, by almostnever) BDSM warning. It's hard to imagine this pairing, and maybe I'm far too deep into the Est guys, but Ces has done it and so very well.

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