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recs, fic and movie

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Oct. 24th, 2003 | 11:40 pm
mood: tired but pleased

Stories that tickled me lately

dreaminaway - By the Book" (Billy/Dominic, PG), is not just Dewey Decimal slash that warms the cockles of my librarian's heart. It's also a darling sweet realization-of-love story.

eyebrowofdoom - comeshot story (Elijah/Dom, probably R), which is sweet and awkward and nicely smutty and satisfying.

vixalicious - Playing Games (Dom/Elijah PG-13), a two-line challenge fic. It's entirely an interior monologue, but the voice is great and it's got lovely surprises and a charming end. Wonderful integration of the meaning of the lines, too.

Movie rec: Lost in Translation

Mr. MSilverstar and I went to the movies on Wednesday, a rare treat for us. Would be more frequent if it didn't cost us $85 (babysitter, $9.50! tickets, drink, modest dinner).

Anyway, we liked "Lost in Translation" a lot. A grown-up movie, even with the device of an older man (Bill Murray) falling for a younger woman (Scarlett Johansson, and wow does she have Mick Jagger lips). Bill Murray plays an actor who's going to Japan to make money on whiskey ads and he does that jaded jet-lagged thing very very well. I liked that there was a fair amount of silence in the movie, images of Tokyo during the day and at night, it didn't rush to fill in all the spaces. The city is definitely a character.

And the end is good, it's not a fall-in-bed live-happily-ever-after fairy-tale. Like I said, a grownup movie.

Now, if only I could sleep more hours in the night, I'd be a happy camper.

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