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thoughts about the next four years

I can't leave the country. I have a mortgage and t'husband's job and kids in school and family here and way too much invested (emotionally) to leave.

I won't leave the country. I love the United States of America: I love the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the system of checks and balances, the ideals of democracy, the populist streak of our history, separation of Church and State, public schools, public libraries, the opportunities for poor and immigrant people to find success.

These are the things that are likely to happen with Bush as president and Republicans controlling the Congress:
  • a serious effort to pass a constitutional amendment outlawing gay marriage
  • a Supreme Court likely to overturn abortion rights and consumer rights and civil rights
  • lots more oil drilling, mining and road-building in current wilderness areas
  • dirtier air, water and land. fewer cleanups. global warming.
  • breaking the Social Security system by putting money into the stock market
  • degrading the public school systems, then paying for private schools
  • no increase in the minimum wage
  • corporations running roughshod over the general public
  • a worsening the health-care crisis despite huge profits for health insurance and drug companies
  • tax cuts for the wealthy (including me but I don't want it)
  • bogging down in Iraq -- very reminiscent of Vietnam
  • yet more inappropriate and incompetent use of military power
  • isolation in foreign policy

Some Neo-Conservatives have admitted that what they really want is a very small government, like before the Depression, and that they'll do everything they can to roll back the Great Society programs like welfare, food stamps, medicare and social security. And, OF COURSE, any enforcement of equal rights for women, minorities, disabled, gays, religious minorities, etc.

I predict that it will be pretty bad. It was bad when Nixon tried to control the media and wanted to round up the liberals and radicals. It was bad when Reagan wanted to go back to the movie-1950s when everything was traditional and only we had The Bomb. We lived through it, but it was bad. I intend to work hard against this agenda by spending money, time and effort in groups like the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, peace groups and the Sierra Club. But I don't expect to enjoy it.
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