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hkverse update

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Nov. 12th, 2004 | 07:06 pm

In this AU, Miranda Otto is a travel writer, written by msilverstar, Mark Lutz is a photographer, written by zillah975 and Mark Vincent (Vin) is written by telesilla. The characters meet in Hong Kong, and get along from the start. It's quite not an RPG, but we are writing collaboratively without a whole lot of structure.

Part 1, in which our hero and heroine meet and embark upon a one-night stand. (NC-17)

and a follow-up, in which they discuss Mark's living arrangements and answer the question, "Who's Vin?" (PG-13)

Part 2, in which the one-night stand turns into a morning non-birthday spanking. (NC-17)

Part 3, a stand-alone interlude in which our heroine can't concentrate for thinking of our hero. (PG-13)

Part 4, in which our hero talks to his lover, our heroine decides she likes giving our hero control, they cook and eat together, there is defiance, bondage, paddling and mutually satisfying sex. (NC-17)

Part 5 (new!), in which our hero and heroine go out and then go back in. A bit of light D/s, and sex of course. (NC-17)

We love feedback, and het stories get very little. Be kind and, please, tell us if you read this and like it.

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