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FIC: AU HKVerse 1.5 Miranda Otto/Mark Lutz; later that first night

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Oct. 24th, 2004 | 11:57 am

Fandom: Actorslash, Alternate Universe (Hong Kong-verse)
Pairing: Mark Lutz / Miranda Otto
Authors: zillah975 & msilverstar
Rating: PG
Summary: Minor revelations about Vin
Disclaimer: Not true: we made it up
Series: (Hong Kong -verse, really AU) Miranda's a travel writer, Mark's a photographer, they meet in Hong Kong, and get along from the start.
Feedback: Please! And constructive criticism of all kinds. Anyone who knows Hong Kong and wants to correct us, we'd love that.
Archive: Generally OK, but notification required - send email to archive at msilverstar dot com.
Notes: We wanted to collaborate on writing kinky sex. So we decided to start with two characters from an RPG and send them off into an AU. We're enjoying it so far.

Miranda rouses to find herself lying on Mark on the floor. This is all quite surprising, she almost never has adventures like this, and she's bloody well enjoying it. Mark's face is still now, and it's fascinating to look at. She'd been so taken by his expressions that she'd not noticed how handsome he is.

He's got a lovely jawline, and she's looking forward to feeling that wide clever mouth on her body again. She strokes his eyebrows and smoothes his hair back over his ears, which she suspects gave him some upset when he was younger, they do stick out so. He's long and lean and far more fit than most blokes his age. She hums in appreciation.

Mark takes her hand as he opens his eyes, grins at her and brings her fingers to his lips. "Ready to move yet?" he murmurs. "Got a nice big two or three person shower if you feel like taking advantage of it. Or letting me take advantage of you in it," he adds with a teasing little waggle of his eyebrows.

"Shower sounds good-oh," Miranda likes the feeling of his hand on hers, but she's a bit stiff, so she leans back and stretches, loosening her arms and back. She looks around, wondering where the dunny is as well.

Sitting up with a little groan, Mark chuckles softly as he stands. He's still half-dressed, had never managed to bother getting his jeans off and had barely pulled them back up over his hips before they'd dozed off. He straightens himself up a bit, then reaches down to help Miranda to her feet, nodding towards the master bedroom. "Bathroom's through there, if you want uh, a little privacy. I'll get us something to drink and join you in a few. You want water, club soda, juice...?"

Cold water would be lovely," Miranda gives him a grateful smile. She wanders through the bedroom, noticing that while it's very masculine, Mark's either got a wide range of personal styles, or a male flatmate.

Mark putters around in the kitchen for several minutes, wanting to give Miranda time to do any girl things that she'd prefer not to have an audience for. He also wants a few moments to gather himself in case she asks the obvious question about why he's got two kinds of shaving cream, two kinds of soap, two kinds of aftershave, and with a little wince he remembers that Vin's bathrobe is hanging next to his on the hook behind the door.

"Well, nothing for it now," he murmurs to himself, pouring the water, and heading back towards the bedroom.

Miranda's smelling a bit wiffy, so she has a pee, cleans up and then steps into the lovely large shower. "Two or three person" makes her wonder though.

The shower's already running when Mark comes in with the water, and he leans in the doorway of the open stall, watching Miranda under the spray from the big silver showerhead. There are three others below it, and a waterfall head above, none running, and Miranda's skin is almost luminous in the light that filters through the glass brick wall, reflects off the pale grey slate of the stall. He clears his throat.

Miranda jumps a bit, then recognizes Mark's silhouette. She leans back, says, "Um, hello again," and waits to see what will happen next.

Offering her one of the water glasses, Mark grins. "Didn't mean to startle you," he says.

Stepping back in the shower, Miranda takes the glass gratefully and drinks it all in one go. All that panting made her too dry.

Mark chuckles and offers her the other glass. "I uh, can get more."

"It's all right, I was just thirsty, I guess." Miranda looks hard at him, wondering what she's gotten herself into this time, what he'll do next. It's a bit odd to be in someone else's shower like this. "I should be done here in a mo."

"I thought I'd join you, if that's all right," Mark says.

Miranda feels a slow smile come over her, "Come up and... see me sometime..." she purrs, in her best Mae West imitation.

That's all the invitation Mark needs, and he takes another long swallow of water and sets it on the counter, wasting no time in stripping down and stepping into the shower with Miranda. "You look good all wet," he says, sliding his arms around her waist and backing them up under the water.

"Mmmm, you feel good, all slippery like this." Miranda lets herself be maneuvered, relaxing in Mark's strong arms.

Unsurprisingly, Mark's already more than half hard, and he kisses her under the spray, running his hands over her ass and sqeezing gently, a sudden image of what that ass'd look like pink and hot from a spanking instead of the shower. Another quick grin and he reaches for the soap. "You're all clean and nice-smelling," he says. "I should probably join you in that state before I get you all sticky again."

As there are two kinds of soap, Miranda joins in happily, washing some of his less intimate bits. She's not sure what he's proposing in terms of getting all sticky again but she's fairly amenable to whatever he wants.

Mark likes the way it feels, Miranda's hands moving over him, soapy and slick, and it's tempting just to lean back and let her do the whole job, but he doesn't want to spook her. Soon enough they're both clean, and Mark reaches for one of the soft towels from the rack, pulling Miranda out of the spray and wrapping her up in it before he reaches over to shut off the water. "Don't want you getting cold," he says, tugging her close for a kiss.

Oh this is nice, Miranda feels cherished and cared for. His kiss is sweet more than demanding and she likes it, and him, more and more each minute. He does have a truly beautiful body, tall and lean and nicely muscled.

"So what do you think?" Mark asks with a little smile. "I could make us something to eat, if you're hungry, or we could just crash -- bed's really comfy, and you've not even been in it yet."

She's not sure whether to be pleased he wants her to stay or annoyed that he's taking her for granted. She's not the least bit hungry, though. "Maybe just a little more to drink? Something sweet?"

"Sure thing, gorgeous," Mark says, grabbing a second towel and twisting it around his waist. "C'mon -- you've got your pick," he goes on, taking her hand and tugging her gently up next to him as he heads towards the kitchen. "We've got soda, about five kinds of juice, I could make you cocoa, or tea -- what sounds good?"

"Juice and soda?" Miranda's feeling a bit shy, "and tell me a little about the situation here? I can tell you don't live alone."

Mark nods, leading her into the kitchen. "Absolutely," he says, pulling out a tall barstool for her if she wants to sit. "Um, orange juice, grapefruit juice, grape juice, apple juice, or cranberry juice?" he asks, reaching for a glass. "Or some combination?"

"Cranberry and soda water, please." Miranda says, grateful for a little bit of North America right now.

"Cranberry and soda it is," Mark says, turning to the fridge. "And the living arrangements," he goes on as he gets out the bottles. "It's, uh -- I live here with a guy named Mark Vincent," he begins, setting the bottles down and going for ice. "Everyone calls him Vin. I met him in Toronto a few years ago. He's got an import-export business -- he's away right now, some tiny little island in the Pacific Rim, I can't remember which one. How much cranberry to how much soda?" he asks. "You like it stronger or more not?"

"Half and half is fine," Miranda answers absently. She's wondering what he's not saying, because there's something else going on.

Mark begins pouring, cranberry first so the soda can fizz through it, and goes on, "So yeah, Vin and I are lovers. Have been for almost the whole time we've known each other. But it's not -- I mean we don't screw around on each other," and he glances at her, trying to gauge her reaction. "It's not like that. We just, uh -- aren't monogamous."

Miranda's listening hard to this complicated explanation, and nods. "Lovers, but not exclusive, I can understand that."

Swallowing a little sigh of relief, Mark smiles, hands Miranda her drink. "I'm glad," he says, grabbing another glass and pouring himself a plain soda. "I wasn't sure if I should've said something last night," he goes on, "but there was never a good time. Y'know, seems sort of rude to be making out with a woman in the elevator and then pipe up with 'oh yeah, did I mention my lover?' as soon as y'get inside, and before that," and he shakes his head, chuckling. "God, I hate it when I'm just having a chat with someone and she starts telling me she's got a boyfriend before it's even past the 'so what do you do?' stage."

It's actually kind of fun watching Mark go on, he's busting a gut to explain and is not his usual controlled self.

Mark sips his soda, and when Miranda doesn't say anything further, he goes on, "So, I know you've got that meeting later today. You need to get some sleep?"

"I do at that," she agrees, "and I'll stay if I may." She might be all adult and understanding about open relationships, but she likes to be courted, just a bit.

"I'd like that," Mark says. "I'll even make you breakfast. I make really good waffles."

He's charming and sincere and she likes that in a bloke. Along with being a good lover. "Lead me to that bed then, I'm done in."

"Me too," Mark says, standing up and slipping his arm around her as she stands as well. "I'm glad you're staying."

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Comments {5}

Doom's Eyebrow

(no subject)

from: eyebrowofdoom
date: Oct. 24th, 2004 08:33 pm (UTC)

this is very tasty... but who is Mark Lutz?


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(no subject)

from: zillah975
date: Oct. 25th, 2004 05:44 pm (UTC)

*g* Mark is a relatively obscure Canadian actor who's most famous for playing a hockey player in the Canadian show Power Play and the Groosalugg in the American series Angel.

His IMDB page
A nice interview at Sci-Fi Online
And an interview at City Of Angel

I picked him up when I was writing in The Establishment because I wanted a very happy, athletic, easy-going, angst-free pup, and he seemed perfect. When I left that game, I didn't want to give up the character, so I've been exploring a couple of AUs with him. Est!Mark is still probably my favorite of them, but this one is growing on me too... :)

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Doom's Eyebrow

(no subject)

from: eyebrowofdoom
date: Nov. 1st, 2004 04:01 am (UTC)

oh oh oh it's Groo, huzzah! The only other place I've seen him is a guest on Queer as Folk.

Tastier and tastier.

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(no subject)

from: cupidsbow
date: Oct. 27th, 2004 11:10 pm (UTC)

I like het. I like polygamy. I like Miranda. (Not so sure about Mark yet, but I'm willing to go with it.) And most of all, I like where you seem to be going with this! Thank you for letting me know you were writing het.

Do you want Aussie vernacular spotting? Mir says, "ace," which *is* an Australianism. But... it just doesn't sound quite right in this context. Someone her/my age is more likely to use it flippantly or humorously rather than in a situation where both parties are still a bit cautious of giving accidental offence. An Australianism she'd be more likely to say here is "good-oh". Otherwise, an entendre... "I could definately take advantage of your hot... water".


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(no subject)

from: msilverstar
date: Oct. 30th, 2004 03:20 pm (UTC)

Thank you sweetie! I like where we seem to be going too.

PLEASE spot Aussie vernacular for me. Cast a wide net, I need all the help I can get! (Most of my Aussie friends are bored with my asking) Will use "good-oh" appropriately, thank you!

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