Still doing fine

I hope you are all well and healthy.

It feels like we're in a dystopian novel, not real until I read another detailed hospital account of desperate medical workers or a person being very sick or dying.

Our town had an early shutdown and we've been staying inside a lot. I was working from home and not much has changed except I hear my husband tell stories over and over.

I got back from the East Coast at the beginning of March, so avoided airplane travel during the worst of it. But my kid wasn't as lucky, she only got home yesterday and we're trying not to use the same plates. The idea of her being sick and alone in a distant city was freaking me out, so it's worth the risk.

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they say

Signal Boost: Guardian meta-meta: Censorship and Homosexuality in China

[personal profile] naye posted: Guardian meta-meta: Censorship and Homosexuality in China

Guardian and Censorship
A recap of what happened this summer: Guardian did fantastic streaming on Youku - getting 1.8 billion views from its start June 13th until it finished at the end of July. And then, on August 2nd, it disappeared. The show's official Weibo account was similarly shut down. There was no word why this had happened, except of course - censorship.

I wish I knew what to say, I'm sad people are censored and punished, fans and actors both.

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Signal Boost: Cheap Big Media Hosting - A Guide

Note: this is specifically about Big Media with big traffic, mainly popular fanvids. I think there are easier ways to get simple image hosting

[personal profile] absolutedestiny posted: Cheap Big Media Hosting - A Guide

helpful to people who:
  • Create fan art that needs hosting before being able to post on ao3 or other places (images, videos, audio files etc)

  • Need a place they can upload those media files that isn't youtube etc where take-downs are automated

  • Is the cheapest trustworthy place I can find (like, for a lot of you this might be effectively free)

  • Doesn't require training as a sysadmin to set it up

  • Allows porn (backblaze just say nothing illegal, bunnyCDN specifically say they allow it as long as it's legal)

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oh wow the lotrips fanfic feeeeeelings

AirgiodSLV and lalejandra are posting their mid-2000s Lotrips fic and it's all good but some of it's wrenching to for me to read now. Such good writing I sometimes have to go and have a little cry.

And I am very glad they are doing well, and most of my other friends have found harbors, and even our actors are OK: practically no reports of arrogance and none that I've heard of alcohol or drug addiction.


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