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FIC: AU HKVerse 3, Miranda Otto; "She can't concentrate" (PG-13)

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Oct. 22nd, 2004 | 07:40 pm

Title: "Hong Kong 3: She can't concentrate"
Fandom: Actorslash, Alternate Universe "Hong Kong-verse"
Pairing: Miranda Otto / Mark Lutz
Author: msilverstar
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Miranda thinks about Mark.
Disclaimer: Not true: we made it up

Warnings: none yet
Series: (Really AU) Miranda's a travel writer, Mark's a photographer, they meet in Hong Kong, and get along from the start. (Series Listing)
Feedback: Please! And constructive criticism of all kinds. Anyone who knows Hong Kong and wants to correct us, we'd love that.
Archive: Notification required - send email to archive at msilverstar dot com.
Notes: We wanted to collaborate on writing kinky sex. So we decided to start with two characters from an RPG and send them off into an AU. We're enjoying it so far.

Miranda can't sit still in the editorial meeting. The politics of Inner and Outer Mongolia no longer fascinate her. The photos of unknown valleys are not the thrill she wants right now. She can't concentrate, not with her sore arse on a hard chair. Every time she moves, she remembers Mark's hand spanking her, and she realizes she's grinning like a loon.

Finally, the meeting is over, and she can mingle for just another few minutes, then leave. But it takes longer than that to escape. A male editor, a photog and the female head of advertising surround her: there must be pheromones or something because they're all deep inside her personal space, challenging each other and flirting with her like mad. She had no idea these people had it in them, she'd be amused if she wasn't so ready to leave.

Finally, she slithers away and makes it the five blocks to the little flat she's subletting from a friend. She owes her best friend Philippa a report, but this time, just a text message that she's fine, that it was good, that she's seeing him again. While Phil will listen and won't go spare, she also will demand some details and self-analysis that Miranda's simply not ready to deal with right now.

In the shower, Miranda finds her hands touching herself differently. She remembers the sensations of Mark's hands on her, dancing, teasing, fucking, spanking. Leaning back, she considers her own body and wonders if it will keep pleasing Mark. Because she wants to so much, and no she's not going to examine that in depth. She's randy again, her hand creeps to her pussy and touches there, thinking of the things he did to her and how much she wanted them. She can feel her pussy respond to those memories, slick even with the water running down, and her clit is yearning, demanding she rub fast, push herself and she thinks of doing it in front of Mark, and oh god her orgasm slams through her but she wants him, real him and not just fantasies.

After she's out of the shower, naked and pink, she calls him and asks if she can come over and cook for him. And yes, it's meant in exactly that way. She doesn't want to just make supper. She wants to make it for him, and serve it to him, and fuck if she keeps thinking about it she'll have to wank again.

Miranda gets dressed, wearing her favorite jeans (soft as moleskin, tight as a glove), red silk pants underneath, a light cotton camisole with front buttons and no bra. It will be hot outside, and Mark isn't the kind of bloke to overdo the air conditioning. And she wants very much to look good for him.

She brings her favorite spices and stops at the open market for chicken, limes, noodles, peanuts and green papaya. Almost everyone likes this mixed salad dish, and she hopes Mark won't be the exception. She resolutely shuts off the scenario in which he eats politely, smiles without warmth and sends her on her way.

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