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few miscellaneous cool links

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Aug. 19th, 2004 | 02:54 pm
music: olympic kayaking races

Six thumbnails of Viggo and Henry in New York, buying a hot dog or something from a street vendor.

Statement on the wonders of the peregrine falcon attributed to Billy (but it doesn't sound like him at all).

LJ report by dizzyhobbit on a great interview with Dom (her mom is writing an article). Has Billy-rhapsodising, Dom music preferences, nice pictures and kindness to fans. Most of you have seen it already, this is just in case, cos it's such a great bit.

ETA: LJ is recommending everyone put contact info in the first post of their journal, marked private or selected friends. It's a darn good idea. Also to give your password to someone you trust in case you can't get online.

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