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FIC: AU HKVerse Miranda Otto/Mark Lutz; next morning (R)

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Oct. 20th, 2004 | 11:29 am

Fandom: Actorslash, Alternate Universe "Hong Kong-verse"
Title: Next Morning
Pairing: Mark Lutz / Miranda Otto
Authors: zillah975 and msilverstar
Rating: R (sex, mild kink)
Summary: Really AU. Miranda's a travel writer, Mark's a photographer, they meet in Hong Kong, and get along from the start. The first morning they're together, Miranda gets sassy and then gets spanked.
Disclaimer: Not true: we made it up
Warnings: mild D/s, spanking
Feedback: Please! And constructive criticism of all kinds. Anyone who knows Hong Kong and wants to correct us, we'd love that.
Archive: Notification required - send email to archive at msilverstar dot com.
Notes: We wanted to collaborate on writing kinky sex. So we decided to start with two characters from an RPG and send them off into an AU. We're enjoying it so far.

Miranda wakes up with the same anticipation as she always gets on the first day of one of her travels. She loves that feeling, when she leaves behind the familiar world of home and dives into the unknown. A little out of control, open to new ideas and ready to try new things. There's no logical reason to feel this way in a penthouse in Hong Kong -- it so rarely happens in cities any more. So maybe it's Mark... She turns to cuddle closer and relax into his warmth.

Still mostly asleep, Mark smiles a little and curves around her, kisses her hair. "G'morning," he murmurs. He's just awake enough to know who's with him, and that Vin isn't due home for another few days. "How'd you sleep?"

"Lovely," Miranda answers quietly. She can tell he's still sleepy and she's content to stay there, savoring the morning and wondering what will happen next.

"Good," Mark purrs. He kisses her hair again, the sunlight that filters in through the blinds beginning to fall across the bed. "You have plans for the day?" he asks, hugging her a little closer.

She should go, but she doesn't want to. She wants to stay here in this bed with this man and explore him. "Should I stay?" she is half flirting and half wondering. It shouldn't feel so good when he nods. "There's nothing important now," she answers, though she will have to be at the magazine meeting in the afternoon.

"I'm glad," Mark says with a little chuckle. "'Cause I don't want you leaving." He shifts a little, pulling her onto his chest and wrapping his arms around her.

"And do you always get what you want?" Miranda asks, half-seriously, as she snuggles against him.

Mark grins. "Not always," he answers, giving her ass a playful swat.

"Ow!" she complains at that, though she's half excited by it, feels herself blushing. When she gets her breath back, she asks, "what was that for?"

"For you being a smartass," Mark answers, his grin not fading. "Do I always get what I want... who does? Plus," and he swats her again, still playful, "I like it."

It's not that she doesn't like it, not exactly. He's not slapping hard enough to hurt, and she's played around with spankings before. She feels odd about it though, as though she's not supposed to like it. "Well, stop!"

"Why?" he asks, tipping his head to meet her eyes. "Does it hurt that much?"

"It's a bit... " She doesn't want to say "nasty," so she raises herself on her arms and looks down at his face. "Kissing's nicer," she murmurs as she reaches for his mouth with hers.

Mark kisses her softly, hint of a smile still on his lips, then wraps his hand around the back of her neck and with a quick twist, topples her over onto her back, grinning broadly. "It's a bit naughty," he purrs, and kisses her again, nibbling her lower lip. "It's a bit nasty, really tasty, a little kinky, a lot of fun.... Kissing's nice, but there's other things that are too, if you give 'em a chance."

"Oh?" Miranda plays nonchalant, but she can feel herself melting underneath him. "Tasty, ohhhhh," she arches up into his body, and spreads her legs around his -- god, she's such a slut at heart.

"Oh, yes," Mark murmurs, dipping down to kiss her throat, the barest scrape of teeth on skin. "S'beautiful," he whispers, "the way it feels, the way it sounds," and teases his hand down her body, feather-light fingers. "Heats up your skin, turns it all pink, and so sensitive, the least little touch is just gorgeous." He kisses her again, meets her eyes with a smile. "Don't suppose today's your birthday?" he asks teasingly.

She swallows hard, his description of spanking has made her ache for it. She can't quite think of what to say, so just answers, "Right day, wrong month," though that sounds daggy, "we could, um, pretend?"

Mark's grin broadens. "Every day," he says seriously, "should be a day to celebrate having been born." And then he's scooting up in the bed, bringing her with him and kissing her, arms around her tight. "God, you're beautiful," he murmurs. "Time for your birthday spanking, gorgeous."

Miranda feels swept away with his plans, and she rather likes it. She takes a deep breath and can't think of a single thing to say, so she just kisses him back as though she's drowning and he's air.

This girl is starting to get to him. Oh, he likes her, has liked her since she walked into the bar, with that confident sway, but now she's really starting to get to him, and he brushes her hair back, savouring the taste of her. After a moment he breaks the kiss, pats his lap with one hand, his other arm still around her. "Ready, pet?" he asks. "Stretch out."

Oh god, he wants her to do that herself? She freezes, panicking a little. It's one thing to let herself be pushed or pinned, but this is too hard.

"Come on, pet," Mark says, still smiling, and she's so light it's no effort at all to get her untangled from the sheets and over his knees, and he runs one hand up her spine to caress the curve of her neck, his other down over her arse. "Now," he says thoughtfully, "I don't think you can possibly be a day over twenty-six, but a gentleman never asks," and he strokes the creamy skin, the silk of her thighs. "A good girl, though," he adds teasingly, "might tell me whether I'm close."

Miranda arches into his touch, wanting more. But his transparent flattery makes her laugh, "Git, I'm long in the tooth, add ten."

"Oh, no way," Mark says with a laugh. "You're just angling for a better spanking, but hey," and he grins, pats her arse gently. "I'm nothing if not obliging." And with that, he gives her an experimental swat, not too hard, just enough to sting a bit, and he smoothes his hand over the spot, saying, "That's one."

The feel of his hand, the sting of it against her arse is incredible. She's trembling and trying not to moan. Miranda is truly not sure if she can make it through thirty six of these, she may melt before then, or plead with him to shag her rotten. It's terrifying, thinking how much she wants this, how much she'd beg if he stopped.

She feels wonderful across his lap, her little trembles and the heat of her, and Mark gives her another swat, a little harder, again smoothing the heat afterwards, and then a third, and a fourth, counting each one and taking a moment between to spread the heat with his palm.

Later, when she's more used to this, then he can make her count for him.

The moans come out now, and Miranda's writhing a little on his lap, panting. She knows she looks like a whore but she doesn't care. Or maybe she likes it, now that she's being so bad.

"See? It's good, isn't it," Mark purrs, and a fifth spank, her skin starting to pink up a bit. "You look so gorgeous like this," and a sixth, sharp sound in the still air, and then a seventh. He loves the way she's squirming, and his cock is pleasantly hard, growing harder with every little whimper she makes, every smack of his palm on her ass.

"Ohgod," Miranda can't say anything coherent; her arse is fiery hot, but it's insanely sexy. The image of herself over his lap, like a naughty girl, is turning her on beyond belief. Her hands clutch the sheets, his hand on her neck, she can't make herself move away, can't do anything but moan and push into his hand, face blushing as red as her arse must be.

He continues to spank her, his other hand still curled around her neck in a gentle caress, and when he reaches fifteen he pauses, slips one teasing finger into the folds of her pussy.

When he touches her pussy, she starts in surprise. "Oh yes, yes god, all," she's not sure what she wants, more touching or more spanking, or him to fuck her silly. Or to suck him until he whimpers. She hasn't felt like this in ages, maybe never.

"Greedy girl," Mark says with a smile, continuing just to tease, threading through the damp hair, relishing her slick heat. "I like that. But you've still got sixteen more to take. I hope you're greedy enough for that." He squeezes the back of her neck and slips out of her pussy, strokes his fingers almost too lightly over her heated skin and then begins again, his palm cracking down on her ass. He loves the ripple of flesh at the impact, the sound, the sting of it, loves the sounds it gets from Miranda, the way she squirms on his lap. His erection is beginning to ache, to demand more, but oh, this is too good to cut short.

He is going to go on, he's not stopping and it's so wrong and it's so good and she can barely breathe. She's sobbing and arching up into it and she feels like some kind of needy animal.

By the time Mark's delivering the last few spanks, Miranda's skin has a beautiful flush and her cries and whimpers are shooting straight to Mark's cock. "So fucking perfect," he murmurs, and it's an effort of will not to just topple her over onto her back, sore ass against the soft sheets, and slam into her. But she's so desperate, so needy, he can't help pushing for more. Another quick squeeze to her neck and he growls softly, "Now turn around, pet."

"Oh god, oh, please," she gasps as he seems to be finished, "want you, please?"

"I want your mouth first," Mark says, stroking her hair back from her face, and he grins, and adds teasingly, "and then I'll have my wicked way with you."

Before he's even done speaking, Miranda is turning with undignified speed, she wants to suck him now more than she's ever wanted to suck anyone. She licks and kisses her way around his lovely cock, letting his hands in her hair guide her. God she's getting addicted to that, to his hands there.

"Oh, god yes, such a good girl," Mark murmurs, threading his fingers through her hair. Her ass is flushed red, her cheeks as well, and her quick, talented lips and tongue are getting little gasps from him. "Take it in, pet," he says softly, guiding her mouth to the head of his cock, but not pushing. Not yet.

His cock is hot in her mouth when she licks it, flicking her tongue around the head and listening to the noises he makes. She's never really been very good at blow-jobs -- not been properly motivated before, perhaps -- and hopes he won't be angry if she uses her hands instead just her mouth.

We'll have to work on that, Mark thinks -- he wants to be in her, feel her throat around him, but this is gorgeous too, something about the way she's trying, wanting, hoping to please him. Her eagerness is better than the most experienced mouth, and he groans softly as she takes the head between her lips, urges her deeper. "So good, Miranda," he breathes, "so good like this."

Desperately eager to please, Miranda blushes, moans, and pulls more of his cock into her mouth. It's so sexy, she can't believe she's doing this but oh god, it's hot.

"So good," Mark murmurs again. "Christ, I want to fuck you, just drive into you, but your mouth feels amazing. A little more, pet," and he groans, pushes so slightly into her, encouraging, "take a little more, and then I'll put you on your back and fuck you so hard I'll have to gag you to keep your screams from waking up the guys downstairs."

She moans again at his praise and then his plans -- she's never much liked hard fucks but his filthy talk is painfully sexy and she yearns for it, everything, he's turning her into such a slut and she loves it. She takes his cock further down, hollowing her cheeks and covering her teeth, pushes further and further until it's touching the back of her mouth, filling her mouth while she laps at it with her tongue as best she can.

It's almost too much, how unresisting she is, how eager for what he wants her to take, and he rocks up into her mouth, holding her still and biting back the climax that's coiling tight. He only keeps her there a moment, hardly enough to even feel it, and then he's scrambling in the nightstand drawer for a condom, growling, "Up and off, on your back, gorgeous, now."

Oddly disappointed that he didn't come in her mouth, Miranda crawls up to the pillows and rolls on her back, whimpering a little when her sore arse touches the bed. She doesn't know what to do with her hands, but her legs spread wide without a thought, because she wants him so much.

"Perfect girl," Mark purrs, slicking the condom on and beginning to prowl up her body, kissing her thighs, aching to be inside her. He slides his hands up her torso, following with quick tongue and little bites to the saltmusk folds of her pussy, flicking her clit and then sucking it between his lips, knowing it's almost painful and nipping gently, not caring. He'll make up for it in a moment.

"Ouch," melds into, "fuck yes!" and Miranda bucks under Mark's hands, pulling up her knees to give him a better angle and clutching at his shoulders.

Short fingernails scratching into her skin, Mark pushes into her, dips down to thrust his tongue inside, taste that seawater flavour, her cries an aphrodesiac, and then with a soft growl he's out of her again, catching her knees on his shoulders and lunging up her body to press her arms over her head, both wrists trapped in one hand and he's kissing her hard, letting her taste herself and teasing the head of his cock against her slick hole. "Want it, pet?" he purrs against her lips.

She's off-balance, not sure what's happening or what will come next. It's exhilarating. She'd have guessed nothing would be better than his mouth on her pussy but then he's bending her in half and holding her down and teasing her with his cock and it is fantastic. It takes her a while to notice his question, and then she has to remember to speak again, panting, "Oh yes, god yes."

Good girl," he says, and kisses her again, then drives into her hard, growling at the tight, slick heat. He can feel the bones in her wrists, the tendons working as she strains against him, and the heat of her ass against his thighs, of her body clenched around his cock.

Miranda takes it, takes him, realizes she doesn't have to do anything but let herself be fucked. Not only that, she can't do anything, isn't allowed, is being held down and fucked hard and she loves it and wants it and oh god she's grinding her clit down onto his cock and she's so close to coming right now.

Slamming into her, her body taut beneath him and he can feel her getting close, can feel it in the way she twists under him, the way her pussy grips him, and he dips down, presses teeth to her throat, growl deepening with every thrust. "C'mon, come for me, let me feel it," he whispers, cupping her breast with his free hand and capturing her nipple, twisting it, pinching hard, nails digging into her flesh.

That must be what she really needed, and she feels herself peaking, coming on his cock, to his order, oh fucking god, and she is screaming a little. This is terrifyingly good, and she knows she'll not be able to stay away from him, whatever he wants to do to her.

Another few hard, deep thrusts and he's coming with a shout, the hot spasm of her climax gripping him tight as he spills himself, his cock jerking deep inside her. He holds her as the aftershocks shudder through them both, then finally disentangles their bodies and collapses to one side, almost laughing. "God, that's good," he says, and kisses her, pulling her close.

Miranda shivers a bit and nestles in close to Mark. This is a foreign country, and she wants to stay with her guide. Even if it's his fault she's here at all.

Mark pulls her close, kissing her hair, and after a moment he reaches across her and tugs the soft comforter over them both. "How you doing, pet?" he asks.

"I don't know," she answers, honestly. "This is..." -- she doesn't know how to explain it -- "unexpected."

Mark isn't sure what to say to that. It was good, better than good, and he knows she wanted it. He doesn't want to admit his confusion, though -- she seems confused enough herself and he doesn't want to add to that. He slips his other arm around her, getting her settled in snugly. "Well," he says, "unexpected, that's okay, yeah?" and he smiles, tipping his head back to look at her. "You're safe with me."

Laughing, Miranda looks back at him, "This feels different from safe, though I don't think you'd really hurt me." And the thought that follows makes her lie down on his chest, and whisper, "Unless you make me crave that too."

"Do I make you crave things?" Mark asks, his tone teasing, and he strokes her hair back from her face. "There's safe and then there's safe, you know?" he goes on softly, his fingers gentle as he threads them through her hair. "Safe that means you never get hurt, and safe that means maybe you do, but you know you'll come out of it whole, and strong. They don't always go hand-in-hand. Maybe they never do."

That takes some thinking about. It might take years, and it's quite a journey. Miranda follows her own personal logic, "Talk to me. Tell me about you. Tell me where you've been." He'll know she doesn't mean a travelogue.

Mark half shrugs. "You know, I've never really thought about it," he says. "I mean, it's just who I am, I guess. My first real girlfriend liked to be held down, and I liked doing it. Then later on, I met someone who liked it the other way, and that was good too."

He draws a lock of Miranda's hair across his face, toying with it idly while he talks. "When I was a kid, I spent a few years subbing for a guy," he says. "I was actually living here in Hong Kong then, too, not far from this place." He chuckles. "Seems like I've met all my best tops in Asia and the Pacific Rim."

"You?" But she knew that, she must have. "Oh, of course, sorry." Years, he's been doing this, from both sides, he must be laughing at her awkwardness. "I've never done anything really serious." But god, now that she's doing it, she doesn't want to stop. A shiver runs down her back, and her arse is hot and red and it feels amazingly good.

Chuckling, Mark nods. "Yeah, me." A little tug to her hair and he tips her face up, kisses her lips, then her nose, still grinning. "And I'd guess that you liked what we just did, but are you ready to tell me how you're feeling?" He kisses her again, softly, and adds, "You don't have to, o'course. But if you wanted to, I'd like that."

It's a lovely sweet kiss. Mark's making her feel nice, cherished. "I'm feeling... all sorts of weird." Miranda closes her eyes, "I did like it, it was brilliant." She feels it so intensely, all over her even places he never touched. She is still so charged that if he gave the word, she would keep fucking for hours. "It's just that," this is hard to say, "I liked being strong, you know? Independent woman -- it's been so much a part of who I am." She she knows she has changed, and so quickly.

"It's still part of who you are," Mark says. "Nothing that's happened here, nothing that it points to -- none of it makes you weak, none of it needs you to be anything less than what you are." He shifts a little so he can meet her eyes. "There are people who want this 'cause they're not strong," he says, "or at least this is what they think they want -- to get their strength from someone else. But I don't think most people who do this are doing it for that, and I know for a fact that some of the strongest, most independent people I know are completely submissive with their lovers." He grins and adds, "Now that doesn't mean you have to be. But it's fun to play with, yeah?"

Miranda has to think about this; she snugs close to Mark and just rests on him.

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Comments {2}


(no subject)

from: missmolly9
date: Oct. 23rd, 2004 08:18 pm (UTC)

Both Miranda and Mark are great characters so this is very nice to see them here. I would say that this might be the best het BDSM I have read. The characterization is very strong and I think all the explict discussion that they have actually helps make it easier to see it as sexy. I think one of the things that makes het BDSM when the woman is subbing hard to enjoy is that women already have such a fraught relationship with men in the culture that the power imbalance isn't sexy it is all too real. Because Miranda is such a powerful character and because they are discussing it openly, it defuses the squick factor. And I definitely want to know what happens next, for sure.

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(no subject)

from: msilverstar
date: Oct. 24th, 2004 04:14 pm (UTC)

Thank you so much, I do worry about het power imbalances and cultural issues, though I'll say I've learned a lot from fanfic, including The Est. I am incredibly pleased that they confusion and complex issues came through. Miranda's not quite a mary-sue, but I certainly identify with her and use my own reactions to inform hers. So I'm thrilled it worked for you.

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