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WIP meme, all Lotrips

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Nov. 6th, 2004 | 05:53 pm
music: kidlet and her grandparents cooking dinner (am lucky, I know)

Some are almost finished and some are still in pieces on the floor. It's been useful going through them though. I wish could write better, there are stories that I just can't encompass.

Solo Fics

for airgiodslv's Remixathon

Sean Astin is drawing on the table with the condensation from his beer, his nice cold American beer, requested specially at the bar. Sean looks tired; really, he looks like he's about to fall over. Sean has been careful to place himself between Billy and the other two ever since the blow-up. When he answers Orli -- "Why not just leave it alone?" -- he is really talking to the others.

dom and billy do a play together:

Beckoned, the two of them walk back on stage, hands clasped and held high. They meet the other actors in the middle, turning to bow at the standing audience. The noise thrums through their bodies, buoying them on waves of excitement.

part of my billy/viggo backstory:

"I know, sometimes it just sucks rocks," Billy agreed. They silently contemplated the disadvantages of being short and in love.


Dom starts to pull away, so it's a surprise when Karl moves into his hands. "Thank you for steering me right, Dom," Karl murmurs, flexing just a little. A thrill runs through Dom at this very unexpected signal.

Dom in "The Purifiers"

Richard's voice is droning on and Dominic tries to tune back in. All he catches is "... tutorial tomorrow morning here at the set." Fuck, it is like the Headmaster again, new boy in Manchester, still thinking half in German. And now, remedial kung fu. Javwol, Herr Direktor. Dominic grits his teeth, puts on his professional persona (flavor: suave), and makes the arrangements with Chris for a not-too-early meeting. But the bad taste lingers.

Five things that never happened to Viggo

Orlando's beaming like a proud parent as Viggo flashes his eyes, flings back his wrists and chews the scenery.


Lawrence thinks he's paid too much for his fun. "Just being *collected* like that? 's that why you look like shit in the mornings?"

Viggo & Orlando

"Who's been messing with my Dom?" Orlando asks, looking sterner and older, no longer a sex kitten but a man.

Miranda epic

At break time, Dom leers at her and asks "Want to join the boy's club?" a little too loud, she laughs but she manages to get his arm twisted behind his back -- the self-defence class is already useful -- and whispers "Don't fuck this up for me, or I'll have your guts for garters."

Hmmmm, I notice that almost all of them have tons of Dom involved. I wouldn't have guessed!

RPG tags in progress

est!Miranda dinner with Orlando

She's feeling a bit shy, but this is Orli who couldn't stop talking when they were plastered in New Zealand. "I've been experimenting, not quite your way, I don't think." Miranda's mouth is dry, because talking about this is ever so much harder than doing it. "But! I told L... this one one bloke, to take off his clothes and oh, god, it was hot when he did that."

est!Miranda phonecall with Leo Di Caprio

That gets her attention. "Did you have something... creative... in mind?" and it comes out in a bit of a purr. This could be fun, ever so much better than whinging.

est!Miranda & Carrie-Anne Moss

How could Miranda be scared of a girl who says 'yummy'? The fear is draining out of her body, replaced by a lovely shivery warmth. Being held by the cuffs and Carrie-Anne's kiss and hands in her hair -- it's all so decadent and sexy. Miranda kisses back with wanton energy, and moans a little when they stop to breathe.

est!Billy & est!Miranda (odd to be writing both sides)

He runs a finger down her bare neck, smiling as she shivers and sighs. "You've a lovely line to your neck," he murmurs, "should wear your hair up more often."

HK!Verse Miranda & Mark Lutz

It isn't until she's reaching around to unzip her dress that Miranda realizes he's ordering and she's obeying. She's shocked, more at how easy and right it feels than anything else. Blushing, she wishes her hair was down so she could hide behind it, and decides to take it down as part of the show. Because if she's going to strip for him, she'll make it good.

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(no subject)

from: hanarobi
date: Nov. 6th, 2004 08:08 pm (UTC)

Cool. I've actually read a fair number of these, at one stage or another. Now if you will just finish them and let everyone else read them... (not that I have any room to talk, having just looked over my WIPs and they are large in number and cold as winter. Doubt any will see the light of day as a completed work. Alas.)

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