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various recs, finally

This is nothing like a complete list of my favorite recent stories, I just decided I had to post instead of wibbling. More to come, I'll try to be faster next time.

Genfic and Non-Explicit

mornings (castmembers, PG, by raincity). A lovely short vignette featuring Viggo and Orlando punch-drunk from Helm's Deep, and Hobbit amusements.

In Terms of Pool (Dom, Elijah/Orlando, etc.; PG-13 by myska_x, 13 parts nicely linked, finished). It's mostly about friendship and love. This series makes me smile so much, it's got such a lovely slow pace, Dom's just understanding enough, to be a good guide.

Fluke (Dom, Billy, G - gen, short, by glasgow_blue ) Thoughtful and vivid meditation on fame and friendship.

Spinning (Dom, Billy/Ali, PG-13 for language, by leashy_bebes. Very short charming vignette of Dom reaching out and Billy reaching back. Not like that. "Need me to talk you down again, Dom?" Billy asks, stifling a yawn.

Over Lunch (various implied pairings, PG for language, by kraken_wakes). Set very early in filming using John Rhys-Davies's point of view, includes hobbit silliness, Stuart longing, and funny descriptions and dialog: "Ah, instead of a Dark Lord there would be a Dark Elf Who Got Distracted By Shiny Things."

Waist-High Water and Little Rocks (very light ob/vm by myska_x). "I’m still thinking in Rings-metaphors, do you think that’s a bad thing?"

Your Basic Lotrips Slash (mostly hobbits)

Manifesto (Elijah, Dom, Orlando, R, by cupidsbow) Clever Orli! I so didn't know where this was going (and I love not knowing). At first I thought Dom was in love with Elijah, and then with Orli, and then Billy. And the solution is entirely perfect. I'm still grinning.

Playing (Dom/Billy, NC/17, by hyacinth_sky747) The kind of smut I like to read! Enough personality to make it really them, enough sex to make it fabulously hot. For Dom half the thrill of a sexual encounter was the fear of being caught.

Exploring (Billy/Dom, with some Dom POV; light NC-17 or R for explicit sex by pippinmctaggart). First-time tenderness and snarkiness and hawtness. “We’re going to have to have a discussion panel about this, Dom,”

Three is Company (Billy/Dom/Elijah, NC-17, angst by kraken_wakes). He had an unleashed list of things he wanted to do and Billy was at the top of that list for a hundred and one reasons which began with the colour of Billy's hair and the wicked curve of his smile and trailed out with his wild and uncontrollable anger with Billy for hurting Dom.

Confessions (Dom/Billy, M or PG-13, by sophrosyne31) The dialog is wonderful and I love the self-reflective parts that provide a peek deep inside. He smiles like he’s never smiled at Billy before. “I didn’t know that,” he says. He smiles wider. “Except, maybe, I did.”

Seven Seconds (Billy/Dom, NC/17, by lord_alexander) wherein Billy thinks about sex every seven seconds, and about Dom almost as often, and about sex with Dom pretty damn often and then good things happen. Excellent smut, funny internal voice, a satisfying story.

Lovely Hot Het!
(so rare in fandom)

Zip (Dom/Jen, R, by philomel) horny!Dom sounds so right. Walking back to their cars, he thought about the “Y” on her zipper. He thought about the “Y” of her legs and pelvis. The zipper jingled with the sway of her hips, and he thought perhaps it was singing “yes ting yes ting yes.”

Cotton Candy (NC-17 for sex & drugs, Dom/Miranda, in broadwriting). Getting very very uninhibited while under the influence of drugs, sexy and scary at the same time.

running the wiild thing down (King Arthur RPS, Ioan/Keira, NC/17 by coffee_in_bed), Ioan's point of view She's deceptively delicate-looking... Sometimes he can catch her off-guard. Hot and complicated at the same time, amazing in such a short fic.

Notch (King Arthur RPS, NC-17, Keira/Ioan, by mcee. Strong sexy ficlet, Mads intercepts her in the dark space between the loo and the bar and shoves her against the wall to kiss her, deep and dirty, until her lips hurt.

Alternate Universes

Just Like Rock and Roll (nc-17, David Bowie/Dom in 1973, by berreh). Glam-rock drugs and sex, I could almost see the details. I was thrilled to get a chance to beta it but didn't have much to offer.

"Sniper Sight"-verse (assassin Elijah, lover Billy, friend Orlando; I give part 1 R for violence, part 3 R for sex; by the always wonderful abundantlyqueer). Sniper Sight; If You Could see With My Eyes; Sun-Blind


Awry (Elijah/Dom with a surprise, NC-17 by almostnever). Excellent sex, as usual, fabulous Elijah internal voice, amazing twist at the end.

The Luckiest Dog in the World series by pecos:
part 1, part 2, part 3. Funny, sweet, slightly confusing story from the viewpoint of Orlando's dog Sidi.

Other Fandoms

HP: The Shoebox Project really is as good as everyone says it is. It's Marauder era, mainly Remus point of view, a fair amount of UST for Sirius, but lots of adventures à la Rowling for Remus, Sirius, James, Lily, and Severus. Unlike the books, there's a bit more about the outside world, like the Beatles, which makes me realize the Marauders are my contemporaries, exactly. Nice change!

Teen Titans: Somebody's Fetish (by Weirdness Magnet and Te, recommended by birdsflying) Very intimate point of view, perfectly incomplete sentences, The bracelet is close enough to *smell*. Leather, and the sweat beneath. I never expected to like something in this fandom, and it does have all sorts of references to superhero stuff, but the story overcomes that and is just lovely, intense and hot.
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